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Item #:SCP-CN-909

Item Class:Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The location and pursuit of SCP-CN-909 is to be carried out by MTF-Θ-10 ("Text Troops"). Members of this task force are to wear portable easily detachable substitution deduction devices, and use total tone stabilization claws to capture SCP-CN- 909. After successful capture, it should be transferred to the nearest site or a temporary facility confirmed to be safe, and then transported to Site-CN-99 separately, with the overall tone stabilization claws not to be released during this process.

SCP-CN-909's arrival at Site-CN-99 is to be handled by deduction department for containment procedures or termination.

Description:SCP-CN-909 is a functional deductive humanoid entity machine, which uses a single person to edit the narrative for actual operation, and is equipped with a narrative receiving device. Enter the relevant text in a specific device to perform a deduction.

The anomalous property of SCP-CN-909 and other machines of the same type is that any editing of the object is ineffective, and the object possesses its own guidance equipment and can edit itself. This causes SCP-CN-909 to form a separate narrative loop1, a separate metaphysical system that enables SCP-CN-909 to modify itself. The subject is not equipped with a template, so it can be judged that the editing of SCP-CN-909 is directly based on the current reality, and cannot perform unrealistic rewriting or actions, otherwise it will disintegrate on its own. Analysts believe that SCP-CN-909's current behavior pattern stems from the fact that it has chosen the behavior pattern of ordinary humans among the creatures in the reality template, and infers that the object has an ordinary human level of intelligence and mobility. Further edits made by SCP-CN-909 of itself are unknown due to the subject's escape from the facility.

The internal statement of the Interpretation Department believes that the narrative cycle of SCP-CN-909 will shrink due to insufficient supply and eventually lead to an end, while SCP-CN-909 will disintegrate on its own and cause a certain degree of local narrative disorder. Or SCP-CN-909 fully grasps how it works, creates or finds a new intelligent humanoid entity, re-decomposes and builds the narrative flow for interactive writing. This leads to two possible situations:

  • The new individual reached an agreement with SCP-CN-909, loaded a new template, and interfered with reality.
  • The new individual did not reach an agreement with SCP-CN-909, and unilaterally manipulated SCP-CN-909 to interfere with reality.

No matter what the situation is, it is considered to be contrary to the purpose of the Foundation, and will cause certain damage to human society or even lead to the occurrence of K-class scenarios. According to existing theory, the use of total tone stabilization paws stabilizes the item's narrative behavior.

Relevant experimental recordings were recovered in the performance department, see the appendix for details.

Addendum:Recovered Recordings:

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