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Item #: SCP-CN-757 2/CN-757
Object Class: Euclid Keter CLASSIFIED


SCP-CN-757 advertisement. Information regarding the location has been redacted. For further samples of advertisements, see here.

Special Containment Procedures: A temporary site has been set up near SCP-CN-757 at which MTF-庚午-18 "Untitled" has been stationed. This Mobile Task Force's information is not to be entered into any Foundation databases. Every month, ██ agents from this Task Force must be dispatched to the interior of SCP-CN-757 for exploration, primarily to determine spatial and personnel-related changes in the interior, and conduct interviews with subjects within to ascertain further information. At the same time, non-participating Foundation agents are to seal the entrance to SCP-CN-757 and monitor and delete information published to users in a timely manner. Instances who have already entered SCP-CN-757 must be interviewed by Foundation front company "Special Creative Park Organization" and amnesticized. Class D personnel are not to be allowed to enter SCP-CN-757.

Containment procedures have been updated following Incident CN-757-G. Level 3 or higher personnel are to read the associated addendum for the latest information.

Description: SCP-CN-757 is a spatial anomaly, currently located in a six-storey old-style residential tower near ████████ Park, ███████ District, Shanghai City. Besides the button on the top of the building, there is no way to enter SCP-CN-757; the front door and windows do not allow for access to SCP-CN-757. There is also no way to enter the original interior of the residential tower; it is suspected that it has been entirely replaced by SCP-CN-757. The exterior of the residential tower is equipped with a scissor lift, allowing for access to the roof.

The roof of SCP-CN-757 contains one self-service payment station and one red button. After a human subject pays the 50 renminbi entrance fee1, pressing the button will take them to any floor of SCP-CN-757. SCP-CN-757 contains 50 60 70 floors, including the roof. After the subject enters SCP-CN-757, the anomaly will telepathically inform them of the "rules of the game", the main rules being the following:

  • Every floor in the game contains a red button. Pressing the red button will take the player to a floor that they have not yet visited at random; this teleportation will not cause the player any harm.
  • The player must find the red button in this floor and press it. If the player is sent back to the roof, this constitutes "winning the game".
  • Entering or leaving certain floors requires completing tasks in other floors; without completing these tasks, it is very difficult to leave these floors. Pressing the button will not send the player to a floor with incomplete prerequisites.
  • Some floors can be reached without the teleportation function of the button.
  • Any tools that may assist the player in completing the game will be deleted upon entering the game, and will be returned upon completion.
  • Upon entering the room, objects within are free to be taken to to the next level; however, they must be in contact with the player, e.g. held in their hand or in their pocket.
  • Players are free to communicate with the workers within the game.
  • Players can spend money on certain levels to obtain in-game coins at a 1:1 rate with renminbi. Money spent will be automatically deducted from the player's assets.

Players who have successfully left SCP-CN-757 will be afflicted with a mental effect that expresses itself as praise of the gameplay experience of SCP-CN-757 and unclear memories of their experiences within the game. They will also have a high chance of recommending SCP-CN-757 to other instances, and a corresponding amount of electronic devices belonging to these instances will begin to display advertisements for SCP-CN-757. Although these advertisements are universally intended to encourage instances to play SCP-CN-757, the content of the advertisements differs widely, to the point that some of them incorrectly describe the contents of the game. However, all advertisements appear to be "extremely attractive" to the viewers.

The following is a list of observations and game mechanics present in each floor.

Foundation exploration of SCP-CN-757 began on ██/██/20██. Initial plans involved sending batches of Class D personnel into the anomaly; however, this plan was shelved for a significant period of time, and the Class D intake for that season dropped by 20%. At the same time, SCP-CN-757's floor count expanded from 50 to 60. As such, it is suspected that some Class D personnel were actually sent into SCP-CN-757, but did not return; their existences were thus subject to an antimemetic effect. As the rules did not mention the outcome of "not completing" the game, it is currently unknown where these personnel are located. Following this, exploration was transferred to MTF-庚午-01 "Only Fragrance". However, almost all agents left SCP-CN-757 having been to less than 10 floors; this did not match with other subjects who had cleared SCP-CN-757 (who typically had to progress through at least 30 floors). As such, it is suggested that the operators of SCP-CN-757 are to a certain degree aware of the Foundation, and do not wish for the Foundation to perform extensive exploration of the interior. At the same time, the transportation mechanic of the red buttons is not completely random, and is to some possibly large degree controlled by an operator.

