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An instance of SCP-CN-810

Item #: SCP-CN-810

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-CN-810 is contained in a Standard Safe-class Object Containment Chamber in Site-CN-05. SCP-CN-810 is contained in a sealed chamber in Site-CN-05 equipped with two layers of safety doors. An emergency surgery room is to be set up near this chamber to treat infected subjects.

All testing on SCP-CN-810 is to take place inside the containment chamber with Level 4 approval. Personnel involved in the test shall wear Grade A protective coverings and SP810 devices during the experiment, following the experiment, all personnel involved must undergo a full-body inspection to prevent containment failure.

Description: SCP-CN-810 is 467 sheets of gold foil identical in appearance to ordinary edible gold foil. Each sheet measures 4.33 cm by 4.33 cm, with a thickness of 0.12 μm, and is composed of 99.98% gold, 0.01% impurities and 0.01% unidentified living cells. It is theorized that SCP-CN-810's anomalous properties are caused by these cells. No means have yet been found to kill these cells or remove them from SCP-CN-810.

The object's anomalous properties activate upon coming into contact with or being consumed by a human subject, upon which it will be "absorbed". After entering the subject's body, the living cells within the object will cause the metallic components to split up, forming particles the size of blood cells, and will begin to replace the subject's skin, affecting its metabolism. SCP-CN-810 will transform all external skin on the subject's body into SCP-CN-810 within one day; at this point, skin will stop growing. SCP-CN-810 will then cause all of the subject's skin to become multiple layers of SCP-CN-810; during this process, the subject will slowly lose the ability to move and suffer extreme pain. Once the entirety of the subject's skin has become SCP-CN-810, the subject's metabolism will rapidly accelerate; as metabolites leave the body, the metabolized cells originating from SCP-CN-810 will cause the subject to die and the metabolites will be transformed into 99.99% pure gold. Once all of the cells are metabolized, the victim will shed all skin and lose vital signs; all metabolized material will lose its anomalous effects. Currently, the only method of saving a victim is by quickly severing the affected part of the body; currently, 21 such individuals have successfully recovered.

SCP-CN-810's anomalous properties do not change when its shape or state of matter change. It is theorized that due to the presence of living cells, no means of turning SCP-CN-810 into a gas have been found; in addition, SCP-CN-810 has been observed to possess a special structural memory. When unobstructed, liquid SCP-CN-810 will solidify in its initial shape; when SCP-CN-810 is cast into any other shape, it will slowly return to its original shape. SCP-CN-810 cannot be alloyed with other metals; when SCP-CN-810 in any form comes into contact with other metals, a protective layer of living cells will form at the contact surface to prevent mixing. No means have been found to prevent this phenomenon.

When SCP-CN-810 is cut, it will not lose its anomalous properties; however, the size of the resulting parts will affect their anomalous properties. If a piece of SCP-CN-810 50% of the original size comes in contact with a human subject, it will only affect 50% of the subject's skin; following this, once the SCP-CN-810 is fully metabolized, the subject's metabolism will return to normal and the subject's skin will regrow.

Addendum: SCP-CN-810 was discovered in a bakery in ██████ City. Investigation revealed that within a month, the number of disappearance cases rose to 33, and the production of gold noticeably increased, with the extraneous supply coming from the owner of the store. When Foundation agents embedded in the police force arrived, the owner was seen attempting to paste SCP-CN-810 onto a young woman. The owner was suppressed and 467 sheets of SCP-CN-810 were recovered. SCP-CN-810 was brought to Site-CN-05 and was classified Safe on ████/██/21. The owner of the store was brought to a detention room in Site-CN-05 for further questioning.

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