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Cover of SCP-CN-999

Item #: SCP-CN-999

Object Class: Euclid

Spectial Containment Procedures: All SCP-CN-999 currently contained by the Foundation have been neutralized, its text contents are now archived in Site-CN-71's high secrecy document library. Any retrieved active SCP-CN-999 should be contained at Site-CN-71's high value containment region. It is now forbidden to conduct any testings on the item's properties; if new text content are discovered they should be documented and archived immediately.

Description: SCP-CN-999 is an A4 double-sided print totaling 10 pages of texture same as normal white office paper. Its cover has the picture of a silhouette resembling that of a typical pigeon (Columba) spreading its wings, and the title Spreading Your Wings: Finding Your Advanced Career Path.

SCP-CN-999's main content is the brief description of some anomaly-related groups across the world. Such description will contain a common logo of the group, and briefly describe the group's history and properties. What's worth mentioning is that the bottom of such description is a row labelled "Available positions" which described several positions that match the group's properties and what is suspected to be the number of positions available for that job.

Except for the first page being a manual describing the usage of the item, every page of SCP-CN-999 has contained the descriptions of 5 anomalous groups of interest, totaling 45 groups of interest for the whole book.

Every retrieved SCP-CN-999 was accompanied with an A4 size form document (referred to as SCP-CN-999-1), in a series of tests such document has shown excellent waterproof, fireproof and tenacity qualities. The form SCP-CN-999-1 requires to fill in a series of personal information, and the group of interest and position that the applicant is going to apply for.


Example of a page of SCP-CN-999. Click to zoom in.

The anomalous properties of SCP-CN-999 will show after the applicant has signed in SCP-CN-999-1's signature column. The handwriting filled in on the item will automatically disappear after signing, a time and a location will appear on a specific place on the item's back side in forms of English; the location mentioned will usually be the empty room of area between 6 to 8 square meters the closest to the item; the time mentioned will usually be 30 to 120 minutes after the form is signed.

What is worth noting, the follow-up SCP-CN-999-1 anomalous effects can only be triggered when the applicants have filled in correct personal information on SCP-CN-999-1, and not a prisoner nor having a paid full-time position at any corporations or organizations. Otherwise after the handwriting has disappeared, the specific location at its back will only show the phrase "ERROR: Personal Information Does Not Match" or "ERROR: Has Stable Position" written in traditional Chinese, until an applicant satisfying the conditions have signed their name on SCP-CN-999-1.

If the applicant can reach the specified location at the specified time, all living humanoids in the room except for the applicant will be moved outside the room via unknown means, and cannot interrupt the room in any room during the whole interview. A human of the same appearance with one of the group's high-ranking figure wearing the group's representative clothing will appear in the room and have a conversation with the applicant. According to records of surveillance equipment in the room, the two's conversation is highly representative of interviews of normal job application. Please refer to Addendum SCP-CN-999-A for the related surveillance equipment records.

According to the outcome of the interview, one of the two situations below will occur:

  • If the applicant passes the interview, he will shake hands with the interviewer, generate a strong white light enough to blind for 3 seconds, and disappear along with the interviewer after the white light fades away. In about 30% of the experiments, Foundation personnel can find the applicant at the applied position in the respective groups of interest; but more often the applicant has gone missing thereafter.
  • If the applicant cannot pass the interview, the interviewer will express regret over the matter, forcibly move the applicant outside the room by unknown methods and then disappear. After this the applicant cannot trigger SCP-CN-999-1 again.

Addendum SCP-CN-999-A: Video recording of an interview generated by SCP-CN-999-1
This addendum is a transcription of the fourth trigger test on SCP-CN-999-1 conducted by the Foundation, also the first successful test in triggering of SCP-CN-999-1.1

As other groups of interests are involved, the experiment subject was arranged to fill in and trigger SCP-CN-999-1 in the Hong Kong branch of front organization Standard Caring Project to prevent possible leak of confidential information. The message written on the back side of SCP-CN-999-1 asked the experiment subject to attend the interview 15 minutes later in an empty meeting room of the company. The following is the record of events that happened after the experiment subject entered the meeting room.

