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Item Number:SCP-CN-846-J

Object Class:Keter

Special Containment Procedures:SCP-CN-846-J is currently uncontainable, and work related to this project should focus on relying on Project Longinus, Cross-narrative layer cardiac arrest program and other means to delay the creation process of the swn001-1 entity. The work related to the "Tit for Tat Project" should be - expedited - be temporarily suspended to avoid further occurrence of SCP-CN-846-J phenomena. In addition, the Pataphysics Department should pay attention to improving the concealment of activities in future work.

Description:SCP-CN-846-J is a phenomenon of a surge in abnormal things, and the specific manifestations are: a large number of abnormal things that are related to various sexual cultures and have sexual implications are discovered or contained by the Foundation in a short period of time; A GOI changed its original organizational purpose and began to develop adult products with anomalous properties; a number of high-risk anomalies contained by the Foundation evolved reproductive-related anomalous properties or transformed into humanoids with elements related to their original appearance due to unknown reasons Creatures; several Foundation personnel transformed into reality benders by unknown anomalous effects and exhibiting strong sexual desires; [DATA EXPUNGED], etc.

According to statistical data analysis, SCP-CN-846-J started at █pm on 20██/█/█, that is, about █ minutes after the first test run of "Tit for Tat Project". It is speculated that due to the particularity of the "Tit for Tat Project", the results of its trial operation have been noticed by the above, and it is very likely that SCP-CN-846-J is the entity of swn001-1 to retaliate and contain the Pataphysics Department The large-scale creative activities carried out by the "Tit for Tat Project".

It can be said that this time the Syrian reaction to our actions is the strongest I have ever seen, maybe this time we really scared them.
- Pataphysics researcher Maverick


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    [Irrelevant content omitted]

    O5-1: Everyone has almost understood the situation. If SCP-CN-846-J is not contained, our foundation may really become a supernatural brothel. Start voting now, please agree to continue the development of the "Tit for Tat Project" and increase related investment……


    O5-1: Please come in.

    Researcher Maverick:[Walking into the conference room, looking extremely ugly]Sorry, excuse me, everyone……

    **O5-1: **Maverick, any news?

    Researcher Maverick: Yes, our pataphysics department has just successfully intercepted some messages from the swn001-1 entity. After analyzing and summarizing, we have identified a good news and a bad news…

    O5-6: Don't be so secretive, just tell me what's going on.

    Researcher Maverick: The good news is that we have come to the conclusion that the swn001-1 entities are not actually aware of Project Tit for Tat, and they may not even be aware of the concept of the Narrative Layer, much less The existence of the Pataphysics Department.

    O5-6: What about the bad news, and if they don't know about the "Tit for Tat Project", what's the situation with SCP-CN-846-J?

    Researcher Maverick: Everyone, just look at what they're talking about and you'll understand…

    O5-6: This…

    O5-4:[Silence]Sorry, I need to go to the bathroom. …

    Researcher Maverick: Got it guys? SCP-CN-846-J is not revenge, they just found that the strange things they wrote appeared in reality, and then began to write those indescribable things waiting for them to appear in reality. Taking a step back, even if our superiors knew about our plan, they probably wouldn't be afraid of us at all, and might even happily wait for us to give them a large [REDACTED] cat-eared monster with anomalous properties. The pink fur [REDACTED] was delivered to their door, and they even worked overtime writing for it…[Security enters the meeting room at the behest of O5-1 to remove the distraught Researcher Maverick. ]

    O5-6: What a scumbag, I didn't fucking expect them to be so perverted… So, Number 1, our "Tit for Tat Project"…

    O5-1:[Cover face]The meeting is suspended, let's go out and get some air, I'll reconsider……

    <END LOG>

    █ hours later, the meeting continued, and the O5 Council voted on whether to continue the development of the "Tit for Tat Project" and increase related investment.

    Assembly vote summary:

    For Abstain Against


    Well, pataphysics department, "super" dead our god
    - 05-E, where "E" stands for "Eroticism"

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