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Item #: SCP-CN-985

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the object's good behavior and the standpoint of the Ethics Committee, the object is currently contained in a 10m x 10m x 5m modified large aquarium tank in Site-CN-18. The tank is capable of automatic water exchange. The tank is to contain decorative aquatic plant life and coral, as well as one piece of sanitary equipment built to SCP-CN-985's specifications.

Since containment, the object has requested the following:1:

  • The addition of necessary equipment into its tank, as well as remodeling to resemble its natural habitat (approved)
  • A computer (supplied on condition of good behavior, waterproofed)
  • A collection of computer games (supplied on condition of good behavior)
  • Internet access (rejected, object was informed "this area has not yet been connected to the internet")
  • Several books on biology (approved, electronic copies provided)​
  • Materials relating to adult English examinations (approved, see above)
  • Materials relating to university-level advanced mathematics (approved, see above)

In order to encourage interaction with the object and ensure its mental health, the object is to be convinced that it is contained by the Selachians and Cetaceans Protection Foundation, one of the Foundation's front companies.

Description: The object is an adult shark, 3 m in length and weighing 102 kg. The object is an unknown variety of nurse shark; DNA testing has shown that it has a 9█.██% genetic similarity with ordinary nurse sharks.

Differences from ordinary nurse sharks include:

  • Even when the object is not in direct contact with an object, it is able to exert up to 120 N of force on objects in a 0.8 meter radius. It is able to flexibly manipulate objects with this ability in a manner comparable to human hands. Inspection has revealed that the object's ampullae of Lorenzini have been notably altered; this is suspected to be the source of this anomaly.
  • The subject possesses a degree of intelligence, and is capable of speech. It is fluent in Standard Mandarin Chinese and capable of simple conversation in English. The object's intelligence is estimated to be around that of an 18 year old human adult. Inspections have revealed that the object's brain structure combines elements of both the human brain and a typical nurse shark brain. The object's speech organs are located in the back of the oral cavity, and operates by swallowing and ejecting water to create sound. When the object is being interviewed, its voice remains clear despite passing through glass and water.
  • The subject possesses sight similar to that of a human; inspection has revealed that the object's eyes have been significantly altered.

The object was discovered on 20██/██/██. At the time, a Foundation patrol boat discovered three single-occupant submarines gathered at the same location. As the patrol boat approached, the three submarines immediately descended into the water; no traces of the boats were detected using sonar. The Foundation then discovered a wounded SCP-CN-985. After its anomalous properties were confirmed, the object was taken to Maritime Research Station CN-03 for medical treatment and containment. The object believes that this incident was "an attack by a group of thugs", and considers the Foundation's personnel to be members of an animal welfare and protection organization. As such, the object "expressed its thanks to the Foundation through words in every manner possible".

Following containment, the object has been exceedingly cooperative with containment, has never expressed hostility to any member of personnel, and has never caused any containment breaches.

Addendum CN-985-1: Interview Log 1

Date: 20█​█/██/██, after confirming the object had recovered and was healthy

Interviewer: Dr. ███ ███████

Interviewee: SCP-CN-985

​Dr. ███: Hello, SCP-CN-985. Before you ask, that is the designation we have arranged for you, and we will usually call you by that designation. You can just call me Doc.

SCP-CN-985: Oh, that's fine. Though, I'd prefer if you called me Dawei.

​​​Dr. ███: Apologies, we aren't supposed to do that. So, how has your stay with us been so far?

SCP-CN-985: Pretty good. Thanks for saving me. The quality of the water is far better than the water in my dormitory; if you could just give me a computer, I wouldn't need to go back. Or some magazines, and if that's not possible you could just have someone talk to me every day to pass the time. It's kind of boring here.

​Dr. ███: Alright, alright, I'll talk to my superiors about your requests. But first, I'd like to ask you a few questions.

SCP-CN-985: Sure.

​Dr. ███: Where are you from?​

SCP-CN-985: ​Pacific Ocean, South China Sea, Xihai Area, Third Northern Ravine, No. 15, Unit 1…

​Dr. ███: Alright, alright, that's enough for us. No need to be so specific. You are a nurse shark, yes?

SCP-CN-985: Yes, biological name Ginglymostoma cirratum. Let me tell you, I was really good at biology in high school.

​Dr. ███: Before that, let's talk about the important matters. Do the other nurse sharks where you are from have the same abilities?

SCP-CN-985: What abilities, Doc?

​Dr. ███: Your ability to speak and move objects.

SCP-CN-985: ​Language ability? The guys in the beds below mine are really good at English, let me tell you. They passed Grade 6 English2 in their first year of uni.

​Dr. ███: Which is to say, all your fellow nurse sharks have these two abilities.

SCP-CN-985: Of course. We're not disabled or anything.

​Dr. ███: Have you ever seen nurse sharks without these two abilities?

SCP-CN-985: Not with my own eyes, but I've seen them on Animal World. They are to us like apes are to you humans - we share a common ancestor.

​Dr. ███: Do other types of sharks share the same abilities you do?

SCP-CN-985: You're kidding, right, Doc? If there were, they'd already be a lot like us.

​Dr. ███: Alright, next question. You previously mentioned you went to school. Could you tell us about your culture and society?

