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Item #: SCP-ES-018

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-ES-018 is contained in a Type-S Standard Humanoid Anomaly Containment Cell in Area-08 (Humanoid Containment Sector) specially adapted to facilitate its containment. The passive measures included for this SHACC are:

  • Three layers of primary RED, primary BLUE and primary GREEN paint in different patterns, preferably optical illusions and archtypal shapes of mundane objects (e.g.: vehicles, animals, furniture).
  • Three layers of wallpaper with multiple texts with narrative content in several languages.
  • Two layers of construction materials, currently reinforced concrete and REG plastic of internal manufacture from Area-08.
  • A layer of dried human skin, obtained by in vitro culture, which must be changed every month.

SCP-ES-018 has been conditioned so that it prefers to stay in this place permanently. These measures constitute a security data protection method against the capabilities of SCP-ES-018.

Description: SCP-ES-018 is a 5 10 16 years old caucasian woman which responds to the name of Misha Reiberg. SCP-ES-018 was identified for the first time in a orphanage in [REDACTED] at the age of 3 years. Two pediatricians had established an initial diagnosis of congenital total aniridia1, pending further genetic research, when its anomalous properties began to manifest.

As expected for its pathology, SCP-ES-018 has a limited visual capacity (less than 14% in the last ophthalmologic study performed) and suffers from continuous nystagmus2. However, its abnormal properties have compensated for its lack of normal vision. The patient has thus seen a normal rate of mental development despite this impediment, without requiring medical or surgical support of any kind and with only minimal pedagogical support.

When ordered to "see" an object, whether abstract or concrete, both eyeballs of SCP-ES-018 generate new pupils with corneas and irises of their own. When ordered to "see" multiple objects, multiple pupils may develop in the eyeballs. These new pupils appear to open to eyes located in extradimensional space(s) that are not housed inside the skull of SCP-ES-018, since they include retinas different from those of SCP-ES-018 and each; that is, the pupils that exist simultaneously in the same eyeball do not show the same fundus.3

An anomalous pupil, generated in the SCP-ES-018's eyeballs will be able to "see" only the object that has been ordered to "see", ignoring obstacles in its field of view where the aforementioned object does not apply. When ordered to "see" certain abstract concepts or objects that are particularly frequent or abundant in their immediate field of vision, SCP-ES-018 can suffer eye pain, dizziness, headaches, nausea, syncopes, momentary blindness, [REDACTED], loss of consciousness, coma or [REDACTED]; to date, it has recovered from all the aforementioned events without irreversible damage, with the exception of two aesthetic scars on the face and one on the right hand.

SCP-ES-018 can generate new pupils at will, but has stated regularly that it prefers not to, given the "dizziness" that causes. There are two exceptions, the "vision" of "human skin" (which allows it to visualize your own skin while taking care of its personal hygiene) and "text" (which allows it to read). Both exceptions have been considered minor inconveniences for the containment of SCP-ES-018 and the containment procedures have been reformulated in a corresponding way to compensate them.

The pupils generated by SCP-ES-018 work like those of a normal human eye, and have a healthy visual acuity, allowing the field of vision that it would expect in a healthy woman of her age; note that the objects that "see" these pupils are not always observable or follow the rules of optics.

Addendum ES-018: Experiment Log (excerpt)

Note: Since the new irises created by SCP-ES-018 during the tests show non-standard or directly anomalous colorations, it has been decided to include them as part of the written documentation.

a photographic background file for all experiments, apart from this file written, will be kept in the Archive Sector in Area-08.

Requested: "Ballpoint pens in the room"

SCP-ES-018 "sees" three ballpoint pens behind Dr. Barnard's body. It is able of correctly identifying both brand and color of pens.
Color of iris in experiment: Black, blue, red.

Requested: "Ballpoint pens in the facility"

SCP-ES-018 "sees" thirty-four (34) pens throughout Containment Cover 2 of Area-08, where its SHACC is located. It declares headache after experiment.
Color of iris in experiment: Black, blue, red, green, purple.

Requested: "Birds"

SCP-ES-018 "sees" accurately not less than fifteen birds flying over Area-08 from its SHACC. A larger number of smaller birds could be seen from the upper decks of Area-08, but it was found that fifteen seagulls from the nearby colony on [REDACTED] Island could easily be seen above the installation. When asked to "see" these birds, confirms their presence, but declares "that they are very tiny, I almost do not see them". It reports dizziness after the experiment.
Color of iris in experiment: Black and white, with bluish specks. More detailed observation of images taken during the experiment shows stylized forms of beaks and wings of birds.

Requested: Human [REDACTED]

SCP-ES-018 "sees" [REDACTED] after regaining consciousness. As a consequence, Researchers [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] are removed from direct work in SCP-ES-018 Analysis Group.

Note: SCP-ES-018 has developed a certain emotional attachment to Dr. Barnard after this experiment. Therefore, he has been ordered to take charge of future experiments with SCP-ES-018 to improve their emotional state and ensure its cooperation.

Color of iris in experiment: █████, ██ █████ ██ ███ ███████ ███ ███████.

Requested: "Radiation"

SCP-ES-018 "sees" the accessory nuclear plant in Area-08; specifically, it indicates the existence of said plant and the radioactive hazard symbols. However, it does not seem to be able to perceive the source of radiation itself, or any physical radiation (light, heat, etc.). It has been proposed that the ignorance of SCP-ES-018 with respect to elementary physics could explain this perception defect; in other words, SCP-ES-018 perceives what it understands and can not perceive what it does not know.
Color of iris in experiment: Yellow, with three black stripes.

Requested: "Nuclear plant in Area-08"

SCP-ES-018 "sees" the nuclear plant in Area-08 after receiving a rapid course in physics and its fundamental principles, describing [REDACTED - INSUFFICIENT SECURITY CLEARANCE]
Color of iris in experiment: Metallic grey (several hues).

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