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Item #: SCP-CN-756

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Currently, SCP-CN-756 has been contained in Site-CN-100, located 1 km underground in the interior of the Tian Shan mountain range, and all experiments on SCP-CN-756 have been ceased. Containment for SCP-CN-756 consists of a 200 m x 200 m x 50 m underground room, with all entrances reinforced with 3 m thick titanium alloy armor plating. Site-CN-100's monitoring, containment and air exchange systems are to be inspected yearly. This maintenance process must be approved by a majority vote of O5 Command beforehand in order to prevent incidents. If any person or object touches SCP-CN-756 and causes it to open to any page, the final emergency plan is to be immediately activated and the four 1 Mt hydrogen bombs located near the containment chamber are to be detonated. After the destruction of Site-CN-100, SCP-CN-756 is to be retrieved and placed in a safe location, ensuring that it is not opened by external factors in the meantime.

Description: SCP-CN-756 is a book measuring 20 cm x 30 cm x 5 cm, read left to right. The object consists of 147 leaves, of which the first and last are blank, four consist of a table of contents, and one consists solely of the text "Start". The other 140 leaves comprise the contents of the book.

SCP-CN-756's cover is white, bearing the title "From One to Bukeshuo Bukeshuo Zhuan" and the subtitle "A Simple Explanation of the Numbers of the Avataṃsaka Sūtra1", written in black kaishu font. The publisher and date of publication are not indicated, but it is known that the object had been sold at a newsstand in 1997.

SCP-CN-756's table of contents contains all of the names for orders of magnitude in the Chinese language, beginning with the most basic, one (1), or 10 to the 0th power, followed by ten (101), a hundred (102), a thousand (103), ten thousand (104), and so on. The largest number in the book is bukeshuo bukeshuo zhuan (equal to 1037218383881977644441306597687849648128). These orders of magnitude occupy 140 leaves of the book, with only one side of each leaf printed, such that only one number is visible at a glance.

Based on the contents of the opened pages, each page consists of a single sentence, consisting of a number word and an object, describing a collection of objects of that number of magnitude. For example, the first page describes "one", and the sentence given is "one horse".

The anomalous effects of SCP-CN-756 manifest when a page is opened, causing the collection of objects in the provided sentence to manifest next to the reader. After this effect occurs, it will not occur again when the page is reopened. It was noticed when inspecting the object that it can only be read in order starting from the first page; any attempts to open the book from any other page failed, despite the composition of the paper comprising the object being identical to ordinary paper. SCP-CN-756 appears to be indestructible and remains unaffected by its anomalous effects.

SCP-CN-756 was recovered at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport in 1997. Agent Zhou █████████, who was dispatched on an overseas mission at the time, purchased the item from an airport newsstand while awaiting a flight arranged by the Foundation's Chinese branch. When Agent Zhou opened the page describing the number "one", the page showed the sentence "one horse" and a horse manifested beside him. The horse proceeded to run about the airport, frightened by the crowd, and was put down by airport security. Field agents receiving Agent Zhou administered amnestics to all witnesses present and recovered SCP-CN-756.

SCP-CN-756 was initially classified as Euclid; however, following initial experimentation, Incident 756-CN-2 occurred, requiring Site-CN-79 to be physically disinfected and leading to its complete destruction. The issue was referred to the O5-CN committee and SCP-CN-756 was subsequently classified as Keter, with the potential to cause XK- to ZK-class scenarios. At this point, SCP-CN-756 was sealed and managed at the highest level.

Experiment Log CN-756-1:
Date: ██/█/1997
Supervisor: Level-3 Researcher Jake Chow

Experiment 1:
Subject: D-7561
Instructions: Open page 2
Unit: Ten (shi)
Text: Ten bowls of fried rice
Result: Ten bowls of fried rice manifested at D-7561's side. Fried rice appeared to be freshly cooked.
Notes: Laboratory testing confirmed that the bowls indeed contained fried rice and were harmless.

Experiment 2:
Subject: D-7561
Instructions: Open page 3
Unit: One hundred (bai)
Text: One hundred ton copper sphere
Result: A huge spherical object manifested at D-7561's side. Testing confirmed that the object was composed of 100% copper.
Note: The copper sphere was taken out of the testing chamber, necessitating that the wall be demolished, then melted down and sold. The proceeds were added to the experimental site's budget.

