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Item #: SCP-ES-015

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-ES-015 must be stored in a cold dry environment according to adequate indications for conventional medicines.

In order to avoid the loss of the object or the inherent damages related with the consumption of part of its material, the mass of every sample/instance of SCP-ES-015 must be registered before and after the tests which are conducted using it.

Description: SCP-ES-015 designates a group of pills, 32 in total, of white color and 0.7 cm. of diameter with a 500 mgr. mass. The case has a message that reads "Take one to achieve the new life. 100% efficacy confirmed."

The instances of SCP-ES-015 provoke a series of events which impede their administration. These events always mechanically obstruct essential functions of the organism (Consult Test Log 015-a). Attempts to consume the instances lead to the death of the organism unless they are extracted. It must be noted that even in case the objects were provided dissolved or in pieces they will nevertheless restore their original shape when leaving the organism who ingested them.

Regardless of the way in which SCP-ES-015 is administered, its assimilation by any organism has never been registered. Its composition could not be determined so far. The methods by which its digestion is impeded, its origin or the meaning of "the new life" are unknown.

Test Log 015-a:

Quantity used: 1 pill of SCP-ES-015.
Test subject: 1 member of D-Class personnel.
Test development: The subject ingested the entire pill orally. When doing so, it entered his trachea impeding respiration. When the subject ceased all life signals the entire pill came out rolling from the subject's mouth.

Quantity used: 1 pill of SCP-ES-015.
Test subject: 1 member of D-Class personnel.
Test development: An instance of SCP-ES-015 dissolved in water was given to test subject for ingestion. After this, the subject displayed signs of asphyxiation. Post-mortem surgery shows the watery solution transformed in a viscous mix which adhered to his pharynx, impeding all air circulation. When the mix was extracted, a part of the material detached by itself and took the form of SCP-ES-015. The mass measurement indicates the restoration of the pill is total.

Quantity used: 1 sample of 300 mgr. from a pill.
Test subject: 1 D-Class personnel.
Test development: When administered intravenously a containment breach forced the investigators to abandon the room before ████████ entered and terminated the test subject.

Addendum 015-b: SCP-ES-015 was recovered from a clandestine laboratory. The owner was deceased by choking with an instance of SCP-ES-015. Inside an envelope without identification, which is believed the owner did not read, the following text was found:

Dear Friend: I know you worked on this your whole life. You always were very idealist and wanted to help people with all the effort you could (and even with the effort you couldn't). That's why it hurts me to do this to you. But I hope you forgive me, I know you think it's a blessing for mankind. And that is precisely the problem. The blessings are only made by Our Lord, only Him grants the new life. What were you attempting? To replace God? To turn Him unnecessary? I can't allow it. Your product is a heresy, a blasphemy… And that's why I modified it… Nobody will ever be able to take it. Understand. I know you will find another way to continue your crusade for mankind. But don't you try to do something like this again, because this is God's will and written it is: "God's will is inscrutable".

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