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File photo of SCP-ES-029 after sterilization. Due to SCP-217-ESM, a non-mechanical long-exposure device must be used to capture the photograph.

Item: SCP-ES-029

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the proximity of Bio-Containment Site-029 to the mainland, SCP-ES-029-1 should only be accessed by sea. Any water or air transport within a 3 km radius of SCP-ES-029-1 is to be diverted under a cover story of military exercises in the area. Personnel are authorized to shoot down any vehicle that ignores withdrawal orders.

An inspection of all the local flora and fauna is to be performed on a weekly basis. An STM217 tracking/inoculation device is to be installed in a lower limb of each specimen of the local bird population to monitor and evaluate vital signs. Upon signs that indicate possible infection, the device must be activated immediately, neutralizing the infection and eliminating the bird in the process. A specialized niche has been created for migratory birds on the south side of the island, open during the summer and winter seasons. All forms of plant life that present the same signs must be incinerated. All mechanical equipment that presents interferences, electrical faults or anomalous operation should be sprayed with the agent VLG-LAMBDA and subsequently discarded.

The area around 029-F is contained within a reinforced concrete dome 15 meters in diameter, in a unit attached to the Site. Inside, five SF5-KAFSTIKOS modules are to sprinkle agent ZEER-217-45 "Versus Mechanicus" once every 48 hours. Subjects inside the dome should not use metal composite instruments or should cover them with a thick layer of HDPE in order to avoid their disablement. In order to avoid any adverse effects to instruments and equipment, access to the dome will not be allowed during the activation of the SF5-KAFSTIKOS modules.

The mining areas of SCP-ES-029-1 have been sealed, and seven SF5-KAFSTIKOS units have been stationed around the entrance, operating 24 hours a day. Any approach beyond the location of the SF5-KAFSTIKOS units is prohibited except for repair or replacement of defective modules.

Description: SCP-ES-029 is the collective designation of the inhabitants of the sterilized city of Coronel Videla (located in 55°1█′ S, 66°5█′ W), near Lennox Island, Chile (designated SCP-ES-029-1), inhabited by approximately one thousand subjects in 1996 according to census records. A significant increase in population density occurred in Coronel Videla over a period of approximately 10 years as a result of the arrival and subsequent installation of a splinter of GoI-004-B (|The Church of the Broken God - Cogwork Orthodox Church branch.) at the end of that year. Due to the inherent isolation of the city, geographic features in the surroundings and the local climate, the activities of the Church of the Broken God managed to go unnoticed until its discovery by the Foundation during the consolidation of the Site-███ for the containment of [REDACTED] in mid-2006.

Initial records of SCP-ES-029-1 reveal it was an isolated, self-sustaining rural city, although the settlement's conditions were substantially inferior compared to others within the administrative region. One of the distinguishing features of SCP-ES-029-1 was the absence of electric/electronic devices. The inhabitants did not have electric light, nor were they connected to the energy grid; lighting was provided by oil lamps, candles or torches. The population consumed only the food that it produced, and the shortage of residents, coupled with long days of agricultural and livestock work and the need to perform each task manually, forced a large part of the population to actively work in this area, including children, who could not gain an education, due to the absence of teachers and schools.

The absence of hospitals or medical centers, beyond an herbalist and home-made remedies, rendered diseases very difficult to treat in SCP-ES-029-1, which had very high rates of mortality (sometimes reaching 96%). This particularly affected those who suffered fractures or bone and / or muscle damage resulting from agricultural work, going untreated. However, the citizens continued to work despite the ailments in order to avoid a reduction in food production, which in many cases resulted premature death. The population had a high birth rate (approximately 8 children per family) and kept their numbers relatively stable. Average life expectancy in SCP-ES-029-1 was 39 years.

2006-029-QCF Event: Initial Discovery

In May 2006, the Foundation was in the process of expanding its influence, concluding one of the last security stages in the Tierra del Fuego area. The discovery of two autochthonous anomalies near Cape Horn led a team of researchers to set up an observation base. At the end of October, the Foundation found SCP-ES-029, but the first observations revealed that the population was not consistent with historical population projections. At that time, SCP-ES-029 comprised almost 11,000 people. A more in-depth analysis of the behavior of the city and its inhabitants indicated the following notable characteristics:

  • The city had a central building not consistent with the basal architecture. (SCP-ES-029-R).
  • There was a constant mist surrounding the inhabited areas, making observation difficult, following patterns that differed from the winds.
  • The agricultural works had been completely abandoned, being replaced by great mining activity. The inhabitants were totally unprotected.
  • The compasses pointed to SCP-ES-029-R if they were within 10 km of each other.
  • Every instrument receiving radio signals received a high level of interference, inconsistent with normal operation.
  • Every electronic instrument saw its effectiveness diminished while within 7 km of SCP-ES-029-R.

The team of investigators requested authorization from the O5 Council to deploy Response Teams in the area in order to determine the nature of the city. It was thought at the time that SCP-ES-029-R was a radio-inhibitor and that the city could be under the control of the Chaos Insurgency, considering the observed activities of the inhabitants.

