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Item #: SCP-ES-009

Object Class: Safe Euclid Safe.

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the characteristics of SCP-ES-009, it cannot be moved from its containment cell. This cell consists of an old house, where SCP-ES-009 was staying when it was found, measuring 200 m2, whose measurements are (20x10x30) meters. It also consists of a double reinforced exterior wall that completely covers the house; being the outer layer of steel and the interior of brick and cement. The outer layer of the cell will be subjected to continuous video surveillance to check for possible defects and cracks in the structure, as well as the surveillance of people entering and leaving the building.

In the event that the outer layer of the cell suffers any damage, or a crack that allows the interior to be seen, it will be immediately covered with molten steel, using remote-controlled drones or in the worst case using D-class personnel , or Agents prepared according to the characteristics of the 009-M protocol.

The state of the cell will be investigated once every six (6) months five (5) months, two (2) months two (2) weeks weekly periodically, activating Protocol 009-M, which consists of sending one (1) Agent equipped with the following tools:

Update: After evaluating the information collected by Dr. █████ from the agent interviews, and especially from the last one conducted, O5-█ approved the suspension of Protocol 009-M indefinitely.
Next, the preparation used by the Agents who followed the protocol is left, in case the O5 council lifts the suspension.

Description: According to the description given by highly credible primary sources (Five Agents with extensive experience within the Foundation and subjected to a polygraph interview, who were subjected to tests spaced over time between them for at least one (1) month, and that they did not know each other personally before), SCP-ES-009 is a crystal two (2) meters long and half (0.5) meter in diameter in the shape of rhombus which floats in the air, which emits a pale blue light.

When a person comes into visual contact with SCP-ES-009, they are transported to another place. This occurs, even if the subject sees SCP-ES-009 indirectly (through a mirror or through electronic screens). The place in which the subject appears varies in an apparently random way, some of them being governed by physical laws different from those of our world. Because the signals and tracking devices installed in the subjects disappear, it can be said that the subject teleports to some unknown place, probably located outside our known Universe.

This person can return in two ways: Observing a replica identical to SCP-ES-009, located at some point in said reality, or by dying. In both cases, the body of said person will appear in the bed where he slept the last night with the clothes he was wearing that night. It is indifferent if said clothing matches what he was wearing when he came into visual contact with SCP-ES-009. In case of returning alive, the subject will begin to forget what happened three (3) hours after returning (see attached protocol reports for more information).

Some causes of death exhibited by the bodies that return lifeless are:

- Disappearance of various limbs or heads, with marks from what appear to be clean cuts, or in other cases the dentures of an animal.

- Impacts equivalent to the one that the body would have when thrown into a wall from a height of between 100 and 500 meters. This seems to be the most common form of death (avoided in 90% of deaths from the inclusion of the parachute in protocol 009-E).

- Third degree burns all over the body due to fires and/or explosions.

- Bullet impacts or grenade shrapnel.

- Cardiac arrests.

- Bruises, bruises and internal or external bleeding on the head, torso or legs.


Everything that was taken as equipment when viewing SCP-ES-009, whether of organic or inorganic origin, does not return with the person. That includes instruments such as pacemakers and artificial implants, and anything that is not part of the human body. Due to this, taking photographic or sound evidence of the locations where the subject appears is impossible (ask Dr.████ for detailed interviews of the evidence for more information).

Due to the characteristics of SCP-ES-009 already mentioned, the analysis has proven to be excessively problematic and even impossible, so the method that SCP-ES-009 has to perform the previously described actions is totally unknown.

Obtainment: SCP-ES-009 was found in ███████, █████████ on ██/██/████, when local authorities reported to the organization that a large number of people had disappeared in that area in recent months. After sending several Agents and Class D personnel, it was discovered that the disappearances took place in an abandoned house in the area, whose owner [DATA EXPUNGED]. The entire house was moved to the ES-Area and amnestics were administered to the population after 28 hours.

Protocol reports: Below is a series of documents that summarize the different experiences of Agents (and first Class D personnel) in contact with SCP-ES-009. Only the tests with the most notable and/or anomalous results are cited.
The report template should be:

Number: Test [Test number]
State: Physical and emotional state of the subject to awaken.
Protocol: Protocol number at the time the test was performed
Relevant results: Summary of the most relevant subject statements.
Quotes: Quotes of interest from the interview, or observations.

The model will have to be submitted and approved by Dr.████

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