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SCP-ES-005 in its original location

Item #: SCP-ES-005

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-ES-005 contention chamber must be qualified to have basic functional medical teams of life support, reanimation and feeding by probe. Subject who is in this moment retained inside SCP-ES-005 must be visited by a psychologist every 12 hours, or by the subject’s own demand in stress situations. In this situations, it is allowed to administrate sedatives to the subject. If the subject presents difficulties to ingest food, it must be fed with a nasogastric tube.

In case of decease or a subject change, a substitute must be immediately founded between the members of Class-D personnel, which must be introduced in SCP-ES-005 and retained with the subjection elements presented in its inside. If a subject is not found in less than 48h, Wing 5 must be isolated temporally, retaining inside the team assigned to SCP-ES-005, until a new subject arrives.

Description: SCP-ES-005 is a photobooth cabin made by the brand █████████ which affects the tactile perception in people in its surroundings, and more remarkably, in its insides. The people found in SCP-ES-005 vicinity, will feel light pressure sensations, cold or warm in localized areas of their skin.

Anomalous perceptions can be observed indirectly, though variations in temperature in the subject epidermis or the decrease in blood flow in the capillary of the pressured areas. This phenomenon can be presented in multiple people at the same time, and it is not affected by the existence of physical barriers between such people and SCP-ES-005. SCP-ES-005 will increase its action radius until a human being is affected. The effects caused by SCP-ES-005 do not change regarding the exposition time or other factors, keeping constant until one person enters inside SCP-ES-005.

If one person takes seat inside SCP-ES-005, the anomalous effects will stop manifesting immediately in the people found in the outside. Only in this case SCP-ES-005 affects just one person, so it is established the most optimal contention method is always keeping some inside it.

While when SCP-ES-005 affects one person found in its exterior the tactile sensations are kept constant, the subject found inside SCP-ES-005 will increase its own perception of the phenomenon as time passes. This is translated in a better definition of the zone which pressure or different thermic sensations are felt. All subjects used in the contention of SCP-ES-005 until the date have defined the anomalous sensations as highly similar to the contact with the hands of an adult human. Despite of the phisical tests applied to subjects shown that indeed, it seemed to have a body making pressure in its skin, the source couldn’t have been determined, and such these contacts couldn’t have been prevented.

The number of “hands” that a subject feels in its skin increases proportionality to the time that resides inside the chamber, and so the clarity on said sensation. When the skin is completely covered of pressured areas, subjects inform that feel these “hands” moving, crawling over the subject skin. The effect caused by SCP-ES-005 have not been manifested as actively harmful for health further than the natural stress caused by the situation, with the exception of the incident occurred to subject D-33760 (see the addendum annexed to this document).

Addendum: File 005/D-33760

The following file has been edited to delete superficial passages. If more information is needed, contact a team member of the research team with Level 2 or higher.

00:00: D-33760 is introduced in SCP-ES-005.

06:14: D-33760 reports of a coldness feeling in the right shoulder.


24:56: D-33760 reports of a discomfort caused by the pressure. A member of the medical team checks his state. D-33760 tries to furiously shake loose from the restriction shackles during the medical examination. No signs of injuries caused by SCP-ES-005 effect are found.


60:00: It is observed during the routinely check-up that more than 50% of D-33760 epidermis presents signs of being pressured.


129:56: D-33760 reports that for the first time feels movement in his skin. Due to his shocked behavior, a soft sedative is administrated.

132:00: During the routinely check-up it is observed that the pressure marks are slowly moving over the subject’s skin. Taking advantage of D-33760’s semi-unconscious state, a count of pressure marks clearly identifiable as hands is made, having found a total of 137.

143:02: D-33760 falls down again to an anxiety state, trying to break free from the shackles. Exposes that the “hands” started to move to his face. Never before it was observed a coordinate movement of SCP-ES-005 effects.>

144:32: After the administration of a sedative, an extraordinary medical exam is realized to D-33760, with the assistance of Dr. Santamaria to realize an interview to D-33760.

145:21: D-33760 insist that the “hands” are trying to open his mouth separating his jaw.

147:07: D-33760 mouth keeps open despite of his apparent efforts to close it. A member of the medical team confirms that the inside D-33760 oral cavity is being pressured from inside. During the exam, it is observed a dilatation of the beginning of D-33760 throat, which in this moment suffers nausea and vomits.

149:28: In front of present difficulties of D-33760 to breath, artificial breath is provided.

159:47: During an endoscopic camera, it is observed that D-33760 of the stomach insides are deformed and inflated. D-33760 emits unarticulated noises in front of the presences of the medic personnel.
161:27: An elimination petition is emitted, signed by Dr. Santamarina and the members of the Level 2 team or above.

163:41: D-33760 passes away. SCP-ES-005 prints a series of 16 ID pictures of D-33760.

Autopsy revealed internal bleedings caused by the rupture of diverse organs. It is has never produced any photo print since the event.

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