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The replica of SCP-CN-861 under its 1986 appearance. This photo was taken in 2019. Note the humanoids entity in the right of the painting.

Item #: SCP-CN-861

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-CN-861 stored in a museum has been replaced with a replica. The foundation is to promulgate the story that the SCP-CN-861 in the previous photograph is an imitation, or the photograph was photoshopped to catch the public eye. SCP-CN-861 are to be kept in a Class-Safe container, photographic recording once a month as well as comparison with the previous counterpart. Further planning has not yet been made.

Description: SCP-CN-861 designates an oil painting typically called Autumn Landscape with Four Trees, made in November 1885. The anomalous attribute is that the black figure (designates SCP-CN-861-1) can slowly move to the farther forest in painting as time goes by. During this process, the images around the figure are also adjusted synchronously with small areas to keep their perspective and strokes consistent.

SCP-CN-861-1 has been approximately moved 5.5cm (crosswise) since the anomalous attribute was found (The earliest photographic recording known in around 1933. There has another photograph with an unknown period that shows SCP-CN-861-1 located closer to the viewer in the painting. It is currently undetermined this phenomenon when began or whether has been existing at the beginning of the painting.

The Macro Time-lapse Photography shows that superficial pigments are keeping in slow-flowing and infiltrate into the canvas, which is similar to high viscosity non-Newtonian fluid. keeping such moving generally requires surface tension or gravity. It is currently undetermined the source of which keeping this moving, in terms of item itself. That no visibly noticeable declining Humes was found by Kant Counters, considering SCP-2090 exhibits few anomalous properties, is predictable.

SCP-CN-861 has been recovered from the museum around 1986 after that lots of relevant photographs were found discrepant. SCP-CN-861 has been overseen in months to take photos and analysis. Identifying anomalous properties, SCP-CN-861 was replaced with the replica by an undercover agent and has been holding by the foundation studying up to now.

If the current trend continues, SCP-CN-861-1 will enter the forest in 70 to 150 years and cease to exist. It will be reclassified Neutralized if without anomalous properties. However, it is impossible that replace SCP-CN-861-1 with its replica as the extensive spread of information on the internet over the past two to three decades. SCP-CN-861-1 will keep in the current container when it is reclassified.

It is undetermined why such a painting technique was adopted by the artist (PoI-23385, Vincent Van Gogh). Tracing to the source of its anomalous property all have been failed.

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