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Item #: SCP-CN-829

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-CN-829 is encased in pure metal and hung inside a large Faraday cage at Site-CN-49 Area-CN-671. Every 30 minutes, two specialists are to directly observe the object and provide a report. Any interaction with the object must be approved by at least one member of Level 4 or higher personnel, and all personnel directly handling the object must wear a specialized electrical isolation suit made of metal film. One independent security team is to be present in the containment unit at all times to prevent possible containment failure. All personnel at the Site must undergo a full psychological evaluation every four weeks 10 days, and those found to have cognitive deficits are to be immediately transferred out of Site-CN-49 Area-CN-67 for treatment. Any personnel who have had close-proximity interaction with the object or have been exposed to the object without protective equipment are to immediately undergo a full psychological evaluation be temporarily designated Class E personnel and forcibly brought for evaluation and treatment until they are deemed to no longer be under the object's effects. Duplicates of the object are to be brought for incineration on sight. Containment systems at Area-CN-67 are not to use electronic components.

Description: SCP-CN-829 is a spherical potato2 roughly 10 cm in diameter with a mass of approximately 121 g. The object's surface is covered with spiral patterns. Crude analysis shows that the object's composition is identical to that of ordinary potatoes; due to the object's properties, an accurate weighing and analysis is currently impossible.

SCP-CN-829 will constantly produce anomalous electromagnetic radiation in the millimeter wavelength range. Non-metallic objects exposed to this radiation will undergo effects including but not limited to experiencing forces from unknown sources, spontaneous breakage of chemical bonds, and [DATA. EXPUNGED], which macroscopically appear as malfunctioning or complete loss of function of electronic devices, irregularities in hormonal secretions or nervous signals leading to bodily discomfort or erratic behavior, and loss of structural stability.

If this is left unchecked, these phenomena will in various ways lead to containment failure, such as by damaging the structure of the containment unit, damaging the Site's automated security systems, or negatively affecting personnel's cognition. Although the object has been placed in a Faraday cage, these measures do not fully mitigate the object's influence. Experiments to determine whether the object is sapient are currently being discussed.

When the object comes into contact with any organic material except the inside of an organism's alimentary canal, the object will duplicate itself using the organic material as a source of matter. During the first 40 to 50 minutes, the object will not display any anomalies, but after that period any duplicates or residue not properly eliminated will display identical anomalous properties to the original.

This phenomenon's speed may be related to the type of organic material; due to the effects of the object on the experimental data and the possibility of a containment breach, an experiment to further investigate this has not been approved. Prior records show that the object acts faster on higher mammal organs other than components of the digestive system than on protective equipment made of organic material.

High temperatures and animal digestive proteins are the only known ways of destroying the object and its duplicates.

On 20██/█/█, the Foundation discovered the object in a produce market in [REDACTED]; by that time, over 50% of the market's space had [DATA EXPUNGED]. The market was returned to its original state and one instance of the object was brought into containment while all other duplicates were destroyed. All surviving witnesses were administered Class B amnestics. It is unknown how the object entered the market.

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