MTF ψ-11 ("Finis Orbis") and σ-25 ("Groovy Kids") were deployed on the east coast of SCP-ES-029-1, in order to collect zone data, deactivate the inhibitor and eliminate any confirmed resistance from the Insurgency.

QCF-X366 Transcript

Transcript of a recovered recording of P. ██████, a member of MTF σ-25 ("Groovy Kids"), specialists in detection, incursion, and work on electromagnetic anomalies. It should be noted that P. ██████ was the only survivor of the incursion of SCP-ES-029. Specialized video equipment was used for electrically unstable environments, but due to this, it was impossible to transmit in real-time.

<Beginning of the Transcript: 28/11/2006 - 19:55>

0:00:00 - Start of recording. P. ██████ leaves the motorboat with his equipment, securing a perimeter on the coast. A member of σ-25 tries to contact the HQ, as agreed. The communication does not work: the radio only emits white noise.

0:03:12 - Arrival of MTF ψ-11 at the security perimeter. Deployment of two reconnaissance drones around the area, with the aim of discovering possible attackers at stationary points.

0:04:36 - The drones become inoperative 700 m from SCP-ES-029-R. The building is identified as the source of the interference. Both MTFs begin to approach the residential area of SCP-ES-029-1.

0:11:29 - 900 m from SCP-ES-029-R. Three humanoid figures in sight. A closer inspection shows roughly mechanical features on their faces and upper limbs. When observed, they retreat in the direction of SCP-ES-029-R.

0:16:37 - Video feed is slightly interrupted. The team encounters a large number of barriers on the roads leading to SCP-ES-029-R. It is necessary to break through these barriers by bursting through the houses. There are no signs of life in any of them.

0:25:40 - MTF σ-25 goes inside SCP-ES-029-R. Video feed is interrupted intermittently. There is no inhibitor in the zone. The interior of the building resembles a 19th-century distiller. One of the members of σ-25 starts coughing. It is worth noting that there are no stairs or other means to climb the other floors.

0:28:11 - Two humanoid figures are found lying on the ground near a conveyor belt. This belt is tilted at an angle of 30° upwards at the end of a lightly lit tunnel. A member of the team approaches the belt, and it is sprayed with an unknown chemical upon nearing it. He then falls, being carried by the belt. Two members try to help him. P. ██████ observes the bodies: they present almost 75% biomechanical conversion product of SCP-217-ESM. Photographs are taken with isolated cameras.

0:33:02 - Sound of gunshots heading south. MTF ψ-11 is engaging a group of humanoids showing similar characteristics to the bodies found. σ-25 assists. P. ██████ carries out suppression fire to allow their team to find coverage. An amplified voice (L. Gattini) is heard starting a sermon, apparently speaking from the third floor of SCP-ES-029-R. His speech is consistent with CotBG's rhetoric.

0:39:51 - MTFs retract 150 m to SCP-ES-029-R E. P. ██████ looks north, from where a large number of humanoids infected with SCP-217-ESM, estimated at three thousand, are observed, heading toward their position. The effects of interference seem to be increasing from this moment on.

0:46:22 - MTF ψ-11 withdraws, while P. ██████ and two other members of σ-25 return to SCP-ES-029-R. There they find the three members leaving the tape, one of them unconscious. They quickly retreat through the houses as gunshots are heard. Sounds do not match standard weaponry. L. Gattini gives a direct order to engage Foundation personnel from his position.

0:52:33 - Regrouping of the two MTFs at approx. 500 m from the security perimeter. More shots are heard. One of the members of ψ-11 (H. ███) is hit by projectiles. When they are removed from their body, it is evident that they follow a conical pattern. MTFs quickly retreat to the coast.

1:01:25 - The team σ-25 arrives at the perimeter, but finds only one motorboat on the coast. It is presumed that the others were shot down, as they were not found in the vicinity. H. ███ collapses. More gunshots are heard. ψ-11 responds to the fire, ordering σ-25 to board the motorboat.

1:04:51 - σ-25 boards the motorboat, but it seems to be stuck. Two members descend and try to push it into the water. A small group of humanoids are killed by MTF ψ-11 as they attempt to break into the security perimeter. Two casualties are counted at ψ-11, as more humanoids continue to arrive in the area.

1:06:22 - The motorboat leaves, but the two members of σ-25 are not able to climb. As they move away from the coast, a thousand humanoids are observed surrounding the subjects and the entire DM ψ-11. A bolt hits a member of σ-25 near the trachea, dying shortly thereafter.


With the exception of P. ██████, the entire σ-25 team presented chronic lethargy and persistent internal pain, in addition to emitting clicks and sounds similar to an analog clock, symptoms consistent with SCP-217 infection. Affected subjects were administered the modified agent ZEER-217-25, which destroyed the pathogen SCP-217-ESM, but the incomplete conversion of subjects caused a gradual decrease in brain activity, causing various psychological disorders, including Body Integrity Identity Disorder. Five hours later, all affected subjects had self-amputated their limbs not subjected to biomechanical conversion. Their causes of death were attributed to severe hemorrhages. Both MTF ψ-11 ("Finis Orbis") and σ-25 ("Groovy Kids") were bestowed with a Purple Heart for their actions in SCP-ES-029-1.

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