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Item #: SCP-ES-008

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-ES- 008 is confined in a containment cell with an area of ​​16 m2 and 7 m high, made of standard reinforced concrete construction; It has security cameras, soundproof mechanisms and a double access lock with a reciprocal system. When the external door is opened, the internal one locks and vice versa.

In the event of a containment breach, all personnel must wear hearing protection and evacuate the containment area. It is recommended that, during the evacuation, the personnel be grouped with at least 2 other members, and avoid any instance of separation. A Tactical Response Team accompanied by a K-9 unit must corner the entity and force it back into its containment cell. Staff are cautioned that the use of firearms has not proven to be effective in any case. The entity is not affected by sleeping pills or other harmful substances transmitted by air. The sound of the barking of a Canis lupus familiaris and whipping have proven to be strongly intimidating factors for SCP-ES-008.

Description: SCP-ES-008 is a humanoid entity with a thin build and 6 m tall, with grayish skin covered by scars consistent with whiplash injuries. The entity stands out for having long-span limbs. The height of the hip reaches 3.2 meters and the arms at rest reach the height of the knees (1.6 m) measuring 3.9 m. Hands with elongated fingers and sharp nails also stand out. SCP-ES-008 is dressed in a white flannel and beige cotton shorts, both garments show tears and dirt. He wears dark brown leather sandals, also with compromised integrity. Lastly, the subject wears a yellow straw hat that has never been seen removed.

Its behavior is determined by the dry and rainy seasons; during the first, he will appear neutral and taciturn, he will remain mostly seated in a corner of his containment cell, removing human bones from SCP-ES-008-1 (See SCP-ES-008-1) and cleaning them with a handkerchief that He keeps it in the waistband of his pants. During this time he will only prove hostile in case of provocation, either by invasion of his personal space or by an attempt to separate him from SCP-ES-008-1. During the rainy period, however, SCP-ES-008 will behave extremely hostile with most of the personnel. A list of incidents and elements of endogenous folklore have made it possible to create a "Victim Profile" (See Appendix 2), currently used to filter the personnel assigned to the custody of ES-008.

When attacking, SCP-ES-008 will emit a whistle that is made up of an ascending diatonic scale. The whistle has two anomalous qualities, the first has been called "Acoustic Vector Inversion"; which creates the illusion of perceiving the subject further away from a nearby sound source, and vice versa, contradicting the inverse square law for sound projection." At the time sound waves are emitted, they start from the point of origin with very low density and, as they travel through the air, they group into denser formations.The second anomaly is of a psyche-altering nature: the whistling invariably provokes a neurological response translated into despair and urgency, which in turn attracts the subject to the position of ES-008.

Once the subject is within range of ES-008, it will attack only in the absence of observers; if this is the case, the subject will fall unconscious and SCP-ES-008 will proceed to introduce it into SCP-ES-008-1. It is unknown what happens to the subjects afterwards, but to date, none have returned. For experimentation purposes, any subject introduced in ES-008-1 must be considered missing in action (MIA). In the event that SCP-ES-008 attracts more than one subject at a time or that the introduction process to ES-008-1 is interrupted by third parties, SCP-ES-008 will undertake a non-lethal violent flight. Without the use of K-9 Units or whips, thwarting escape attempts has proven impossible.

SCP-ES-008-1 is a sack that SCP-ES-008 carries with it most of the time, lowering it only during the dry season to remove and clean the bones it houses on a daily basis, at exactly 3:00 a.m. A.M. The true dimensions of the object are unknown, as it appears slightly full to the naked eye, however, SCP-ES-008 has been seen removing a maximum of ██ human bones. ES-008 behaves in a violently obsessive way with the sack, which has made further studies impossible.

Recovery Data

With the arrival of the Foundation in Venezuelan territories, recorded around the year ████, with the facilities of the Whiskey-06 and -07 Sites (San Cristóbal and Canaima respectively), various local legends were investigated in search of traces of paranormal phenomena. .

In October 19██ the disappearance of a local farmer was reported in the police command of ██████, a small town located ███ km from San Fernando de Apure. Both the local newspaper and the victim's relatives attributed the disappearance to a paranormal phenomenon that the locals called “El Silbón”, an alleged incorporeal entity that attacked both farmers and travelers with habits considered immoral in the area, such as adultery and alcoholism. The Foundation in its group did not give importance to the matter, however, a truck from the Logistics Department that was carrying equipment to Site-Whiskey-06 was injured at approximately 2:34 am on a dirt road. Three officials were present, all three described the same whistling noise and the same humanoid creature sitting on the side of the road cleaning bones from a sack. There were no attacks, the damage was corrected and the officials arrived at a nearby town and stationed themselves there to rest for the rest of the night. There, the Agent collected information about the entity, which local residents recognized as "el Silbón", a very prolific urban legend in the area.

Upon arrival at Whiskey-06 the incident was reported. Permission was obtained from Site-Whiskey-06 Headquarters to conduct investigations, a posse of Foundation agents scouted the area for ██ weeks. When the rainy season arrived, new disappearances were reported and The Foundation continued to track them down. The entity was located and proceeded to subdue it, however, conventional methods (sleeping pills, physical barriers and firearms) did not prove to be effective. A containment specialist made additional inquiries into local folklore and proposed using K-9 Units to lure the entity into a trap. The procedure worked, the entity was taken to Site-Whiskey-07 and labeled as SCP-ES-008.

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