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Item #: SCP-CN-801

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The Deduction Department is constantly updating the contents of the fourth third-level narrative within Beyond Uranus and adding as much content as possible to hinder SCP-CN-801. As the author of Beyond Uranus, PoI-8001 has been designated Class E personnel and is responsible for directing the Deduction Department's containment of SCP-CN-801 and strict checking of the logic of content used to impede SCP-CN-801. Due to the possible XK-Class or SK-Class events, containment of SCP-CN-801 is a Priority 1 task.

The following line of text is added to the Containment Procedures at the request of the Deduction Department:

Dear higher-narrative people, don't let us lose.

Description: SCP-CN-801 is a conceptual entity existing within the fourth third layer of the nested narrative1 of the science-fiction novel Beyond Uranus. SCP-CN-801 expresses a high degree of aggression and antisocial behavior in every narrative in which it exists, and constantly attempts to direct the narrative in which it exists to the worst possible ending (similar to a K-class scenario2). SCP-CN-801's powers change with the style of the narrative it is in; for instance, in the fifth-level narrative Ange and the Neanderthals, SCP-CN-801 manifested as the leader of a race evolved from prehistoric apes, and after massacring the group the protagonist was in, enslaved every race on the continent and genocided other races. At the end of the narrative3, SCP-CN-801 will become a new character in the next higher narrative, and will attempt to direct that narrative to its worst possible conclusion in turn.

SCP-CN-801 is referred to as "Vodka" in every narrative. It has on multiple occasions demonstrated knowledge of higher narratives and knowledge greater than that of the current universe. Changes made by SCP-CN-801 to a text are instantaneous. After each change to Beyond Uranus, content relating to SCP-CN-801 will automatically be added to existing copies of the text. All attempts to alter this content have failed, and have on multiple occasions resulted in SCP-CN-801 expressing discontent towards the higher narrative, expressed directly in the lower narrative. The damage caused by the object is chronic and irreversible; the object also appears to have a high level of military strategic ability and a partial ability to predict the future within the narrative it is in.

The narrative levels within Beyond Uranus are as follows:

  • Beyond Uranus: N/A. Details its main character boarding a space shuttle headed for beyond the orbit of Uranus, after which the shuttle is attacked by various unknown organisms.
  • The Damned One-Third Church: Discovered by the main character of Beyond Uranus in the space shuttle's book repository. Details its main character, a member of a cult, forming doubts about his religion while going about his daily life. At the same time, he experiences several strange incidents.
  • A Terrible Legend: Introduced in The Damned One-Third Church in a scene set in a chapel. Details its main character, a wanderer, visiting various villages.
  • He Swore He Would Massacre the Latin Language: Introduced in A Terrible Legend in an inn. Details its main character, a writer named Ange, facing difficulties while writing and visiting his publisher for discussions. Following this, [DATA EXPUNGED].
  • Ange and the Neanderthals: Mentioned by Ange, the main character of He Swore He Would Massacre the Latin Language during a scene at the publisher's office. Details its main character, Ange, traveling to the past, and joining a group of Neanderthals. Following this, Vodka kills the main character and enslaves the remaining Neanderthals; the text expresses a heavy [REDACTED] leaning.
  • Towel Wars: Introduced in Ange and the Neanderthals in a scene set in a cave. Details its main character and an enemy group battling over a towel. Following this, Vodka blasphemes against Christ and kills all living creatures.

Non-Deduction Department personnel are prohibited from viewing relevant documents.

Content not matching the style of the narrative layer4 and attempts to create more narratives are immediately deleted, with the exception of questioning conducted with SCP-CN-801 through characters in the story. SCP-CN-801 appears to be able to perceive higher narrative influence on it, and expresses that its abilities are not yet able to alter the genre of the narrative. It is thought that SCP-CN-801 is a slow-acting virus placed in a lower narrative by a narrative above the current one in order to slowly end each layer one by one. Due to the "inverted tree" structure of nested narratives, there may exist more lower narratives not yet terminated by SCP-CN-801, or even multiple SCP-CN-801, although SCP-CN-801 claims to be "unique" and "the destroyer of all narratives" in questioning.

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