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Partial image of SCP-CN-964-α captured by C-Messier-6

Item #: SCP-CN-964

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Government agencies are to gather relevant information from and apply amnestics to civilian organizations that have discovered SCP-CN-964-α. Protocol-964 ("Light Curtain") has been put into place to hide SCP-CN-964-α. SCP-CN-964-β is contained in the High-Value Containment Layer of Site-CN-99. The concept of experimenting on SCP-CN-964-β is out of stock indefinitely.

Description: SCP-CN-964-α is a diffuse nebula located 160,000 light years from the center of the Milky Way Galaxy in a perpendicular direction. The object appears to resemble a brain, and centers around a non-anomalous white dwarf star. It is designated M███-█ by civilian astronomical organizations. While the external appearance of SCP-CN-964-α resembles a radiant nebula, its light source has been observed by the C-Messier-6 telescope to not in fact be any form of known interstellar material, but rather an unknown number of blue light sources forming a large cluster. These light sources appear to flash at random intervals. As no signs of the anomaly moving have been noted, the volume of SCP-CN-964-α remains a constant 10██████ cubic light years.


The control panel of SCP-CN-964-β

Every microsecond, approximately 20 billion tachyon streams are emitted from SCP-CN-964-α towards Earth with sufficient speed to reach their destination in under 2 seconds. Each stream is a ray directed at the brain of an individual human being. However, these rays have no obvious physical properties, and can only be measured using spatial measuring devices (K5D1)as a path of energy left behind by their constituent particles. It is difficult to find the precise source of these rays due to the rapid fluctuation in position of SCP-CN-964-α's constituent points. One theory is that SCP-CN-964-α is the stable form of the rays in space.

When these tachyons enter Earth's atmosphere, they become a signal possessing memetic properties, which can pass through matter and enter human subjects' brains. It is presumed that these signals catalyze the thought processes of the receiving subject and are automatically translated into concepts that the subject can understand. As these signals do not physically exist, interception and analysis is impossible.

SCP-CN-964-β is a Soaiy® brand S-35 model Bluetooth speaker in blue casing. SCP-CN-964-β transmits a tachyon stream towards SCP-CN-964-α six times per second with a speed of [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-CN-964-β has been constantly playing, and does not appear to require a power source. The object was found in the burial chamber of a ███████ in a powered state.

SCP-CN-964-β is suspected to have some degree of intelligence. The object occasionally emits Chinese speech of unknown meaning, and remains silent otherwise, as detailed in the communication log. Experiments on the buttons present on the object have been included in this document.

Addendum 1: Communication Log

Participants: Dr. Voctor, SCP-CN-964-β
Note: Upon discovering that SCP-CN-964-β was producing unknown phrases, Dr. Voctor contacted the command center and attempted to communicate with the object.

<Begin Recording>

Voctor: Hello, my name is Voctor.

SCP-CN-964-β: Orbit | Orbit | Hello Orbit | Orbit

Voctor: What is your name?

SCP-CN-964-β: Envelope | Logistics® | Orbit | S-35 | Model

Voctor: What are you doing here?

SCP-CN-964-β: Conceptual | Contract | Work | Intermediary

Voctor: When were you manufactured?

SCP-CN-964-β: Production Date | First Era | 1.43763141592653589794248462 | Orbit | Universal Independence Day

Voctor: Ah, so how do I contact your manufacturer?

*SCP-CN-964-β: In Concept | Input | Orbit | ǎⅫÉÅοκθぃぇかおィクィコéêě丶勹刂儿♀℡☆§№ | Envelope | Concept | Immediately | salesperson | communication | One Hour

Voctor:Where are your manufacturers?

SCP-CN-964-β: daughters: Թ - UI•Selene and Endymion | Fiftieth Daughter | Veleafer | Everyone | Orbit | In Thought | Concept

Voctor:Uh, how would I use you? Or, should I say, the buttons on your surface?

SCP-CN-964-β: To use Acceleration Services please press ►►| | To use Reversion Services please press |◄◄ | To unsubscribe from Concept Package please press ►Ⅱ | For more details please Consult the Manual | +649764846894 | -806491979676.96 | Orbit | Page

Voctor:Thank your for your cooperation.

SCP-CN-964-β: You are Welcome

<End Recording>

<The final right of interpretation is retained by Envelope Logisics®/Veleafer>

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