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Item #: SCP-CN-758

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Object is contained in a 50 m x 50 m x 50 m Standard Containment Chamber at Site-CN-03; one or more researchers should monitor the object through high-quality web cameras and are to report any unusual circumstances to the Site Director. Under most conditions, SCP-CN-758 is classified Safe; however, researchers may change its classification at any time. Although SCP-CN-758 does not present any memetic contagious properties, all researchers are to use memetic protection protocols when handling the object.

Description: SCP-CN-758 is a collection of miniature models, theorized to be a miniature version of the SCP Foundation; each SCP-CN-758 model is a miniature of a Site or Area. Other than the 1/100 scale factor of the object, SCP-CN-758 models are practically identical to real Foundation facilities, and some entities possess sapience and autonomous motion, and can interact with other objects within SCP-CN-758. Contained within SCP-CN-758 are 1:100 scale models of anomalous entities, which vary slightly from objects contained by the real Foundation.

SCP-CN-758 possesses similar organizational structure to the real SCP Foundation; however, the names of personnel within that structure differ.

Several SCP-CN-758 have been observed to be expanding, and at times the appearance of new SCP-CN-758 in the containment chamber has been observed. Objects often appear or disappear at the physical edges of SCP-CN-758; parts outside these boundaries are assumed to not be under Foundation control.

Incidents occurring in the interior of SCP-CN-7581 do not affect the exterior of the object2, and likewise entities on the exterior of SCP-CN-758 cannot affect the interior. Personnel outside SCP-CN-758 can unilaterally observe the interior of SCP-CN-7583. Personnel on the exterior can lift SCP-CN-758 normally to move it; neither the interior or the exterior will be affected by any anomalous effects.

Addendum: SCP-CN-758 Observation Log

Date: 20██-██-██
Incident: The interior of SCP-CN-758 experienced a containment breach of a Keter-class visual memetic anomaly. Agent Zhang ███████ was lost; other researchers were under the memetic protection procedures and were unaffected. Observation of SCP-CN-758 was paused for 12 hours until it was confirmed that SCP-CN-785 had resolved the incident. All recorded data affected by the memetic anomaly was purged.

Time: 20██-██-██
Incident: The Keter-class SCP-████ within SCP-CN-758 breached containment and induced an XK-class scenario. Foundation personnel on the interior used an unknown method to restore the world within the anomaly. All relevant records containing concrete information on the incident have been erased by High Command order.

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