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Item: SCP-ES-014

Object Class: Safe Neutralized Keter


SCP-ES-014 during the time of containment, January 3, 2015.

Special Containment Procedures:

REVISION DATED 5/14/2015 :

SCP-ES-014 must remain monitored 24 hours a day by equipment at Site-014, in conjunction with remote observation using the NITENS network of the Global Occult Coalition and the low orbit satellite observation system KTM-LO-37 (Zone of Interest France-Netherlands-Belgium) of the Foundation. The collection of data inherent to SCP-ES-014 must be encrypted and stored on a confidential server in charge of the Security and Records Information Administration (ASIR). The use of deadly force is authorized in the event of any interception carried out by independent groups or government entities under the Acheron Protocol.

No subject will be allowed to enter the manifestation area of ​​SCP-ES-014-K. Any expansive variation in this must be immediately reported to Site-014 and Central Command. No field measurements will be allowed: remote observation has been considered the only reliable option for data collection at the Site.

If necessary, the PSYCHE Division of the Global Occult Coalition may be requested to deploy an Esoteric Energy Extraction Unit (UE3) within the area of ​​SCP-ES-014 in case of a considerable increase in the concentration of EVE . A maximum of seven six UE3s may be requested, in order not to generate a major energy surge in the cities of Eindhoven and Helmond (The use of a Liquid Thorium Fluoride Reactor is authorized if the energy matrix of the cities mentioned falls over 75%).

The CRONOS-7 Project is being developed by the Foundation, in conjunction with the PTOLEMY Division of the Global Occult Coalition and a sponsored branch of Prometheus Laboratories Inc. in order to find/develop a way to dispel/destroy SCP-ES- 014-K before the EVE concentration reaches extreme levels. As a last resort, the use of an experimental device (SLBM-Schwarzschild-71, [DATA EXPUNGED]) has been authorized, which would inevitably lead to a VL-Zero "Lifted Veil" Scenario. It has been unanimously deemed an acceptable risk by the O5 Council.

Description: Prior to its discovery on December 6, 2014, SCP-ES-014 was a geographical area of ​​41 square kilometers located in ████████, the Netherlands, where a armed conflict by two humanoid groups, both of which exhibited and displayed a number of various anomalies that violated the second law of thermodynamics ("generation" of matter from no discernible source, 100% efficient energy transfers without heat losses, reversal of combustion, [DATA EXPUNGED]) as well as various non-lethal detrimental effects in humans. Data obtained from the Global Occult Coalition suggests that the area could be a favorable area for the deployment and performance of anomalous rituals and thaumaturgical works.

Appendix 1: Original Global Occult Coalition report on SCP-ES-014, December 27, 2014 (8 days before its initial containment):

Due to the concern of the Global Occult Coalition to find and neutralize PoI-49, the Foundation assumed the containment of LTE-1029, classifying it as SCP-ES-014, effective on 1/4/2015. Once the area was secured and Site-014 was built, various anomalies were sighted, which are estimated to be residual backlash from the thaumaturgical work carried out in SCP-ES-014. For a complete list of detected anomalies, see Document 014-TA.

Sample representation of anomalies associated with SCP-ES-014:

