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Audio spectrogram captured in D-78816, 61 hours after the second stage of the infection of SCP-ES-002.

Item: SCP-ES-002

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All copies of SCP-ES-002 must be stored in a 5m x 5m x 5m chamber, surrounded in turn by a vacuum-sealed vault. The entrance to the SCP-ES-002 chamber is controlled with a lead-lined lock to ensure absolute sound isolation, followed by two layers of specialized acoustic insulators for the SCP-ES-002 frequency range.

In order to preserve SCP-ES-002, twenty (20) minutes of carefully selected music will be issued for this purpose, whose tempo is not greater than andante (max 108 BPM) and no more than 60 dB, every six (6) hours, through an autonomous peripheral system, programmed for that purpose. In addition, its activity will be recorded through two (2) echolocation systems connected wirelessly to the Acoustic Imaging Laboratory of Site-127, both operating with tritium beta-volt batteries, with an approximate duration of twenty (20) years. In case of failure in the electronic components of the camera, maintenance technicians must enter through the lock, equipped with insulating helmets, and must not remain more than one (1) hour inside.

In case of containment gaps, an alert will be issued to the entire Site-127 and will be deployed to the Mobile Task Force 002-D ("Silents Grants"), in charge of executing the Stille-K8 Protocol, which consists of neutralize any copy of SCP-ES-002 using sonic weaponry adjusted to the frequencies captured from each copy. All personnel affected by SCP-ES-002 must be taken to an anti-002 anechoic chamber in order to prevent its spread.

Comprehensive searches should be carried out in all areas that show the effect of [REDACTED] abroad (See Addendum 002-4), neutralizing all copies of SCP-ES-002. All civilians affected by SCP-ES-002 must undergo the Procedure Strepitus-Umbra as soon as possible.

Description: SCP-ES-002 it is a life form observed as merely acoustic. It has a moderate level of consciousness, and has been tentatively classified as Rivulis tremulae. SCP-ES-002 is mainly composed of waves that oscillate in frequencies between 14 and 18 kHz, which can be picked up by any organism provided with ears capable of listening in this range, or by electronic equipment. Any action performed by SCP-ES-002 will generate a sharp sawtooth beep, usually during its movement. SCP-ES-002 seems to exist as an isolated sound wave, presenting several of the physical characteristics of common acoustic waves.

SCP-ES-002 is able to "feed" when it is exposed to other lower frequency sound waves, having a certain predilection for polyphonic waves. SCP-ES-002 seems to be more appropriately nurtured when exposed to slow or ambient music, and exposure to loud music is not recommended (see Addendum 002-2). Sometimes, it is possible to hear SCP-ES-002 "excrete", perceived as "bits" of sound completely atonal. When it is fed, the sound seems to diminish its loudness, making it barely audible.

During its movements, SCP-ES-002 emits a succession of pulses between 14 and 18 kHz, whose loudness will largely depend on the amount of sound it has "consumed" previously. Echolocation scanners show that SCP-ES-002 is capable of moving in any direction within three-dimensional space, and always at a constant speed, measured at 1.2 m/s in a homogeneous air environment (78.7% N, 20.2% O, 1.1% H). The most particular feature of SCP-ES-002 is that it is capable of using any element that allows the propagation of waves, being able to cross solid materials at a higher speed, translocalised using input/output peripherals, and even use sound amplification devices in order to move faster. The effects of reverberation have also shown a high efficiency in the scope of SCP-ES-002.

Addendum 002-1: SCP-ES-002 has a rather unusual behavior when heard by organisms that have a functional auditory system and able to capture frequencies up to 18 kHz, making it easier to identify in human subjects between 0 and 15 years old. When one of the pulses is heard, SCP-ES-002 will immediately move towards the ear of the organism (referred to as "host"), initiating the first phase of infestation. The mechanism by which SCP-ES-002 can identify what has been heard is still a matter of investigation.

SCP-ES-002 It will begin to move inside the body, starting with the cochlear tissue, and then going through the organs and systems of the body, without leaving the hypodermic layer of the skin, or through natural or artificial orifices. The affected human subjects indicate that at this stage of the infestation they usually hear a loud and deafening beep, which usually interferes with other audible sounds. After approximately twenty-four (24) hours, this sound ceases and SCP-ES-002 begins the second phase of infestation. The criteria of SCP-ES-002 to choose its host are unknown, not being associated with the distance or auditory capacity of the subject. Although the host is usually unique in each exposure, there have been cases where several subjects have been affected by a single copy of SCP-ES-002 with a moderate probability. See Appendix 002-3 for more information.