Experiment subject: D-1851, originally named Liu Yi Long (劉宜隆), being framed in a case of espionage and sentenced to death for crime of treason, then enlisted as a Class D personnel by the Foundation through standard procedures. For the progression of the test, the subject's charge was revoked by the local government through political relationships and his monthly execution exempted, such that he became a clean free personnel.
Applying organization: Unusual Incidents Unit
Applying position: Junior detective

[Start of log]
Interviewee walks into the room, the video record appears frozen for less than a second.
After turning back to normal, the personnel originally operating the filming equipment in the room disappears, a humanoid of appearance and voice same as UIU senior detective Carl Bellic (indicated as the interviewer below) wearing black suit appears in the center of the room behind a rectangular desk.

Interviewer: (In Cantonese) Hello, Mr. Liu. I am a senior agent of the Operation Wing, also an assistant for the Human Resources Department for now, call me Carl. Please take a seat.

Interviewee: (In English) Hello… (In Cantonese) Hello, Mr. Carl.

Interviewee sit on the chair in front of the interviewer.

Interviewer: Actually you don't need to be surprised, Mr. Liu. As a detective, mastering multiple mainstream languages are our basics. Now can you please give a brief self-introduction?

Interviewee: I'm Liu Yi Long, graduated in Shanghai University with Bachelor of Civil Law. After graduation I worked as a legal adviser in Dai Ping Biscuit Factory just as what I wrote on the records of past experience, dealing with legal issues of the company…mainly about intellectual properties. Then…then…because of coincidences and framing, I was…put in the prison for a few months. Then the prison staffs introduced me to this job. I…although I was a graduate of laws, but I was at a military academy for a few years, and kept on training after leaving it, so I think I'm good enough for a detective's job in terms of fitness and gunnery technique. And I'm familiar with the Chinese Civil and Criminal Laws, so I can provide assistance when your department requires such knowledge. This is about all for my case.

Interviewer: Hmm…alright, I'll ask you a few questions then. First of all, Mr. Liu you seem to have a prior? A crime of treason, then revoked, interesting. Are you alright talking about it?

Interviewee: Ah…yes. When I was a legal adviser I was mainly dealing with issues about intellectual property. God knows which idiot who told me to handle the patent of a new product, the amnesia biscuit, but putting the whole formula and production process inside. What's more bullshit, my secretary was switched into another wearing a human face mask since I don't know when, and ran away real fast, leaving me being caught and a crime of treason forced onto me — god knows how the fuck me being a staff of a small company would commit treason. And only recently one from the jail came and told me I was proven to be innocent, and then introducing me to this job. An American government employee? Don't know how they'd thought of this.

Interviewer: You seemed to be surprised by this. As you see, we are an official organization of United States of A Mary King, and if it weren't for a special occasion, you wouldn't even have the chance to get an interview. Joining us, it means that you would have to work for the United States of A Mary King, and if necessary you would have to be an enemy of your home country. So are you going for this junior detective job even so?

Interviewee: A Mary King? Ha yes. I don't have any returns, would I? If I don't come for this job, I would probably be put back in jail and take a bullet I don't know when. For now, it's alright home country or not.

Interviewer: Our organization is different than the other departments whatsoever, the threats we face are unimaginably strange, and you may end up in the stomach juice of a scary big lizard. Are you alright even so?

Interviewee: Heh, it wouldn't be any stranger than what I saw in the biscuit factory.

Interviewer: Then it's decided. Welcome to the Unusual Incidents Unit, you're hired.

Interviewee: Eh…what? Is that all? No going back and wait for notification, nothing?

Interviewer: This is all. The wage and date to start working we will discuss later, and now (reaching his hand towards the interviewee) welcome to our big family, Mr. Liu.

Interviewee: Thank you, Mr. Carl. I'm both surprised and happy.

Interviewee shook hands with the interviewer, both of them generating a strong light of brightness over 300000 lumens.
The strong light fades after 3 seconds, both the interviewee and interviewer disappear.
[End of log]

Afterword: After the experiment the Foundation has inquired the Unusual Incidents Unit, and has received the response that there are no such newly joined junior detective named Liu Yi Long. Inquiries to the human resource database of UIU has not retrieved any results about Liu. UIU senior detective Carl Bellic has also said that he had no experience of interviewing Liu or any others.

As the interviewer in the record has claimed to work for "United States of A Mary King", after ruling out possible problems of pronunciation error, it is suspected the Carl Bellic in the interview possibly comes from a parallel universe.

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