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Item #: SCP-CN-797

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: It is currently impossible to locate or contain SCP-CN-797; considering the object has completed self-containment to a certain extent, there is basically no need to cover up the public. Interview records and amnesics have been conducted on individuals who have entered SCP-CN-797. It is necessary to ensure that there is a Foundation personnel inside SCP-CN-797 at all times; currently, the personnel is Agt.Orange of MTF-GengWu-66 "Six-pointed star" .

Containment Procedures Update: Agents are required to hand over with Agt.Orange as soon as possible according to the plan outlined in Addendum 2. According to Agt.Orange's notes, it is confirmed that the object can be used to locate and explore more anomalous spaces.

Description: SCP-CN-797 is an anomalous carriage whose true appearance cannot be observed from the outside. The interior of SCP-CN-797 is similar to a tourist train or RV, equipped with a relatively comfortable sofa, bed, table and chairs, kitchen, shower facilities, and other basic living facilities. The kitchen area is equipped with a fridge that can automatically supplement all kinds of ingredients. No electronic equipment can be used in SCP-CN-797, including but not limited to communication equipment, video recording equipment, etc. The drawers of the desk in SCP-CN-797 can be equipped with an A5 horizontal notebook and various writing supplies at any time; when the notebook is full or damaged or lost for various reasons, a brand new notebook with the same style appears in the drawer.

SCP-CN-797 can overlap the end carriages of any currently operating rail transit. When arriving at the terminal, it can randomly switch to another running rail transit. Only one person is allowed to enter SCP-CN-797 at a time. When there are nobody inside SCP-CN-797, the carriage displays as the interior scene of SCP-CN-797 when it arrives; when there are human individuals inside, or when a human individual enters SCP-CN-797, it displays as a normal carriage, and other individuals cannot find or enter SCP-CN-797 again.1. It is worth noting that SCP-CN-797 may overlap with anomalous rail transits and enter anomalous locations. At the same time, even if there are nobody inside SCP-CN-797, any imaging device cannot record its existence either.

Discovery record: On ██/██/20██, MTF-Gengwu-66 "Six-pointed star" stumbled upon SCP-CN-797 during a routine anomaly investigation at Shanghai Metro ██ Road Station. Later, the Foundation noticed similar remarks on the Internet, including content such as "Suddenly a strange carriage got into the subway, and after I got on it, I went abroad." Foundation staff immediately deleted such content and found the individuals involved to conducting interviews and amnestics. The interview records are detailed in the addendum. Due to the inability to locate SCP-CN-797, the Foundation could only send Class D personnel into the subway station and try to find SCP-CN-797. To date, ██ Class D personnel have entered SCP-CN-797; however, weeks to months later, SCP-CN-797 still reappears. Some Class D personnel have been confirmed to leave SCP-CN-797 and terminated, but some remain unknown. Additionally, █ agents have also entered SCP-CN-797 for containment, but the object still reappeared several months to 1 year later, and the agents’ whereabouts are unknown. These agents all passed the loyalty test, so the possibility of defecting is preliminarily ruled out. The individual currently inside SCP-CN-797 is Agt.Orange, who accidentally found the carriage and entered it during a patrol. At present, SCP-CN-797 has not been observed for ███ days.

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