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Entrance 22, marked in red.

Item #: SCP-ES-004

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The set of entrances to Area 04-A are protected by a fence and a wire fence under the cover story of being a private hunting ground. Two officers, dressed as security guards, are to patrol the perimeter of the fence to prevent civilians from entering it.

The Observation Post 04, built in the village of ██████, 2 km from Area 04-A, has video surveillance equipment that records in real time the status of the 32 entrances to Area 04-A. The images must be monitored by four agents for abnormal activity.

In the eventuality of an event that is detectable by the surrounding population, an appropriate cover story for the event in question should be disseminated through the local newspaper and rumours among the population.

Description: SCP-ES-004 is a humanoid entity of variable aspect. SCP-ES-004 lives within Area 04-A, and seems unable to leave this area, or act outside of it See Addendum 004/1.

SCP-ES-004 can partially control its own physical appearance, usually showing the appearance of a child from 7 to 9 years old. Through the interactions carried out in the experiments, it has been determined that SCP-ES-004 presents some mental retardation. It is usually covered with organic materials in a poorly processed state (hair, sticks, dirt and the like) and small living organisms, such as birds, insects, rodents and lichens

SCP-ES-004 has the capacity to alter the reality within Area 04-A in a limited way, being able to vary the composition of the matter and affecting notably the behaviour of the fauna and flora of the area. Over a period of approximately 50 years, SCP-ES-004 has modified Area 04-A to adapt it to a series of topics from children's imagination and popular fables, and it has been theorised that these scenarios are related to the life experiences of SCP-ES-004. Some animals that inhabit the area have the ability to speak, and SCP-ES-004 is commonly referred to as "the King of the Tree".

SCP-ES-004 seems to appreciate the accompaniment, and while he has expressed on numerous occasions a dreadful fear of adults, he seems to be comfortable among children, and is able to remind people who visit him on more than one occasion.

Area 04-A is a parallel dimension to our universe that occupies a geographical extension of approximately 15 hectares. To date, 32 entrances to Area 04-A have been identified and catalogued. The entrances are defined by elements of the terrain, such as trees or rocks, and are invisible to the naked eye.

The entrances are activated (i.e. they allow passage to Area 04-A) only when they are traversed by children who have not reached puberty. If an adult passes through them, no anomalous event will occur.

It has been hypothesised, from the results of field analyses, that Area 04-A was initially an exact replica of the corresponding geographical extension in our dimension, since, for example, some geographical features of the terrain coincide in both realities.

It is unknown whether Area 04-A existed before it contained SCP-ES-004 or was created by the entity itself.

SCP-ES-004 is usually found in the coordinates ██°██′██″N ██°██′██″E, under an oak tree of considerable size. Hanging from one of the tree's branches, it is always present hanging an esparto grass rope, which shows the typical wear and tear of having spent years outdoors.

Addendum 004/1: Update of █/██/07

Following the cessation of explorations of Area 04-A, a series of anomalous events have taken place around the entrances to the area. These events are believed to be an attempt by SCP-ES-004 to communicate with the outside world, caused by the lack of "visitors". Scheduled explorations are being considered to placate these events.

Due to the non-aggressive nature of such events and the ease of hiding them from the population, along with the difficulty of finding subjects for the implementation of Protocol 004-Alpha, this possibility has been rejected. - Dr. ██████ ███

Below are some of the most notable events that have taken place.

Designation: E-003/3
Date: █/█/05
Event: Numerous rodents appear through Entrance 12. Although they remain in a compact group in the direction of the village of ██████, as they move some 30m away from the entrance, they lose their formation and disperse in the surroundings. One of the rodents is taken as a sample and analysed in the laboratory, no anomalous characteristics are found.

Designation: E-003/7
Date: █/█/06
Event: A flock of starlings emerges from Entrances 2, 7, 14 and 21 simultaneously. It is estimated that the flock consists of more than 10,000 specimens. Starlings fly over the area for hours. Small groups can be seen heading towards the village of ██████, but they disperse as they move away from the entrances. After 3 hours it is decided to send an armoured van to the area to observe the reaction of the birds. When the vehicle is a few hundred meters away, the birds are excited and approach the vehicle, surrounding it. The van remains parked for hours without any change in the animals' behaviour. After about 5 days, the birds have dispersed completely.

Designation: E-003/13
Date: ██/██/08
Event: A humanoid figure emerges from Entrance 7. It consists entirely of fireflies, and has the appearance of a child of 5-7 years. The figure crosses the containment area in the direction of the town of ██████. 300m from the first houses in the village, the containment team manages to disperse the insects, and [CENSORED]. No anomalous properties are found in the collected insects.

To date, no further events have taken place.

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