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Item #: SCP-CN-937-J

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-CN-937-J-1 is stored in a 60cm×60cm×60cm storage box in Site-19, with a security camera and light source installed on the interior. Personnel entering the room containing the storage box may not bring in electronic devices. The security camera is not to be connected to the SCPS databases or any personal electronic devices.

The location at which SCP-CN-937-J is located has been bought by the Foundation. The windows have been demolished and replaced with concrete walls. Personnel entering the building may not bring in electronic devices. Costs of mass-producing SCP-CN-937-J-1 shall be paid for by SCPS Finance Department.

Personnel with Level 4 clearance or lower may not understand details pertaining to SCP-CN-937-J.

Description: SCP-CN-937-J is a white flush toilet located in [Please contact RAISA supervisor for specific address]. Under standard conditions, SCP-CN-937-J has no detectable anomalous properties. However, when photographed or videographed, the object will transform into an infohazard. Printed photographs of the object are designated SCP-CN-937-J-1.

SCP-CN-937-J has a secondary anomalous effect such that when an electronic device displays SCP-CN-937-J or SCP-937-J-1, the object displaying the image or live video will become an equal mass of excrement12. This effect does not occur for humans or any other organisms capable of sight, and personnel are able to view photographs as normal. SCP-CN-937-J's anomalous effects extend to the majority of electronic devices' functions, including but not limited to:

  • Photography using a smartphone or digital camera; the effect begins when SCP-CN-937-J enters the frame.
  • Viewing SCP-CN-937-J-1 on an electronic device. Merely storing the file does not trigger the anomalous effect.
  • Copying SCP-CN-937-J-1 by taking a photo of it.
  • Scaling SCP-CN-937-J-1, as long as SCP-CN-937-J-1 remains in frame.

Because SCP-CN-937-J has caused monetary and data losses for the Foundation, all experimentation with SCP-CN-937-J is currently forbidden. -RAISA Supervisor

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