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Item #: SCP-∞-DE-J

Object Class: Safe Euclid Keter Apollyon

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-∞-DE-J is on no account to be removed from its containment on the desk inside Dr. Kofi's bureau in Super-Ultra-Secret-Level 5 High-Security-Mega-Tank-Shelter Site-DE-███. The 51 subjects affected by SCP-∞-DE-J's effects (Dr. Kofii, Agent ███, Dr. Sch███, Dr. H████, Agent ████, D-█████, SCP-███-DE, no. I won't continue, think those names up yourself, I'll never write down those [Expletive] 51 names, you empty-headed [EXPLETIVE] you have no idea about the research 'bout the [EXPLETIVE] I have to do all day to earn my daily bread! [EXPLETIVE] me all, do your [EXPLETIVE] alone!!! I'll go in there now and check on my boys), are to be considered lost or rather neutralized.

Remark: The employee, who was tasked with documenting the object succumbed to the effects of SCP-∞-DE-J and was deemed lost. Therefore, documentation of the object had to be vicariously continued by █████.

Entry into the containment of SCP-∞-DE-J is strictly prohibited to evade further loss of personnel. In case ash from the source of SCP-∞-DE-J-2 is found, O5 is to be contacted, all sites sealed, all emergency protocols activated, and MTF-Nu-7-"Hammer Down from the English branch dispatched, who will use the Atomar-Nuclear-Ultra-Supernova-Secret-Mega-Laser-Reality-Particle-Atom-Annihilation-Plasma-Pulverizer 3000 to sizzle the ash away, remove it from all realities, anti-realites and omniverses, and turn it into Anti-Anti-Anti-Matter, which must be inserted in the Scarlet King's toilet flushing and subsequently be thrown into SCP-3333 under highest security measures.

Remark: Those extreme security measures are considered necessary to exclude the hypothetical possibility that SCP-XXX-DE-∞-J-2 could potentially be produced.


Something must be done against the effects of SCP-∞-DE-J without circumvention, or else the Foundation will crumble as a whole. We have already had to expand the bureau, so that the victims do not crush each other. Should we fail to get this situation under control, an SK-Class Loss of Consciousness scenario will likely be the result. Only a miracle or antimemetic inoculation can save us now.

— O4-█, Director of Site-DE██, presumably immune to SCP-∞-DE-J's anomalous effects.

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