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Item #: SCP-CN-713 Level 1/713
Object Class: Safe Classified

Special Containment Procedures:


Keyboard that containing SCP-CN-713 now

The SCP-CN-713 community shall be housed with the current SCP-CN-713-1 and a D-class personnel together in the standard humanoid containment chamber of the Site-CN-19, the study of spatial anomalies shall be within the Exc-Site-CN-10. The D-class personnel are required to use a standard keyboard connected to a computer that cannot connect to the Internet for input from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm daily.1And its content needs to be reviewed and approved by a Third-level staff before 5 working days.



A standard SCP-CN-713

SCP-CN-713 is an aquatic biome, whose individual form is generally similar to Goldfish (Carassius auratus), with a body length of 1-2 cm.
The anomalous nature of SCP-CN-713 is primarily reflected when SCP-CN-713 is properly placed on a "keyboard" which will be numbered SCP-CN-713-1. Under SCP-CN-713-1, an anomalous topological space of approximately 20 cm deep is generated for SCP-CN-713 to move about. The contact surface between the keyboard and SCP-CN-713 are still functional as a keyboard for the users, but the users' behaviors are not obstructive towards SCP-CN-713.
The "keyboard" that can become SCP-CN-713-1 include2:

  • Piano keyboard
  • Typeboard for computer or typewriter

Artworks with appearance of keyboard and non-physical keyboards3.
Overturning of SCP-CN-713-1 could obtain the content. The component test result showed it to be physiological saline4.
This space disappeared abnormally after the last SCP-CN-713 left its SCP-CN-713-1.

SCP-CN-713 will usually behave as a fish. However, different SCP-CN-713-1 ontology and users with different personalities will have an impact on the individual form and mental health of SCP-CN-713, and the principle is unknown.

The source of physiological activity energy of SCP-CN-713 is the energy from users when using SCP-CN-713-1. Every 20 SCP-CN-713 needed at last 4800 English letters a day.

Research shows that, the user's personality and the state of work when using SCP-CN-713-1 will affect the production of this particular energy. When capacity supply continues to fall below a certain average, SCP-CN-713 will allow users to temporarily increase their enthusiasm and work efficiency in some way.

Related tests have shown that SCP-CN-713 has a intelligence similar to that of children ages 5-6 and can express its thoughts and emotions through the use of SCP-CN-713-1.

Addendum SCP-CN-713-A:

The way this fish expresses happiness is to use the tail to beat the water! :)
Oh my god, it feels slippery, the little guy looks so cute. :)

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