Experiment 3:
Subject: D-7562
Instructions: Open page 4
Unit: One thousand (qian)
Text: One thousand needles
Result: A large number of needles manifested at D-7562's side, piercing and severely injuring D-7562.
Note: After collecting the needles with magnets, it was confirmed that there were in fact one thousand needles. Several researchers raised concerns regarding the nature of the manifested objects, but most still supported further testing.

Experiment 4:
Subject: D-7563
Instructions: Open the book from the middle
Result: D-7563 claimed the pages were tightly joined, such that even if a fingernail could be inserted between the pages, it would not be possible to open the book from the middle. His request to open the fifth page was denied.

Experiment 5:
Subject: D-7563
Instructions: Destroy the object without opening it
Result: The object could not be damaged with fire, water, or sharp objects. As detonation of explosives may cause a subsequent page to be opened, such an experiment was denied.

Experiment 6:
Subject: D-7563
Instructions: Open page 5
Unit: Ten thousand (wan)
Text: Ten thousand liters of carbon dioxide
Effects: D-7563 immediately began suffocating upon opening the fifth page and collapsed two seconds later. D-7563 was confirmed dead. Monitoring systems confirmed that the air was filled with high concentrations of carbon dioxide. Personnel outside the testing chamber were evacuated until the vents returned carbon dioxide levels to nominal.
Note: During the air exchange process, the following page was lifted by differences in air pressure. Due to the aforementioned experiments, SCP-CN-756's anomalous properties were determined and the experiment was suspended to prevent further incidents.

Incident CN-756-2:

After Experiment 6, researchers raised concerns about the anomalous effects of SCP-CN-756 and discussed whether to continue experimentation with the sixth page (yi, or one hundred million) or to seal it in containment. Command approved the proposal to seal SCP-CN-756 and prepared to transfer the object. However, during the transfer process on █/█/2009, a member of personnel accidentally dropped the safe containing the object from a 3 m high forklift platform, causing SCN-CN-756 to fall out and open. SCP-CN-756 and the surrounding area were immediately covered in a large number of cockroaches. All personnel within the entirety of Site-CN-79 were confirmed to have died in the incident.

Faced with the threat of a hundred million cockroaches, or possibly a trillion (zhao), the O5-CN committee approved of a physical disinfection program as soon as it learned of the incident, and the unknown number of cockroaches produced were destroyed along with Site-CN-79 by thermobaric weapons dropped by a fleet of ██ bombers. During a search of the original site several days later, a large amount of Bacillus anthracis were detected. Until the ensuing epidemic was completely contained, it caused the death of ████ Foundation personnel and civilians. SCP-CN-756 was found under the ruins of Site-CN-79 and several tons of cockroach carcasses. It was observed after recovery that the object had been opened to page 7, and the corresponding units were one hundred million and one trillion. The contents of page 6 consisted of "one hundred million cockroaches", and page 7 "one trillion Bacillus anthracis".

Final Review from O5-CN Committee

In this morning's O5-CN Committee discussion, SCP-CN-756 has been reclassified to Keter, and shall be stored indefinitely. All supervisors should adhere to strict safety standards to not allow the object to be opened to the next page.

Six months ago, the original Site-CN-79 was destroyed by opening SCP-CN-756, and the current unit has increased to one trillion. The next page describes the number 1016, or jing. No matter what object this page describes, 1016 of it is far too many for the human race to handle.

As a comparison, the last page of SCP-CN-576 describes bukeshuo bukeshuo zhuan). Suppose the text on that page is "bukeshuo bukeshuo zhuan (1×1037218383881977644441306597687849648128) zeroes written on paper". Then, using ordinary A4 printing paper, each sheet of which weights 4 g on average, and writing a total of 1,000 on each leaf (front and back), the total mass of the paper needed to write that many zeroes is 1.488735352×1035 g2, which is about 74.8 times the current mass of the Sun. This would only be the best outcome possible.

The number of atoms in the observable universe is on the order of 1080, a number that is between those on pages 21 and 22 of SCP-CN-756, and there are almost 120 pages following those. Each turn of the page will manifest on Earth, or rather into the universe, an enormous amount of matter, on par in mass with a universe itself.

We cannot know what the next unit measures, but what we can do is seal SCP-CN-756 away forever, so that it will never manifest.

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