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Item Number: SCP-CN-999-J

Object Class: Euclid Safe Neutralized Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Item is to be contained in the research lab of the Memetics Division, where the meme is analyzed and deciphered, anti-meme programs are developed, and weaponization is attempted. Researchers should view the text through other means to avoid infection.

Description: SCP-CN-999-J is a piece of A4 paper with handwritten cognitohazardous text, originally found on a desk at Site-CN-██. After reading the project, Foundation personnel will continue to be negative and produce negative emotions, such as depression, low self-esteem, remorse, — feeling that the money is not enough — and so on. Great impact on staff morale. No means, including amnestics, can negate the effects that have occurred. Multiple readings will cause the reader to use various means to escape from their workplace1.

If you know the content of the text in advance through other channels, the impact of reading the original text will be greatly reduced.

Object was destroyed during Incident "999-J-B", and is considered neutralized.

Addendum #999-1:

Addendum #999-2:

Addendum #999-3:

It is unclear whether the project was infiltrated by hostile forces, or whether the goc deliberately disrupted the temporary peace. But I personally prefer the former, because in my impression goc is not all two [REDACTED], if someone does this, they will definitely be stopped. ——Dr. Bai

Every word punishes the heart! unacceptable! It turns out that the gocs are all such people! I want to apply to go undercover! Destroy them all! ——Dr. Long5

The location of our site seems to be exposed, let's move. —O5-█

Alright, call the O5 Council for a vote. If this proposal passes, you are responsible for raising funds. — O5-1

Note: The director of the site where the project is located tried to contact the relevant person in charge of goc, but the other party refused to admit that it was related to the project, and refused to announce the salaries of its staff.

Note 2: In view of the fact that the only SCP-CN-999-J has been destroyed, and its uniqueness cannot be guaranteed, it is reclassified as uncontained. And the meme may break out again, the object level has been raised to Keter, and a task force has been formed to continue tracking around the world.

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