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Item #: SCP-ES-021

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-ES -021 has been confined in Dimensional Containment Area-993, located in the urban center of Taipei, Taiwan, as part of a cover involving the government of the Republic of China and Taiwan. The Foundation maintains permanently deployed the local teams of the Mobile Detachments Dseda-8 ("Desperta Ferro"), Eta-18 ("I Ching") and Gamma-4 ("Good Morning , Innsmouth") along with local teams from the Global Occult Coalition, who are standing by in case the current containment fails.

If SCP-ES-021 escapes from the Limit Containment Sector and reaches Dimensional Containment Area-993, the Chief Director of Armed Dimensional Command and Containment Site-994 will inform the government authorities of the Republic of China and Taiwan and request the evacuation of Taipei as part of the Grade 5 Unconventional Weapons Primary Protocol. The civilian population, as well as the international community, will be alerted to the possibility of a terrorist attack using nuclear weapons or radiological dispersal devices.

If SCP-ES-021 escapes from Containment Sector Two within Dimensional Containment Area-993, catastrophic casualties occur in the Dseda-8 or Gamma-1 Mobile Detachments stationed inside it or cause a complete collapse in the primary dimensional effect of the Area-993, it will be the immediate authority of the Chief Director of Site-994 of Command and Armed Dimensional Containment to demand a joint attack with the units of the Global Occult Coalition stationed or deployed in Taipei, if possible within the Limit Containment Sector or in the interior of Site-994. In order to enable a more or less direct supervision of the event and its circumstances in safe conditions, multiple observation posts have been established around Taipei (Posts 9345, 9346, 9347 and 9359),

In the event of a complete failure of all containment mechanisms described above, any Clearance Level 4 personnel present in Taiwan may request the use of Containment Protocol 994-0. Final permission to use Containment Protocol 994-0 rests on a unanimous vote of the O5 Command Council. O5-13 has an administrative veto on this vote. Since the diplomatic and social consequences of this event are difficult to predict, limited reports have been received by Foundation partner governments concerning Containment Protocol 994-0 and the direct consequences of its implementation.

Under no circumstances should the Global Occult Coalition or the main body of the United Nations be informed of the existence of Containment Protocol 994-0.

Description: SCP-ES-021 is an entity of unknown origin and of which the Foundation has no information prior to its appearance, on 03/21/20██, in the Taiwan Strait.

SCP-ES-021 appears to be a biological organism, although the study of samples obtained from it does not reveal cellular structures, identifiable molecular machinery or DNA-like molecules. Although this could be due to the extreme methods necessary to cause enough damage to SCP-ES-021 to allow the extraction of samples or its vulnerability to rapid degradation due to exposure to the atmosphere, it has been proposed that SCP-ES- 021 does not resemble any previously known biological system.

Structurally, SCP-ES-021 consists of three large main portions:

  • Central body: A rigid and approximately spindle-shaped structure 459 meters long and 34 meters in diameter at its central point, with multiple protuberances of unknown function that run lengthwise until the source of the handling and transport structures. Covered by a shell that, to date, has resisted any attempt at penetration, including anti-tank artillery weaponry, [REDACTED], [DATA EXPUNGED], various esoteric methods deployed by the attack forces of the Global Occult Coalition, thermonuclear weaponry ( one kiloton, three kilotons, [REDACTED], [REDACTED]), and [DATA EXPUNGED], which should be impossible for all known material. Precisely for this reason it has been impossible to extract any sample of this structure.
  • Manipulator appendages: SCP-ES-021 has a variable number of tentacular appendages (between 230 and ███.███) composed of a partially gelatinous material that arise from two openings located at both ends of the shell of the central body. Their length is also variable, with members up to ████ meters having been recorded). SCP-ES-021 can regenerate or project new appendages at high speed, and it has been proven that it has fine control over all of them simultaneously. Due to the corrosive properties of its structure, contact of any form of living organic matter with the manipulating appendages of SCP-ES-021 has invariably resulted in death. On multiple occasions, groups of manipulative appendages have been organized to form replicas of more or less functional anatomical structures, including human or animal organs and limbs, as well as plant components. This component of SCP-ES-021 is quite fragile, and its growth and regeneration is prevented at temperatures below -34ºC.
  • Transportation appendages: SCP-ES-021 has demonstrated considerable self-propelled transition capacity, reaching speeds of [DATA EXPUNGED] through the use of tentacular appendages (between 3 and 34) that arise from a single opening in the upper face of its central body. These appendages have also been shown to be able to organize themselves into coherent anatomical structures that allow translation, including fins, elytra, wings, [DATA EXPUNGED], or humanoid legs. Despite the immense tensile force to which they are subjected and the mass under which they continue to function under normal conditions, the appendages have not been able to withstand prolonged attacks with conventional weapons, making them a prime target in the event of an attack. containment failure.
  • [DATA EXPUNGED] sensory organ. The type of information that SCP-ES-021 obtains from it is unknown, but given its continuous and precise response to multiple threats and targets in real time, it could be assumed that it absorbs all types of information (visual, auditory, infrared, ultraviolet, vibration , [REDACTED]). Unfortunately, its regeneration rate is excessively fast, making it impossible to permanently damage it under normal conditions. It is notable to mention that COG assessment teams have confirmed that this organ [DATA EXPUNGED] Facet Radiation.

SCP-ES-021-1 is the designation given to molecular destabilization phenomena that occur around SCP-ES-021, generally in those objects or people that try to attack SCP-ES-021, and that occur within a radius of approximately 13 and a half kilometers around SCP-ES-021. SCP-ES-021-1 usually encompasses areas of between ten and fifteen meters around the primary objective, and its effects are variable and generally catastrophic for all types of living organisms, affecting all matter involved in the affected volume. SCP-ES-021 does not seem to have direct control over SCP-ES-021-1.

Documentation SCP-ES-021-GAMMA-4: Containment Log

Appendix SCP-ES-021-01: On 02/13/20██, due to a possible breach in the containment of SCP-ES-021 and advised by the Commander of MTF Eta-18, the Chief Director from Site-994 orders the evacuation of Taipei, using as a cover the same story used after the arrival of SCP-ES-021 in Taipei, a terrorist attack with non-nuclear radiological weapons. SCP-ES-021 returns to a latent state thirteen hours after its first activation. On 02/15/20██, it is announced to the public that a defective explosive has been found, a group of suspects arrested and the city secured, authorizing the return of the population.

Documentation SCP-ES-021-ETA-18: Final Containment Evaluation of SCP-ES-021

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