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Item #: SCP-ES-022

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-ES-022 is to be placed inside a 10m x 10m container with wastewater or otherwise polluted water, and equipped with a temperature regulation system, that keeps the container at a stable temperature of approximately 20 to 30 degrees Celsius to avoid incidents. The container is also equipped with a glass window for observing SCP-ES-022, and a pump and filter system to replace the water every two weeks after it has been completely purified.

Description: SCP-ES-022 is composed of a gelatinous mass consisting of three parts.

  • An external membrane which serves as a protective layer, regulating and filtering liquids and filtering different substances.
  • A thick liquid located between the external membrane and the core. This liquid absorbs any impurities that are in contact with it, such as microorganisms or artificial pollutants.
  • A solid core that stores nutrients and is believed to possess some kind of echolocation system, based on low-frequency sounds that allow SCP-ES-022 to discern the environment in which it is located, and thus be able to move around.

The size of SCP-ES-022 is approximately 30cm x 30cm in diameter, and approximately 1.5m x 1.5m after absorbing polluted liquids. These liquids are expelled after one to two hours of being absorbed. Once SCP-ES-022 expels the liquids, they are completely purified and free of any contaminants.

SCP-ES-022 was found at the [DATA EXPUNGED] lake, which explains the enormous amount of fresh water at the site.

Studies performed on SCP-ES-022 revealed that it is a living organism, but it has no consciousness or intelligence, acting only by "instinct".


Water deprivation testing on SCP-ES-022

SCP-ES-022 was deprived of water., causing it to start "vibrating", which is believed to be some liquid localization system based on low-frequency sound waves imperceptible to the human ear.

If SCP-ES-022 determines that there are no liquids nearby, or it cannot access them, it will enter a state of "hibernation", during which it will remain completely immobile and hardening its outer membrane by secreting a hardener gel.

Temperature testing on SCP-ES-022

SCP-ES-022 was placed in liquids with high and low temperatures..

High temperatures between 50 to 60 degrees cause SCP-ES-022 to increase in activity. It will begin to expand and contract rapidly, quickly cooling the water in the container.

On the other hand, low temperatures between 5 to 0 degrees cause SCP-ES-022 to release an antifreeze substance, believed to be some kind of defense system in case of freezing to prevent the formation of ice crystals near the core.

Salt testing on SCP-ES-022

An exact amount of 50g of salt was placed in the container of SCP-ES-022, but this did not cause any visible changes in its behavior or activity.

After approximately three days, it was possible to observe the formation of salt crystals inside SCP-ES-022, although this did not seem to affect it, and it continued with its purification routine.

After two weeks, the same crystals were observed coated with a waterproof gel in a corner of the container. The weight of the crystals was exactly 50g. SCP-ES-022 proved to be able to completely desalinate the water it filters, which attracted interest in its use for the benefit of the Foundation.

Meat testing on SCP-ES-022

SCP-ES-022 was given a 300g piece of fresh beef.

At first it ignored the meat, but after a few minutes it lunged at it and absorbed it.

It doesn't show any interest in the meat, simply drying it out by absorbing its fluids, and then expelling the waterproof gel-coated flesh after it has been dried.

The same test has been performed with living animals such as small rodents. SCP-ES-022 seems to be able to tell whether what is inside it is alive or not, rapidly expelling live animals that come into contact with it a few seconds later.

Testing with Class-D personnel

In this test, 10 Class-D personnel were instructed to ingest exactly 500ml of the water purified by SCP-ES-022, and then were immediately placed under observation for a period of 40 days.

Results: Once the test was completed, all personnel were subjected to complete medical examinations, and none of them showed any anomalies of any kind.

Analysis results: SCP-ES-022 has no visible internal organs other than its core, or any nervous system despite reacting to external physical stimuli. Its sole purpose or role appears to be the consumption of impurities and desalinization without harming living organisms in the process.

Potential beneficial uses for the Foundation:
At the request of Dr. ████████, the possibility of using the water purified by SCP-ES-022 for staff consumption is being discussed, since studies conducted on it have shown that its properties and level of hygiene are ideal for human consumption.

It was also proven not to cause any negative effects on the health of those who consume it.

The request made by Dr. ████████ was


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