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Item #: SCP-ES-007

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The Mobile Esoteric Research Task Force ϱ-5 ("Azure Arch") has been permanently assigned to the containment and study of SCP-ES-007. All the resources of the Area-08 of Containment and Biological Research will be at the disposal of the MERTF-ϱ-5, as long as the current Head of Archive or Site Director authorises changes to the monthly budget, which will be reviewed at weekly meetings. All access to any component of SCP-ES-007 by personnel not authorised by the MERTF-ϱ-5 or personnel of rank 4 or above is restricted.

Specimens of SCP-ES-007-A are kept in the compartmentalised sections of the SCP-MFM-5; Specimen SCP-ES-007-B-1 is stored in the Xenobiological Research Sector; All components of SCP-ES-007-C are stored in standard artifact containers or biological samples in the Archive Sector.

SCP-ES-007-B-2 is contained in the special semi-permanent containment environment installed for this purpose in a compartmentalised section of the SCP-MFM-3. The specimen will be permanently guarded by at least two armed guards; any aggressive acts by SCP-ES-007-B-2 should be reported immediately to Area-08 security personnel and MERTF-ϱ-5 personnel.

Description: SCP-ES-007 is the collective designation under which two different life forms have been classified (SCP-ES-007-A and SCP-ES-007-B, belonging to the species temporarily classified as 007-A and 007-B). Two specimens of SCP-ES-007-A and two specimens of SCP-ES-007-B are currently known to be in containment. Note: After further extensive research, multiple elements have been added to SCP-ES-007 that do not appear to be an integral part of SCP-ES-007-A or 007-B. These elements have been stored as SCP-ES-007-C.

SCP-ES-007-A is an organism used as a vehicle by SCP-ES-007-B, with a length of 14.3 metres and a wingspan of between 7 and 8 metres maximum. According to the information gathered from its containment, it was developed as an atmospheric and interplanetary means of transport capable of travelling at subluminal speed through genetic engineering and esoteric methods.

The two specimens contained in SCP-ES-007-A were severely damaged during the initial containment and recovery operations, but it has been proven that multiple devices and systems within its superstructure and functional components are techno-organic. The functions of many of these systems are being investigated, in particular the organs preliminarily identified as engines (SCP-ES-007-A-MOBILE) and external shielding (SCP-ES-007-A-HULL), that have been accepted into the Project Ride Europe; While the communication capabilities of SCP-ES-007-A are not known, it is suspected that they may have an esoteric mind-to-mind contact mechanism (Ref: telepathy, see Initial Containment Log), which makes the rest of the components of SCP-ES-007-A (including weaponry and ammunition) in a Cognitive Risk of Incognito class.

Although SCP-ES-007-A-1 has a certain capacity for self-repair and seems to be "healing", SCP-ES-007-A-2 was completely disabled in the initial act of containment. "Autopsy" and analysis of both objects are restricted to the authorization of the current person in charge of the Project Ride Europe.

SCP-ES-007-B is a sensitive, intelligent organism of probably extraterrestrial origin. SCP-ES-007-B-2 is currently under containment and cooperating with the Foundation; SCP-ES-007-B-1 died in the initial act of containment.

The autopsy of SCP-ES-007-B-1 reveals that species 007-B has a radial symmetry in tetramerism1, with redundant respiratory, circulatory and digestive systems. The molecular chemistry of 007-B is surprisingly similar to that of the earth, with a cellular and nuclear structure parallel to that of the eukaryotic cell.

007-B has eight limbs, the two lower pairs dedicated to locomotion and the two upper pairs to fine handling. However, the vast majority of the mass of these limbs corresponds to an orthotic support or armour of a greenish-white tone and organic nature that surrounds the individual itself; SCP-ES-007-B-1 measures about two metres with its "armour", while without its armour it barely reaches ninety-four centimetres. This orthotic support seems to act as a self-sufficient exploration vehicle and life-support device for the user that allows him to survive in extreme environments for his species, and is extremely powerful and resistant. To date, SCP-ES-007-B-2 has not requested or apparently required food intake or waste excretion. Its source of motive power is unknown.

After removal of the orthotic support of SCP-ES-007-B-1, it has been observed that the specimen has specialized limbs for underwater life. According to the histological analyses carried out so far, the entire body surface of 007-B is a chemical, thermal, visual and aural sensory organ. It is not known what limitations the orthotic support of 007-B specimens may have on their sensory capacity; However, it has been observed that SCP-ES-007-B-2 withdraws sphincter portions of its orthotic support to observe its interlocutor when questioned. Certain portions of the orthotic support of SCP-ES-007-B-2 appear to vibrate when it vocalizes, but it has not been confirmed that its role is specifically phonatory; it seems that the different portions of the orthosis can be configured as the user sees fit.

SCP-ES-007-B-2 is, in accordance with the stipulations of the Archive Sector of the Biological Containment and Research Area-08, un espécimen sano, inteligente y cooperante de la especie 007-B. It has been decided that SCP-ES-007-B-2 is entirely dependent on its orthotic support for survival at present, and has therefore been classified under the same designation to date. At the time of its containment, SCP-ES-007-B-2 demonstrated limited ability to speak "common" Earth languages (initially, Spanish; subsequently, English and Mandarin Chinese), that both specimens would have learned on their journey to Earth as stated by SCP-ES-007-B-2.

Although he was uncooperative and sometimes quite aggressive, SCP-ES-007-B-2 has started to cooperate after the Controlled Contact Incident ES/007-738 (see Recovery Log and Addendum SCP-ES-007-01).

SCP-ES-007 Initial Containment and Recovery Log:

Addendum SCP-ES-007-01: Application of Administrative Resolution 08-45-007-34.


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