SCP-CN-985: Oh, we southerners are quite different from those in the north, especially our dietary customs. For instance, we always have snacks late at night from food stalls, but the north doesn't seem to.

​Dr. ███: No, no, I'm asking if you have schools, companies, factories, government, courts, and so on, just like humans do?

SCP-CN-985: Of course! We have a big city. Only we don't have factories, they pollute too much. They've all shifted to the open sea.

The next few questions reveal that the society SCP-CN-985 originates from corresponds closely to that of the southeastern coast of China. It is currently unknown how this species has evolved to this level and how it has not been discovered by other humans. Personnel have been assigned to investigate the situation described by the object.

Addendum CN-985-2:Interview Log 2 - Social Living

Date: 20█​█/██/██

Interviewer: Dr. ███ ███████

Interviewee: SCP-CN-985

Dr. ███: Hello, SCP-CN-985.

SCP-CN-985: Hello, doc.

(Simple pleasantries are exchanged.)

Dr. ███: Can you tell us what you were doing before you came here?

SCP-CN-985: What else would I be doing? Going to class, studying, preparing for exams.

Dr. ███: I see. So who do you often talk to?

SCP-CN-985: Who else? My teachers, classmates, roommates… We get along alright.

Dr. ███: What about your parents? Have you spoken to them?

SCP-CN-985: (silence)

Dr. ███: My apologies. I take it your family has had some… incidents?

SCP-CN-985: (lowers head slightly, as if nodding)

Dr. ███: I'm sorry. Well, have you spoken to any of your relatives?

SCP-CN-985: We don't talk much. They weren't there for my high school graduation. For my living expenses, I just do odd jobs. When I went out to college, that was when I started asking relatives for money.

Dr. ███: I see. Do you like your old living arrangements?

SCP-CN-985: Of course not, Doc. School is tiring. It's not just academics, but you've got club activities too. After I'm done with this and that, I don't even have time to play games. I'd rather stay here, where I can play and read novels to my heart's content. You may as well just not let me go, I'd rather stay here anyway.

Addendum CN-985-3: On 20█​█/██/██, SCP-CN-█​█​█ breached containment. Containment was reestablished with several personnel injured. Part of the incident was witnessed by SCP-CN-985, who had been contained at the same Site.

Following this, SCP-CN-985's behavior drastically changed. The object requested a large amount of university textbooks and reference books from Foundation personnel, and often read these books and attempted the exercises within. Following this discovery, Foundation personnel questioned the object about this in a routine interview.

Date: 20█​█/██/██

Interviewer: Dr. ███

Interviewee: SCP-CN-985

Dr. ███: Hello, SCP-CN-985.

SCP-CN-985:​ (reading an e-book on the provided computer)

Dr. ███: Hello?

SCP-CN-985:​ Oh, my apologies, Doc. I was reading.

Dr. ███: It looks like you've been looking at university materials a lot more lately. Why is that so?

SCP-CN-985:​ Ah, it's because of that escaping monster a few days ago.

Dr. ███: Are you talking about that [DATA EXPUNGED] felliow?

SCP-CN-985:​ Yes, that one. I've never seen anything like that in my books or shows. It came out and hurt some people, but you still managed to subdue it in the end. But it didn't know you were simply trying to protect it, not letting it hurt anyone, and not letting it get hurt, either.

Dr. ███: Uh-huh. (nods) And how did this incident influence you?

SCP-CN-985:​ When I was little, I saw a documentary about you. I saw you manage the tropical rainforest, go up against whaling ships armed with high-pressure water cannons, and join hands with the authorities to prevent the smuggling of endangered animals. At that time… I knew you were heroes, and that I wanted to be like you when I grew up.

SCP-CN-985:​ But after I grew up, all these things were just cast aside. Every day I followed the footsteps of everyone else, studying, taking exams, going up the grades. Up until I came here and saw that beast come out and start attacking.

SCP-CN-985:​ And after that, I thought, since you had taken care of me so well, I'd like to help you out. I'd also like to take care of animals who had been hurt, just like me. I'd like to help you put the escapees back in their cages, but… I feel right now, when I haven't even graduated from university, I'll only end up slowing you down. So I felt that that dream I had as a child finally came back.

SCP-CN-985:​ I feel like I have a responsibility to you… but also that I need to have the skills to help. So from that time on, I started to study topics that would let me help you, so that when something else escapes, I'll be able to help you respond. And from now on, I feel like when these beasts run amok, they might have a reason for it - I'd like to join you in conducting research, researching how to make the lives of the animals here better, to make them more comfortable. And if they could happily, safely stay here, they wouldn't run amok any more.

SCP-CN-985:​ I'd like to join your organization. I don't know what kind of qualifications or certificates you require, but I'll definitely work hard and get them. If I put in enough effort, it won't be that hard, and… it's been my dream as a kid, so no matter how much work I have to put in, no matter how much I suffer and tire, if I can bring that dream to life… that would be enough. Doc, if you can, I'd like you to arrange for me to take the examinations necessary… is that possible?

Dr. ███: (several seconds of silence) … Thank you for your cooperation, SCP-CN-985. We will consider your proposal.

I feel this deserves a bit more observation. If it comes to it, we can have the Foundation front "Matthew Catherine University" conduct some classes for SCP-CN-985.-Dr. ███

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