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SCP-CN-918 in motionless state.

Item #: SCP-CN-918

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Since SCP-CN-918 is very difficult to capture, and will highly unlikely draw attention from people, the current containment procedure requires an adhesive tracking chip to be placed on SCP-CN-918 in order to locate it. SCP-CN-918 is currently contained in the low security storage section within the facility. It is stored in a standard safe class containment cabinet along with an old military kettle (referred to as SCP-CN-918-1).

Description: SCP-CN-918 is a paper airplane folded using B5 size paper. Ever since it was discovered by the Foundation in 1980, it had been flying in the sky above China. It demonstrates anomalous invincible property and the ability to avoid various obstacles. In 2009, SCP-CN-918 landed for the first time, and rested beside a military kettle in the exhibit within the newly constructed Second Sino-Japanese War memorial located in Panshi, Jilin. Follow-up experiments indicates that SCP-CN-918 will always return to this military kettle after being thrown. According to reports, this kettle was exhumed from Northeast Anti-Japanese United Army ruins in Panshi. Its original owner is unknown.


When SCP-CN-918 was unfolded, one line of words written in pencil can be seen.

I miss you, dad

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