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Photograph of SCP-ES-030 taken at 192█.

Item #: SCP-ES-030

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-ES-030 is inside a 1m X 1m X 1m glass case. The containment chamber of SCP-ES-030 is located at Site-34. At least two guards must remain at the entrance to the containment cell of SCP-ES-030 at all times.

No member of the essential research staff shall remain within the radius of effect of SCP-ES-030 for more than 12 continuous hours. Tests carried out have determined that the radius of psyche-disturbing effect of SCP-ES-030 is 40 45 50 meters. Personnel who are known to suffer from auditory, visual, olfactory hallucinations or abnormal behaviors towards SCP-ES-030 should be referred and evaluated in the Department of Psychology of Site-34 for further treatment and rehabilitation in other dependencies.

Description: SCP-ES-030 is the mummified body of a girl between 8 and 10 years of age at the time of her death subjected to the Inca ritual of qhapaq hucha1. Tests of Carbon-14 determined the date of death around the fifteenth century. The cause of death was a puncture wound in the left hemithorax caused by a sharp object that entered through the back, leaving through the chest through the diaphragm, causing hemorrhagic shock as well as destruction of important internal organs. Said cause of death would not correspond to other mummies subjected to the ceremony of the qhapaq hucha.

SCP-ES-030 is in almost perfect conditions of conservation, with a constant temperature of 36, 6 ºC in addition to maintaining the elasticity of the skin and other soft tissues. However, various tests have ruled out any sign of life in SCP-ES-030.

SCP-ES-030 has the peculiarity of inducing any human being within a radius of 45 50 meters to the cult and veneration of its figure, the affected subjects proceeding to offer food, floral offerings, candles, religious images, besides trying to change the original clothes of SCP-ES-030 with similar ones2.

The subjects will gradually begin to neglect the attention of their vital needs in order to improve the "wellbeing" of SCP-ES-030. The subjects will initially be organized into groups dedicated both to attend SCP-ES-030 and to meet the needs of the group, mainly to obtain food. However, the second group will gradually decrease by dedicating its members exclusively to attend SCP-ES-030 so that gradually the affected group will expire, in most cases by dehydration or exhaustion. A small portion of the subjects, approximately █% of the affected subjects, will proceed to [CENSORED] in order to preserve themselves to continue caring for and maintaining SCP-ES-030.

Recovery Notes: SCP-ES-030 was initially recovered by Mr. █████████ and ████████ at the top of Cerro ████████ in Salta , Argentina, in the year 192█. Once in a local town, a small cult was started around SCP-ES-030, where villagers would light candles and give them offerings. Subsequent investigations determined that Mr. █████ purchased SCP-ES-030 as a form of payment for a mummy with similar characteristics3.

Mr. █████ was suspected of being one of the first members of the Antares Society, as well as being the first "Hammer". On the night of December 24, 196█, all contact with him and his family is lost. Additional investigations are subsequently given with his whereabouts in a country house belonging to him in [CENSORED] on January 20, 196█, being found by members of MTF Delta-5 ("Relic Hunters") together with his family and other subjects, presumably employees of the same, in addition to SCP-ES-030 which were [CENSORED] being the eldest son of Mr. █████ the only survivor found in the place.

During the transport and investigation of SCP-ES-030 the personnel involved began to develop hallucinations of different kinds, in addition to drastic changes in behavior. Once the effect radius of SCP-ES-030 was determined, the current containment procedures were formulated. SCP-ES-030 is considered content successfully from ██/██/197█.

Incident I-030-7: On February 27, 2008, all radio contact with the security personnel was lost, in addition to the failure of the electrical system and surveillance in the corridors, around the security camera containment of SCP-ES-030. Once this was detected, additional security personnel were deployed, and the security personnel who were monitoring SCP-ES-030 [DATA EXPUNGED] were found, so they were transferred to the Medical Department for stabilization and care.

Once the containment chamber of SCP-ES-030 was accessed, it was found facing the western wall where a series of scribbled characters were found. The material used has not yet been identified.

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