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Object Category: Security

Special Containment Procedure: SCP-CN-DEEPL-J itself cannot be contained for now. However, it only occurs in the Foundation's database, so it can be easily handled. Any file uploaded to the database should have a copy saved locally. Site-CN-21's Documentation Department staff are authorized to edit files affected by SCP-CN-DEEPL-J. If you are one of them, you can find some help here1.

Description: SCP-CN-DEEPL-J is an anomaly that occurs only in Site-CN-21's database. In particular, when a new file is uploaded to the database, it may be randomly converted into a version in which it appears to be machine-translated from another language. SCP-CN-DEEPL-J does not keep the affected files from being re-edited, but it may occur again on those files.

Edit: 2023/5/1:
It is forbidden to upload a machine translated file and pretend it is a file affected by SCP-CN-DEEPL-J. Anyone who tries to do so will be strictly punished.

Don't think you can simply shove a file into an AI translator and upload it, and use DEEPL-J as an excuse. We'll see about that. -Dr. "Site Director

Found: SCP-CN-DEEPL-J was discovered after a meeting to warn staff members not to upload any more machine-translated documents. During the meeting, some staff members reported that the files they uploaded were automatically converted into the form mentioned earlier. Subsequently, SCP-CN-DEEPL-J was discovered and the current special containment procedure was established.

Addendum 2023/5/2:
Before being discovered, DEEPL-J had taken a fraction of a percent of my salary, and then another fraction of a percent as well as 1 license level. I have had enough of this. Very bad SCP, hate from China. -Alan Shi, Researcher, from the Documentation Department

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