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Item#: cn-879
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: All action taken regarding SCP-CN-879 must be approved by Level 3 personnel. SCP-CN-879 is to be checked for SCP-CN-879-2 infection at least once a day. If SCP-CN-879-2 is present, it must be immediately deleted. For devices other than SCP-CN-879, the Foundation has devised, propagated and automatically installed firewalls to counter SCP-CN-879-2.

SCP-CN-879-1 has been bought by the Foundation front company Shi Chang Pu Technology Ltd., managed by Site-CN-09. At least 5 security guards are to be on duty to prevent civilians from entering SCP-CN-897-1.

  • Update 2018/03/0█: Until the computer language used to run SCP-CN-879 is understood, no action is to be taken besides deleting SCP-CN-879-2.

Description: SCP-CN-879 is a ████████ brand desktop computer, model number ███-██. Since the object began displaying anomalous properties on 2010/05/0█, the device has remained in constant operation; removing the power source does not turn off the computer. SCP-CN-879 is fixed to SCP-CN-879-1's front desk and cannot be removed.

SCP-CN-879-1 is an office tower located in ████████, China, occupying an area of 670 m2 with 28 floors (including two levels of basements) extending to a height of 107 m. The object was constructed on 2008/03/██, and was abandoned after the anomaly was discovered on 2010/05/0█.

Other than its inability to be turned off, SCP-CN-879 is anomalous in its function of representing any object within SCP-CN-879-1 as code, which is stored in an unknown program on the device. The code can be edited, and changes made to it will reflect on objects within SCP-CN-879-1. Of note is that the code run by SCP-CN-879 is not written in any known programming language, and can only be edited and run on SCP-CN-879. The 1041 unknown programs are named in a one-to-one correspondence with the 1041 rooms within SCP-CN-879-1.

The changes that can be made to the code and their effects are as follows:
Change Result
Edit variable corresponding to object Object's qualities are altered
Delete variable corresponding to object Object disappears
Add variable corresponding to object Object appears in corresponding room

SCP-CN-879-2 is an anomalous computer virus created by the 05 Council, which can spread through the internet and tampers with files on affected computers. However, it can be blocked or deleted by specially designed firewalls meant to counteract the virus. Of note is that when SCP-CN-879-2 infects and acts on SCP-CN-879, it will display a high degree of compatibility with SCP-CN-879 and begin randomly tampering with data, causing objects within SCP-CN-879-1 to be artificially altered. The reason for which this virus was created is unknown, but it is suspected that it was solely an attack on the Foundation.

SCP-CN-879-2 will randomly infect SCP-CN-879 without needing to be transmitted through the internet, and is particularly persistent in infecting SCP-CN-879. The firewall software is incompatible with SCP-CN-879, but the virus can be deleted using [DATA EXPUNGED].


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