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Item #: SCP-CN-844

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All known 124 SCP-CN-844 instances are to be stored in multiple leather bags, contained in standard containment lockers of Site-CN-21. Level 2 or above personnel and/or subject(s) for experiment are able to access and check. Every personnel except the subject is to wear gloves when contacting the item. All tests will be suspended because all properties of SCP-CN-844 have been completely studied. For any objection/special need please report to the project manager.

Description: SCP-CN-844 is an apple seed, rooting instantly when it is in contact with human skin, and sprouts several days after the root. In the process between sprouting and disappearing, SCP-CN-844 will cause psychological effects to the host, displaying as the host communicating with the item and considering it has given an answer. After 1~2 months, SCP-CN-844 will disappear from the host's skin. A variety of fruits will emerge out of the void aperiodically in the next year. The final appearance will contain an attachment of 2~4 SCP-CN-844 instances, which refers to experiment log 844-21 for details.

History: SCP-CN-844 was originally found in 01/09/2017 in an express package with "Recipient: ███"
on it beside a trash bin of the ██ community. The package also contains several rotten apples and a piece of note (see addendum 844-1). Foundation interposed for investigation quickly after a cleaner reported "grass growing on the hand". Two SCP-CN-844 instances later created by subject were successfully contained.

Addendum 844-1: A piece of note found with SCP-CN-844

How long didn't you come back? Not coming home and I can't dial your phone.
Your mama passed away last week, she asked to send those apples before she go.
Remember to eat apple, and come back home. Papa misses you.
- Yours,

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