Once inside the organism, SCP-ES-002 continues to move within the body, but gradually decreasing its frequency, which has been defined experimentally by an almost logarithmic functional relationship according to specialized medical equipment. Next, the symptoms of the SCP-ES-002 infestation in humans are shown (the frequency of the table is that received by specialized audio equipment, the actual frequency issued by SCP-ES-002 is impossible to determine until now):

Hours Frequency Captured Symptom
1-5 ~7200 Hz Decrease to the cessation of the beep heard during the first phase of the SCP-ES-002 infestation. The subject begins to feel a slight disorientation and dizziness. Occasionally, there have been cases of loss of concentration and spasms.
6-11 ~2800 Hz Mild increase in blood pressure, accompanied by persistent headaches, loss of balance and decreased control of the extremities. Vomiting has been reported at this stage.
12-18 ~840 Hz Vomiting generalized, as well as a greater increase in pressure. Subjects are unable to walk short distances without tripping or falling, in addition to hearing disturbances. In one of every five cases a certain visual blur has been reported.
19-36 ~210 Hz General spasms in the body, difficulty breathing and mild bleeding. In this phase it is normal to observe a number of symptoms, such as cold sweating, chills, intrapsychic hallucinations, expectorations, fractures in long bones and, in specific cases, a total lack of control of the intestinal activity, generating completely abnormal excretion patterns.
37-108 ~40 Hz Generalized hemorrhages through all orifices of the body, often accompanied by bloody sputum, violent spasms and increased aggressiveness. In 86% of the affected subjects there are cases of conscious xenoglossia, usually associated with Bantu languages, and in two cases, tonal languages. This is the most dangerous phase of the infection of SCP-ES-002.
109+ ~6 Hz From this moment, and in case the host cannot be intervened, the xenoglossy will stop, and begin a process of muscular contractions that will increase exponentially in frequency. Death is usually associated with massive capillary tears, impaired blood flow and heart muscle overload, which can burst violently after three (3) hours after this phase. Autopsies have determined that at least 90% of the blood vessels have been torn or broken as a result of the action of SCP-ES-002.

During xenoglossy, the guests of SCP-ES-002 will speak continuously, generally chaining relatively coherent words, with an almost exact pronunciation. Their vocal cords seem to stretch and contract abnormally, and they can emit beeps between 14 and 18 kHz at random times. When this happens, new copies of SCP-ES-002 are emerging from the host body, and can infect any organism that can perceive them. The reproduction method used by SCP-ES-002 during this stage is unknown; the analyzes have yielded little clarifying results.

Addendum 002-2: During a containment breach on October 25, 200█, several copies of SCP-ES-002 were scattered through Site-127 through the copper pipes, generating an audible metallic echo to several meters away. Upon leaving, one of them was heard by Researcher T██████, who also listened to music at 210 BPM on a portable audio playback device. SCP-ES-002 reacted erratically to this acoustic impulse and upon entering T██████'s ear caused [REDACTED], immediately initiating the xenoglossia phase.

For the next ten (10) minutes, T██████ shouted painfully in a language similar to Xhosa, while emitting three (3) pulses of 15.4 kHz per second. After four (4) minutes, several of his important arteries exploded, aggravating the hemorrhage, later [DATA EXPUNGED] several minutes after he died. In the area, three hundred and sixty-two (362) copies of SCP-ES-002 were found before initiating the Stille-K8 Protocol by the Mobile Task Force 002-D, which managed to neutralize the specimens, with six (6) low.

Addendum 002-3: In an experiment scheduled on July 16, 201█ in order to study the physical properties of SCP-ES-002, one specimen was deposited in a soundproof chamber with integrated echolocation systems, and three subjects of test, separated by an anti-noise wall. It was conducted to SCP-ES-002 through a sound amplification system connected to a 5.1-channel Home Theater system. The pulse emitted by SCP-ES-002 reached 104 dB, causing two of the test subjects to become infected in unison. The third subject was affected after fifteen (15) minutes, although no pulse between 14 and 18 kHz was detected by the echolocation team.

The Protocol Stille-K8 was not enough to prevent the proliferation of copies of SCP-ES-002, who eventually broke the containment. Affected subjects were sent to anti-002 anechoic chambers to neutralize the threat, showing the psychological effects of acoustic isolation at forty (40) minutes of exposure. Only one of the subjects finished the live procedure, and is now under medical observation due to the sequelae.

Addendum 002-4: The copies of SCP-ES-002 still in the wild have been constantly sought after by the 002-D Team. It is estimated that there should still be about fifty (50), with six (6) successful neutralizations to date. The studies affirm that it is possible to discern the proximity of SCP-ES-002 in a certain area: when SCP-ES-002 moves above 3000 masl, it is capable of [REDACTED] itself, considerably increasing its speed, as well as its infectivity on land, this acoustic effect is perceived as a strong low frequency sound, similar to that emitted by a trumpet or similar wind instrument.

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