Date Event Observations
~7/1/2015 A complex geometric pattern (014-P) is discovered in the northwest zone at 1145 drawn on the earth, composed of several 96-pointed stars intertwined with each other, with a central circle 10 m in diameter. Satellite images did not show any inherent progress to the pattern, so it is assumed that it was created instantly. All plant life in the center showed signs of irradiation. At the center of 014-P, traces of Silicon-32 were detected constantly emerging, but not intermingling with the air beyond the radius of the central circle
1/14/2015 Two artifacts, moderately buried between the earth and the vegetation, emerged at 0451 and 1736 respectively (SCP-ES-014-1 and -2). Both showed signs of partial incineration and were emitting mild pulses of heat energy. It is believed that they were the two artifacts that were not recovered by the Global Occult Coalition, that "returned" from their time displacement. Both are under study.
1/20/2015 A subject (SCP-ES-014-A) appeared near the southern zone of the containment area, trying to escape. The subject was sedated using tranquilizers administered via ballistics. The subject was detained and questioned. See Report 014-WX-A for more details.
1/22/2015 Flocks of Accipiter nisus (Common Sparrowhawk) incessantly roam the area of ​​SCP-ES-014, congregating more than three thousand specimens near 014-P. Before 2355, all the specimens disperse and leave SCP-ES-014 N/A
1/23/2015 An area of ​​trees located in the north-northeast sector of SCP-ES-014 shows signs of reality manipulation: all the trees are ordered by size from largest to smallest from west to east. This phenomenon affected even the surrounding grass. When a tree was cut down, as soon as there were no observers in the area, an instantaneous rearrangement was made. Said anomaly ceased on 2/1/2015. No traces were observed to suggest that the trees were transplanted during the rearrangements.
1/28/2015 A specimen of Panthera onca, severely injured, is seen chasing an "invisible prey". For 4 hours, it is observed carrying out typical hunting, capturing and subsequent feeding actions, despite the fact that it was not possible to observe any prey, under any type of optical filter. (It should be noted that P. onca is not a native species of the region). Upon finishing "devouring" its "prey", the subject is observed "carrying" it in its snout and depositing it in the center of the circle of 014-P. Then it disappears.
1/31/2015 A scream, consistent with a female human voice, was heard projecting from SCP-ES-014 to the south. Beyond the origin of the scream, there were no discernible anomalies.
~2/4/2015 Abnormal concentration of thunderstorms in the area near 014-P. Lightning generated polyphonic sounds. Slightly increased concentration of Silicon-32 in the center. Sustained power outage in the city of Eindhoven and surroundings. This event lasted 14 hours and 27 minutes. The thunderclaps fell at regular intervals, and at least one struck each point of 014-P's outer star. Subsequently, the weather returned to normal.

Report 014-WX-A: Interview (21/1/2015):

After the event of 2/4/2015, no more anomalies inherent to the containment zone were recorded. The Containment Protocols were merely reduced to minimal observations in case new anomalies were documented. The area was free of traces of Silicon-32, and Facet Radiation measurements were normal. 014-P disappears 5 hours after the last event of interest registered.

SCP-ES-014 reclassified as Neutralized, effective on 2/19/2015. —O5-7.

Event Report PXM-E21-014-K (5/13/2015):

On May 13, the gravimetric, seismometric, and radiometric sensors around SCP-ES-014 began to give erratic readings. The containment area was emanating a large amount of will-o'-the-wisp fires, whose concentration oscillated between the north-northeast zone and the south zone. When observed under ultraviolet filters, the area seemed to have a vaguely pyramidal figure made up of concentrated heat, which seemed to move around SCP-ES-014, while a geometric pattern similar to 014-P but even more complex and embodied at its base. intricate (SCP-ES-014-P2).

At T+2:36 hours, anomalies began to be observed throughout SCP-ES-014, including violently decaying trees, flames that appeared and extinguished apparently autonomously, and countless sounds not consistent with environmental noise. . An exhaustive analysis of the sounds captured reflected that they were the sounds emitted from SCP-ES-014 in the final stage of the conflict, including conversations between its participants and other noises consistent with the scenario. These anomalous patterns continued until day 14, when an all-silicon pillar emerged from the center of 014-P2. (SCP-ES-014-H). Inside it lies SCP-ES-014-K.

Using Facet Radiation sensors and esoteric equipment, the existence of 014-K could be verified. 014-K is a sapient incorporeal entity (External Intelligence) that manifests inside SCP-ES-014 apparently at will. The entity displays a moderate ability to manipulate reality within its scope, which is most evident when observed in the vicinity of 014-H. Although 014-K does not appear to be hostile, it will ignore the presence of humans or other life forms when making any changes to its range. —Its reality manipulation effects appear to be completely random, consisting mostly of the degeneration of nearby matter into other elements, as well as projection of heat, kinetic energy, or an increase in the presence of beta particles in the air.

Document PMG-014-WK:




[[include component:image-blockname=|caption=NITENS network scanner sweep over the position of SCP-ES-014-H, 21 May 2015. Legend: orange, ambient EVE concentrations above 5 kCap.; red, ambient EVE concentrations above 25 kCap.]]

