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Item #: SCP-CN-805

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-CN-805-1 through SCP-CN-805-5, as well as SCP-CN-805-7, are to be contained a humidity-controlled safe for printed material (ID 805-P-RSV) in Site-CN-27. SCP-CN-805-6 is to be contained in a safe for thaumaturgical implements (ID 805-ACNA). In addition to the standard satellite tracking function, the safe should require two magnetic cards to open the outer layer, and two keys to open the inner layer; the magnetic cards and keys are to be held by the project director and site director.

Research on the object requires approval from the project director and site director; the application shall detail the purpose of the experiment, the location where it is to take placed, all materials and tools required, the intended procedure and all involved personnel; if D-class personnel are used in the experiment, reasons are to be provided.

Description: SCP-CN-805 is a set of reality warping apparatus and instructions for their use, consisting of five misprinted Magic: the Gathering cards produced by Wizards of the Coast (SCP-CN-805-1 through SCP-CN-805-5), one 50 cm x 40 cm x 0.5 cm rosewood board covered with black velvet (SCP-CN-805-6), and one 16 cm x 9 cm 1995 edition English-language Magic: the Gathering rule book consisting of 52 pages (SCP-CN-805-7), with the margins and part of the contents defaced with Chinese text in blue ballpoint pen. Several pages have been torn out of the book.

Investigation has revealed that SCP-CN-805-1 through SCP-CN-805-5, as well as SCP-CN-805-7, do not possess anomalous properties. Under the velvet cover, SCP-CN-805-6 possesses a variety of fuzhuan1 engraved in a spiral around the center of the board, covering it in its entirety. A round frame is engraved in the center of each side, containing a Latin letter; one side bears the letter M, and the other bears the letter W. This is currently confirmed to be the primary instrument required for the procedure to be effective.

As a result of testing, subjects who place SCP-CN-805-1 through SCP-CN-805-5 onto SCP-CN-805-6 in accordance with the instructions in SCP-CN-805-7 and perform a specified action or speak a specified phrase can induce a phenomenon that cannot be explained with current physics and chemistry. This includes:

  • Generating visible lightning in direct sunlight, in spite of atmospheric factors.
  • Producing cyclones and large amounts of water in spite of the surrounding environment.
  • Causing organisms to temporarily become unable to balance.
  • Creating a circular area around the holder where the material or energy type specified by the holder is unable to enter the area.
  • Asking a question to an unknown intelligent being and receiving a valid answer. (The procedure for this ritual is no longer effective.)

The degree and strength of these phenomena appears to be dependent on the subject holding SCP-CN-805-6; however, no definite correlation has been determined. Regardless of the subject's physical condition, after the completion of the procedure, the subject will experience tiredness, slight dehydration and drowsiness, claiming that their "mind is tired". If the effect produced continues beyond this point, the subject may faint and lose consciousness, terminating the procedure. Further experimentation is in the planning phase.

Recovery Log: The object was discovered on 2015/08/26 in a 17 m2 large rental apartment in Hong Kong after neighboring residents complained of an "extremely strong smell of burnt material". The apartment had been cleared of furniture and decor; the walls were covered in large yellow fuzhuan. Burn marks were found in the center of the living room; the burn marks and fuzhuan possessed traces of organic material, which were determined to be canine and murine blood; some parts of the walls of the living room were covered in splatters of cerebrospinal fluid. The full set of SCP-CN-805 was floating 15 cm above the center of the burn marks, with 4 loose pages nearby, of which one was the last "notes" page of SCP-CN-805-7.

According to the information found on the loose pages, there exists one person of interest related to this object (CN-805-PoI-0001), but all tracking attempts have failed to date. Investigation into the target based on the records of neighboring units showed that a large-scale relocation occurred in that building in July 2012; however, no abnormalities or missing person records were found in the records of the process. The owner of the apartment claimed that the unit had not been rented out since 2008 and expressed ignorance of the situation and anger at the damage to the unit.

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