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Hand-drawn images contained in the diary taken from SCP-CN-717-01's residence, with an unknown relationship to the object.

Item #: SCP-CN-717

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-CN-717-01 should be contained in a standard 5m*5m containment cell at Site-CN-04, the object's breathing, heartbeat, blood pressure and other basic vital signs are maintained and monitored by the life support system. The edge of the area of SCP-CN-717-02 is cordoned off by Foundation personnel in the name of a national military base, with no access to any unrelated persons. Any resident or explorer who attempts to enter should be given Class-A amnestics.

Description: SCP-CN-717 consists of two parts: SCP-CN-717-01 and SCP-CN-717-02. SCP-CN-717-01 appears to be a young Asian male with a height of 1.76m and a weight of 72kg. Proof of identity obtained from its residence indicates that the object's name is ███, age 28, but the bone age test results show that the object is 55 to 60 years old. SCP-CN-717-01 is currently in a deep vegetative state, and all attempts to awaken the object have failed. However, PET scans show that the object's occipital lobes still have relatively high brain activity.

SCP-CN-717-02 is a forest area with an area of about 12km*2km, located in the north of ████ Ridge, vegetation within SCP-CN-717-02 is composed of human muscle tissue and connective tissue (The epidermis of woody plants resembles skeletal enamel, on which joint-like segments appear, while the xylem is a bone marrow-like fluid. Herbaceous plants and the leaves of woody plants are composed of muscle fibers. In all plants, the sieve tubes and ducts mutate to form structures similar to the human throat. While fungal species [DATA EXPUNGED]). The mutated plants within SCP-CN-717-02 are incapable of photosynthesis. The nutrients they need to grow are drawn from the surrounding wooded areas in a manner similar to that of parasitic plants, which causes large areas of adjacent vegetation to become malnourished or even wither. The personnel who entered the forest to explore said that they had witnessed "a figure in white, running fast" in the woods. However, all attempts to obtain clear images and further details of the figure have failed.

There is a spatial connection between SCP-CN-717-01 and SCP-CN-717-02. Any external aggression and exploration methods that act on the throat of SCP-CN-717-01 can be manifested in a similar way on SCP-CN-717-02.

Containment record: SCP-CN-717-01 first came to the attention of the Chinese branch of the SCP Foundation on July ██, 2███. Object was found in a coma in his rented apartment, and neighbor testimonials and indoor dust accumulation indicate that he did not leave the bed he was lying on for over 750 hours, and survived without consuming any food or drinking water. A thorough Foundation medical examination of the object revealed its connection to SCP-CN-717-02, which had been accidentally discovered by a team of explorers "[DATA EXPUNGED]" three months ago. Object was subsequently numbered and brought into containment.

Experiment record:
Experiment CN-717-A:
Method: Injected Distilled water into SCP-CN-717-01's stomach from the pharynx through a catheter.
Result: Floods occurred within SCP-CN-717-02 without precipitation, water levels reaching ████mm within 15 minutes. Three neighboring villages were washed away with ███ casualties.

Experiment CN-717-B:
Method: Inserted a metal probe into SCP-CN-717-01's throat.
Result: A metal [DATA EXPUNGED] ███ meters long and ██ meters in diameter appeared within SCP-CN-717-02, disappearing after an hour.

Experiment CN-717-C:
Method: Irradiated SCP-CN-717-01's throat with X-rays.
Result: SCP-CN-717-02 and its surroundings were exposed to unknown rays, SCP-CN-717-02 was unaffected, and ████ residents died in the surrounding area.

Experiment CN-717-D:
Method: Incised SCP-CN-717-01's neck skin with a scalpel.

Evaluation: Preliminary experimental results show that SCP-CN-717-02 and SCP-CN-717-01 are closely related. The former can be said to be an enlarged version of the latter's throat… Since the experiments on SCP-CN-717 were relatively simple and safe, we could do a little more follow up. ——Dr.Crucifixion

Addendum-Discovery record of SCP-CN-717-02

Agent G██████, equipped with LED flashlight, camera and communication tool, entered SCP-CN-717-02.

The interior of the forest is very dark, and the time to explore is ten o'clock in the morning, but it is only possible to see things with a flashlight. Agent G██████ turned the flashlight on to maximum brightness, and the video transmitted by the camera showed anomalous, pale, joint-like trees and reddish grass and shrubs.

Agent G██████: It's really rather gloomy here… the environment is very strange. But there is no danger yet. ( Agent G██████'s hand unconsciously rested on a branch, then quickly retracted. ) Ah, this tree just feels like… It has body temperature?

Dr.Crucifixion: Don't touch those plants, just walk around.

Agent G██████ begins to move and walks for approximately an hour, the interior of SCP-CN-717-02 doesn’t change significantly from the beginning.

Agent G██████: I don't think there's really anything special about this place except that it feels creepy… I think this exploration is almost over.

Dr.Crucifixion: Look in another direction.

The camera lens pans, and a white moving object quickly passes by the edge of the frame.

Dr.Crucifixion: What’s that?

Agent G██████: Oh my god… It seems to be a person? A man in white ran over?

( At the same time, Agent G██████ begins to run, and the camera shakes violently for several minutes. )

Agent G██████: I don't know where he went! He runs so fast that I can't catch up!

Dr.Crucifixion: But you caught him on camera. Just rewind and play the video again.

Agent G██████ replays an approximately two-second video of the white figure passing by in slow motion. It is initially determined that the figure is dressed in white and have an average body shape of a young man. No details of faces or clothing are captured due to the fast movement of the object.

Dr.Crucifixion: You can go back now, we'll study the video further when you get back.

Agent G██████ successfully walks back to the starting point, the white figure doesn’t reappear on the way, and the exploration ends here.

Addendum: The following is a diary taken from the residence of SCP-CN-717-01. The diary is not dated accurately, and the text is illegible in several places.

Page 1
Today I slept until the afternoon. Missed work, got fired, was upset. I don't want to talk to those idiots, I just want to talk to my diary.

And I had that dream again.

Spooky forest, organ-like plants. With [Text is illegible here]

There is a man in the forest. He runs very fast. He wears white clothes. I can't see who he is.

Who he is

Page 2
I've been wanting to sleep lately, and I haven't eaten for a long, long time. The fridge is empty, but I don't want to buy…

Besides, I'm not hungry at all.

I'd better go to sleep, I'll be fine when I wake up.


[Text is illegible]

[At the bottom of this page there is a line of text inscribed in a ballpoint pen without ink]

I woke up but I still want to sleep I still want to sleep I still want to sleep I still want to sleep I dreamed about the man in the forest again and I [Text is illegible]

Page 3
I don't want to speak.

I don't want to make a sound.

I can write what I want to say, in my diary.

[Fifteen pages after this page are repetitions of the content of page 3]

Page 19
There's a forest in my throat

Spine is the towering giant tree in the middle

Trachea is an undead tree with pale bark

Esophagus is standing bushes

Arteries and veins are meandering rivers

Vocal cords are the wind whistling through the trees

Page 20
I want to know who is the man running in the forest

[Dozens of pages of blank space]

Page ███
I know who the man is, he [Messy handwriting, illegible]

The last page of the diary:
I can't get up, and I can't speak.

Because I'm caught in my own throat.

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