Following this, Site-CN-34 created a new task force, MTF-庚午-18 "Untitled", specifically to explore SCP-CN-757. Information on the members of this MTF are restricted to Level 3 or higher personnel, and must be stored on paper and not electronically. This MTF is to live as if they were normal members of society, and contact is to be done through specialized devices. MTF-庚午-18 achieved a larger degree of success in exploring SCP-CN-757; as anti-memory-effect drugs had been administered, members could clearly remember the events that occurred within SCP-CN-757 even after winning the game. At the same time, extensive interviews with individuals who had cleared SCP-CN-757 (partial interview logs can be seen in Addenda CN-757-A and CN-757-B) revealed some further information. In addition to the above information, prior exploration has revealed the following information about SCP-CN-757:

  • Although most items brought into SCP-CN-757 can be used upon recovery, communication and recording devices are non-functional within SCP-CN-757. Combined with the memory effect placed on players who clear the game, it is suspected that this is to prevent leakage of information.
  • It is currently unknown what happens after a player dies within SCP-CN-757; it is suspected that a similar antimeme is applied as with the D-class personnel. It is also suspected that the gravestones on Floor 36 (graveyard) and the remains on 51 (chapel) are in some way related to the dead instances, but it is unknown what difference the two floors have. As the game is not particularly difficult, the estimated number of failed attempts is lower than the number of distinct remains and gravestones on these two floors. The locations of these players and the D-Class sent in by the Foundation are currently unknown.
  • The layout of the floors will change depending on the circumstances and tastes of the player, most notably on Floor 46 (showroom). It is currently unknown how SCP-CN-757 obtains information relating to its players; however, MTF-庚午-18 "Untitled" has succeeded in exploration, indicating that it does not read the thoughts of the player. The main theory is that the game conducts a large-scale online search for information relating to the player, which also explains the variety in advertisements depending on the person.
  • Humanoid instances on each floor differ based on the player, but mostly share some common points; for instance, the employee on Floor 4 is always a male in his 50s, and the receptionist on Floor 15 (hotel lobby) is always an attractive female in her 20s. Some players claim that these instances "left a deep impression on them" or "politely initiated conversation"; other than members of MTF-庚午-18 "Untitled", no Foundation agents had similar experiences.
  • SCP-CN-757 will sometimes expand in size by 10 floors. At the same time, according to interviews, some rooms will change; some players recall that Floor 29 was a pharmacy rather than an antique shop. No explanation for the expansions has been discovered.
  • At times, some floors show signs of having been recently used. However, because floors other than Floor 38 (classroom) are limited to one player, it is suspected that a large number of other entities exist within SCP-CN-757. One suggestion is that these are left by the humanoid instances on other floors; however, no humanoid instances have been discovered that are not at their posts.
  • During exploration, multiple agents have been on the same floor at the same time; this occurred when two agents were on Floor 19 (internet cafe) at the same time, as evidenced by the time displayed on the computers. However, both agents did not see any other players on that floor. It is suspected that the interior of SCP-CN-757 is capable of self-duplication, such that two players can be on different copies of the same floor at the same time. In some cases, the entrance on the roof will display the text "Too many players!" and refuse entry. It is suspected that SCP-CN-757 is limited in its replication.
  • As prior exploration from Foundation agents has been prevented, it was determined that SCp-CN-757 or its operators have some knowledge of the Foundation and possess an unfriendly attitude towards it, not wanting to reveal too much information. In addition, due to the games present on Floors 19 (internet cafe) and 33 (arcade), it is evident that SCP-CN-757 is related in some way to Letters Entertainment.

As such, the Foundation is using the following strategy:

  • Employ a large volume of personnel in MTF-庚午-18 "Untitled" and regularly explore SCP-CN-757. During exploration, conversation with employees is required, so as to gather further information about their identities and the operation of SCP-CN-757.
  • Continue to conduct interviews and amnesticization of individuals who have played SCP-CN-757. Although their memories of SCP-CN-757 are impaired by the effect of the anomaly, some fragmentary information can still be obtained.
  • Continue to analyze the mechanics and anomalous effects of SCP-CN-757. As tools originating within SCP-CN-757 cannot be taken out, it is best to begin with the building itself and the button on the roof.
  • The Foundation has sent an email to I&I Studio to establish its connection with Letters Entertainment.
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