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SCP-ES-006, contains the phrase "Good Ol' Days" in its right corner

Item #: SCP-ES-006

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-ES-006 should be kept in a sealed container at the Site 34 Valuable Item Storage Facility. Standard defence actions (explosive, biological, chemical and memetic) must be prepared at all times according to normal operational standards. Anyone wanting to use SCP-ES-006 outside Site 34 needs to send the "Form ES-006, Application for Course of Use" to Site 34's director. An Investigator with Security Access level 3 or higher must confirm that SCP-ES-006 has been returned to its safe deposit at the end of the granted period.

SCP-ES-006 can only be removed from the security box by Security personnel with Access Level 2 or higher.

Description: SCP-ES-006 is a bowler hat (commonly known as billycock) in good condition. It has a signature of an unknown author on its base (presumably Anthony [REDACTED]) who quotes “Buenos viejos tiempos”” or "Good Ol' Days” in English.

When a human being voluntarily dresses SCP-ES-006 a ES-006-Alef Event will take place, which cannot be stopped by any human intervention except for those over 50 or until the event ends on its own. The reason why this group of people is able to stop this event is unknown.

The ES-006-Alef Event is an anomaly registered for the first time on the day ██/-██/2001 where SCP-ES-006 was recovered by The Foundation, this happens every time someone wears SCP-ES-006. During an ES-006-Alef event the momentary host of SCP-ES-006 (now called SCP-ES-006-1) will begin to act erratically for a minute until he comes to his senses. He will then proceed to intervene as a musical presenter, charismatically attracting the entire audience within a 12-metre radius to approach him. If there is a crowd of more than 10 people next to SCP-ES-006-1, SCP-ES-006 will affect all those involved, making them recreate a celebration of any kind that has occurred between the years 1910-1950, causing all those affected to start singing musical themes in which those who play the band manage to materialize instruments out of thin air and all the others will incite conversation about various themes of the time or simply dance to the music. They will do all this thinking they are wearing ornate clothes, but in reality they continue to use their regular outfits, since no viewer outside the range of effect sees what they are supposed to be wearing. The duration of the ES-006-Alef Event is variable, in most cases not more than █ to ████ minutes, after the end of this time, no one affected will remember what happened.

If a human over 50 years old is in the area of the anomaly, it is not affected and can interact with the environment created by SCP-ES-006 and even stop the ES-006-Alef event by simply approaching to SCP-ES-006-1 and saying “Finished Meeting”, with which SCP-ES-006-1 will leave SCP-ES-006 on the ground, terminating the ES-006-Alef Event. Both the ex-carrier of SCP-ES-006 and the people involved will forget what happened.

Recovery log: SCP-ES-006 became known by The Foundation due to several complaints about disturbing noises sent to the local police of the city of ████████, Argentina. Each time the local police arrived at the scene of the incident, upon entering the property, they began to celebrate and dance wearing a variety of supposedly 1940s outfits, so an undercover team from The Foundation was called in to intervene. After ██ minutes, the holder of SCP-ES-006 and the object itself were found. Following the declaration by [REDACTED], and seeing that he was not the owner of the anomaly, he was given a class B amnestic and was released.

Addendum: According to the statement given by Mr [REDACTED], the object was sent to him by Anthony [REDACTED], a grandfather who had not been contacted in over 20 years and whose current address is unknown. The package where SCP-ES-006 was sent has no anomalies and was accompanied by a note.

Addendum 2: Part of the test log of SCP-ES-006 to observe the variety of recreated celebrations and the observation in the historical value of them. Log available for all personnel.

Test log with SCP-ES-006:

Experiment ES-006 03
Test: 15 class D subjects, with D-19443 as SCP-ES-006-1 were placed in a completely empty experimental wing.

Length: 8 minutes

Result: D-19443 was ordered to voluntarily dress SCP-ES-006, after one minute D-19443 starts attracting the rest of the class D personnel to him. After everyone was in the field of effect D-30429, D-12682 and D-11042 began to perform the song "Bei Mir Bist Du Schöen" by The Andrew Sisters materializing microphones and gramophones of the year 1935 while 10 class D (incluyendo a SCP-ES-006-1) danced within the area of effect. D-9006 and D-12475 left the group, discussing political issues and the possibility of a new world war.

Notes: The scenarios recreated by SCP-ES-006 are still random, although it seems that a new world war was thought of years before it happened.

Experiment ES-006 04
Test: Same subjects as in the previous test, D-9006 was given SCP-ES-006 to be SCP-ES-006-1 in the test.

Length: 20 minutes

Result: D-9006 was ordered to voluntarily wear SCP-ES-006, same reaction as the previous test. Being in the area of the anomaly, SCP-ES-006-1 materialized a piano starting to play The Party's Over by Noel Coward. At the end of the song SCP-ES-006-1 he turned the piano over and protected himself by taking a “invisible machine gun” starting to make the noise of this one. All the others D class were shot and fell unconscious, while D-9006 at the end left SCP-ES-006 on the floor. The guards were warned to enter the testing room to check the status of the Class D staff, none of them were injured in any way, and they stood up without remembering anything that had happened.

Notes: I have no idea what kind of celebration was recreated, most likely it was an envoy of the mafia to kill the guests of some elegant dinner. I must say that it was fun to see D-9006 say "ta ta ta" several times. – Dr. Gauthier.

Experiment ES-006 05
Test: Same subjects as in the previous test, SCP-ES-006 was given to D-13001 to be SCP-ES-006-1 in the test.

Length: 5 minutes

Result: D-13001 was ordered to voluntarily wear SCP-ES-006, same reaction as the previous test. Being in the area of the anomaly, SCP-ES-006-1 started humming various songs from the 40's while everyone else joined in. D-23933 (A Vietnam War veteran accused of pedophilia) approached SCP-ES-006-1 without showing any signs of being under the effect of SCP-ES-006 and commented: “Those songs were hummed by my grandfather, please end this meeting”. SCP-ES-006-1 nodded and left SCP-ES-006 on the floor ending the ES-006-Alef Event.

Notes: A way to stop the ES-006-Alef event was discovered. It seems that being old cancels out the effects of SCP-ES-006, more tests are required to verify this, but at least we are making progress. –Dr Gauthier

Experiment ES-006 12
Test: Same subjects as in the previous tests, SCP-ES-006 was given to D-8198 so that it was SCP-ES-006-1 in the test.


Result: [DATA EXPUNGED], Secured location and recovered objects.

Notes: It is incredible the amount of contraband weaponry that was recovered thanks to this recreation, not to mention [DATA EXPUNGED]. In the future we may even find lost documents of incredible historical value. – Dr. Gauthier

Note: "I remind you that SCP-ES-006 is still a SCP. Although it is safe it is not correct to use it for recreational purposes since a disastrous scenario could occur. However, I could make an exception for the Halloween costume party this year, it would be quite an interesting experience". - Dr. ██████.

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