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Item#: CN-673
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:


SCP-CN-673 before activation, taken at 30 minutes before sunset.

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the immovable and indestructible nature of SCP-CN-673-01, Site-CN-██ is to be established in situ in the park where SCP-CN-673 is located. The park will be permanently closed to the outside world on the ground of underground coal fire, and large quantities of coal should continue to burn to add credibility to the cover story. Any intruders are to be captured, interrogated, and amnesticized.

One hour before sunset each day, 10 searchlights surrounding SCP-CN-673-01 are to be turned on, ensuring that each SCP-CN-673-02 within the range of light. The site is to have sufficient emergency power supplies and an additional 10 powered searchlights to prevent containment failure due to sudden power outages and equipment damage. After sunset, 5 or more D-class personnel should continue to watch SCP-CN-673-02 instances, and replacement personnel should be prepared at all times to avoid containment failure due to sudden illnesses of the watchers.

Meteorological and astronomical reports at the location of SCP-CN-673-01 are to be monitored at all times to prevent containment compromise due to solar eclipses or volcanic ash obscuring sunlight.

Description: SCP-CN-673 is a group of modernist-style sculptures located in ██ Park of ███ City.

SCP-CN-673-01 is a sculpture resembling human molars, approximately 10 meters in height and approximately 6 meters in diameter at its thickest part. SCP-CN-673-02 are 9 humanoid sculptures standing on SCP-CN-673-01, each one is about 1.5-1.7 meters in height, the limbs of them do not have hands and feet, but rather sharp limbs that can easily pierce the human body. SCP-CN-673-01 and SCP-CN-673-02 are made of the exact same unknown material, but SCP-CN-673-01 appears white in appearance, while SCP-CN-673-02 appears dark green.

SCP-CN-673 will activate after sunset, it is currently unknown if it will also be activated by other conditions that block the sun. In the active state, nine SCP-CN-673-02 instances will have certain sentience, jump down from SCP-CN-673-01, and actively try to approach the human, then pierce the victim's heart with their sharp arms. SCP-CN-673-02 cannot move in the human sight when activated (it has no effect on CCTV), so they tend to hide in dark corners and ambush victims from behind.

Within half an hour before sunrise, no matter where SCP-CN-673-02 is currently, it will rush back to SCP-CN-673-01 at a speed of 140km/h and be immobilized in its pre-activation posture. During this time, SCP-CN-673-02 will cross or break all obstacles, and will be able to move in line of sight.

SCP-CN-673 was discovered by the Foundation in a case where several security guards at a park were stabbed to death late at night.The Foundation was finally able to determine the anomalous properties of SCP-CN-673 after losing █ investigators. The donor of SCP-CN-673 claims to have purchased SCP-CN-673 from a mysterious artist and donated it to the goverment of ███ City. The reason why SCP-CN-673's anomalous properties have not previously been activated is under investigation.


DATE: 7/12/2018 13:46

FROM: █ Wang, Director of Site-CN-██ (█████████

TO: Dr.███, Site-Director of Area-CN-07 (██████

SUBJECT: Could you be a little more serious plz



There is no time for polite words.

We all know that the Foundation doesn't take this SCP-███ counterfeit too seriously. But after all, this is also a Euclid-level abnomaly, couldn't you at least put me in a well-staffed situation?

Why are there fewer and fewer people here to change shifts? Do you really think this fake SCP-███ is just a cutie and won't kill person of a whole city overnight?

Boss, just take it seriously.

DATE: 7/12/2018 15:29

FROM: Dr.███, Site-Director of Area-CN-07 (██████

TO: █ Wang, Director of Site-CN-██ (█████████

SUBJECT: The situation has been understood



The situation has been understood and will be resolved ASAP.

Sorry for the trouble caused to you.

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