The aftermath ruler has awakened.
Surely you will think that SCP-ES-014-K has, from the outset, bad intentions. That he is another of those aimless beings, carrying out actions without thinking because their fraudulent existence does not seem to allow them more undertakings. Or perhaps one of those horrors from the tales of old, called using magic words, tables with supposed powers or meaningless chants. It is not like this.
SCP-ES-014-K existed long before we knew it.
I don't know the motives of those thaumaturges that day, December 24. I admit that I had never heard of The Holy Family of Szandek before until when we questioned the… who had been my companion several years ago. I did not agree with his decision when he left, but something in him told me that he had a need, a need to know himself, to convince himself that he was not a stranger in a land that was too normal for him… But I can't stop thinking about what what happened at that moment when we questioned him. I suppose that, knowing that he would never experience that freedom again, he concluded that his life would no longer matter, that it would have no meaning. No more.
But let's not deviate. Whatever Szandek decided to do with his entourage, it was a last resort plan, which is more ironic. They had their conflict vaulted, so no one would see them fight each other. Perhaps if they really wanted to show that world to normal people, they thought that this was not the way. They were not the ways in which their abilities were to be used. They're probably not completely gone, but I share your view: Thaumatology shouldn't be a destructive tool.
Now, back to the topic of 014-K, she has tried to communicate with us. We haven't been able to figure out what she's telling us, but since we've restrained her, she's started building things. She has a purpose to create. She's as powerful as an entire group of casters, and she has control of counterpunching I never thought I'd see. Every day that she passes, her works are more and more elaborate. She learns and adapts with amazing speed. For the second week since her appearance, she has created from the geometric pattern of the ground a kind of sanctuary with exquisite architecture. Due to the non-hostile nature of her, nothing seemed to go wrong…
…until it began to replicate to 014-H within the zone. That silicon pillar was nothing out of the ordinary, until late in the third week it began to spawn large amounts of EVE. Really high amounts, to produce severely dangerous anomalies. Somehow she controlled this energy, as there wasn't a significant increase in paranormal events in the area, but this EVE could potentially be used at some point for some adverse purpose. We weren't able to destroy the pillars, so we quickly filled the area with as many MORS-EVEs as we could deploy, to counter this rise in Facet Radiation.
It wasn't even three days, and the MORS-EVE were overwhelmed. There were more than a thousand of these machines operating at the same time, enough to disable a significant part of the CIETU from her functions, and she continued to generate positive amounts of energy. With the help of the Global Occult Coalition, we obtained state-of-the-art satellite deployable facilities, in order to "swallow" all that loose EVE. We were afraid that it would start to leak out there; we are supposed to contain anomalies, not provoke more.
The worst thing was when the MORS-EVE themselves began to… "break down" part by part, and from them even more EVE emerged. It was impossible to believe. She was creating more EVE from inert matter. We quickly sent a team in protective suits to rescue the teams, but as soon as they entered the area, they vanished. Now they are just energy, among the cluster that he has orchestrated.
Our "esoteric devour-magic unit" borrowed from the Coalition has maintained its integrity this time, but we can't be sure if it will hold up much longer. The projections of a containment breach are horrifying to say the least. Such an immense amount of EVE, leaking in some location, would cause the occurrence of anomalies to skyrocket, and we would no longer be able to contain them all. The Foundation, in its relentless mission to contain, would be irretrievably exposed to the public…and that is projection at best. O5 is cool that we have a missile aiming there from a nuclear submarine, but we don't even know if creating a static, goddamn event horizon in the area is going to do any good. The worst, a "WK-Class Esoteric Super Break Scenario" as they call it…
To finish, I consider that none of this would be so terrible if it weren't for one last thing… she, SCP-ES-014-K, shares Szandek's vision, it almost seems that she carries a part of him in herself, because he wants to teach the world that "magic" should not be considered "evil". However, she is still trapped in the area, and wants to escape at any cost. We don't know what it is that has her anchored here, but considering the immense amount of energy she continues to generate to this day, don't be surprised if one day one of our sealed doors dawns broken and leaking EVE to disintegration.
Prelator R. Dunwich., Assistant Researcher of SCP-ES-014.

SCP-ES-014 reclassified as Keter on 5/14/2015, unanimous by the O5 Council.

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