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SCP-ES-031 on a hanger.

Item #: SCP-ES-031

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-ES-031 is to be covered with a plastic sleeve and hung on a hanger inside a locked cabinet. Only Level 2 and above personnel may access SCP-ES-031. All experiments with SCP-ES-031 will be properly documented.

Normal garment preservation measures should be followed with SCP-ES-031. This includes machine washing, ironing — and protection against moths and mites.— As from the date of ██/██/20██, the latter is considered unnecessary.

Description: SCP-ES-031 is a black cloth jacket, suit model. It has two pockets on the outside and eight pockets on the inside. The brand and manufacturer are unknown, as the label on the collar appears to have been torn off. On one of the folds of the back there is another label, with The Factory logo.

The fabric of SCP-ES-031 can be cut with scissors and sewn normally. However, it shows a complete resistance to hostile actions (knives, projectiles, fire), as well as an improper buoyancy of the material.

When SCP-ES-031 is worn by a subject, an object or artifact considered suitable for a given situation may or may not appear in one of the subject's pockets (inside or outside). It is not known how these objects are generated. A recording with a thermal camera focused on the pockets has shown that, from one frame to the next, they appear spontaneously. When this happens, the subject notices the weight of the object in the pockets, thus knowing which one to take it out of.

Occasionally, SCP-ES-031 will generate anomalous mechanical artifacts that, after an undetermined period of time, disappear again. Because of this, it has been impossible to analyze them. The artifacts, like common objects, appear to be beneficial to the SCP-ES-031 carrier depending on the situation in which it finds itself.

Experiment Log:
The SCP-ES-031 carrier will be worn in certain situations to test the behavior of the garment.

Experiment 1:
Situation: D-349578 wears his orange jumpsuit and SCP-ES-031 on his back, in an empty room, unaware that fire will be opened on him.
Generated object: A Beretta of calibre 15.
Subsequent event: D-349578 had been convicted of a church massacre. Seeing himself with a gun in his hands, he shot at the bulletproof glass of the observation area to escape. The agents concentrated their fire on him, killing him on the spot. SCP-ES-031 was not pierced by the agents' bullets. The autopsy revealed mild contusions on his torso, consistent with those from bullets on a Kevlar vest, and normal gunshot wounds to his legs and head. The gun did not dissapear.

Experiment 2:
Situation: Agent Green is wearing SCP-ES-031. Dr. Smith approaches him with an unlit cigarette on her lips.
Generated object: Lighter.
Subsequent event: Agent Green lights Dr. Smith's cigarette. The lighter did not disappear.

Experiment 3:
Situation: Dr. Krampft carries SCP-ES-031 under his lab coat. He enters the Site-63 cafeteria, where all the agents are gathered for lunch.
Generated object: An opaque ceramic bottle without label. Its contents were analyzed and identified as red wine, vintage █7.
Subsequent event: Dr. Krampft poured wine among the agents. After filling ██ glasses, the bottle still contained wine. The object disappeared an hour later, coinciding with the end of the lunch break.

It's a pity we didn't fill a couple of barrels with this. I request that this experiment be repeated. - Agent ████████

Experiment 4:
Situation: D-563471 is locked with SCP-ES-031 in a room that would be flooded with water up to the ceiling.
Generated object: A mask connected by a tube to the pocket of SCP-ES-031. The length of the tube is ignored.
Subsequent event: D-563471 punches the door trying to get out when he notices the water level rising. He is reassured to see that SCP-ES-031 is able to float, but his fear resumes when he sees the water gradually reaching the ceiling, so he puts on his mask in time. An hour later, the water is removed, revealing D-563471 alive and with no signs of drowning. The tube was absorbed by SCP-ES-031 and disappeared (when reaching into the pocket, it was found empty).

Experiment 5:
Situation: D-563471 is again locked with SCP-ES-031 in a room that would be flooded, this time, with sulfuric acid.
Generated object: A sponge.
Subsequent event: D-563471 panics when he starts to feel his feet burning. Pulling out the sponge, he throws it on the floor and bangs on the door in desperation. The sponge absorbs the acid without showing deterioration, at the same time sucking in the fumes caused. D-563471 stands cowering in a clearing that remains dry. After ██ minutes of pouring acid, the sponge was still sucking up both acid and gases, so the taps are closed. When the chamber door was opened, the sponge disappeared and D-563471 tried to attack the personnel.

Experiment 9:
Situation: George █████, mechanical engineer of the Foundation, wears SCP-ES-031 and stands in front of a Toyota Yaris with a broken engine and broken windows.
Generated object: Several. Battery-operated tools, screws and parts in different pockets. Finally, an unidentified object in the shape of a syringe and a button.
Subsequent event: The engineer took tools and parts out of his pockets as he needed them. He was gradually repairing the broken engine of the vehicle. When he pressed the button on the object, a resin was released from the tip which, when solidified, turned into conventional automobile glass. This material was used to make fresh glass for the car. After the repair, both the object and the tools disappeared. The spare parts, however, remained in place. The oil stains were cleaned from SCP-ES-031.

It was like having an entire workshop in my pocket - everything I needed, right at hand! - Engineer █████.

Experiment 17:
Situation: Dr. King sits at his desk wearing SCP-ES-031 and places a blank sheet of paper.
Generated object: An apple in each pocket.
Subsequent event: Dr. King gets angry, removes SCP-ES-031 and leaves the room. The apples did not disappear.

Experiment 18:
Situation: D-551841 is enclosed with SCP-ES-031 in a cage next to SCP-████.
Generated object: [DATA EXPUNGED]
Subsequent event: [DATA EXPUNGED] manages to climb onto the roof to safety. SCP-████ jumps to try to catch him, unsuccessfully. Shortly after [DATA EXPUNGED] despite his damage, he manages to devour D-551841. After a while, SCP-████ is engulfed in flames and is quickly consumed. The ashes were sifted out, SCP-ES-031 was recovered with ash stains, no tissue damage and empty pockets.

Not so useful after all, but at least we finally got this troublesome Keter discharged. Every cloud has a silver lining. - Dr. Hoffman

Experiment 21:
Situation: D-464117 carries SCP-ES-031 and is dropped from a helicopter at a height of ███ meters.
Generated object: A parachute. The log shows that the backpack, although small enough to fit in a pocket, had straps the size of the subject's torso, so as to tie it securely; and the interior housed a parachute large enough to function properly.
Subsequent event: D-464117 manages to put on the parachute in time and open it. Shortly after, D-464117 takes advantage of the parachute to try to glide out of the perimeter, also pulling out of a pocket [DATA EXPUNGED] Agent █████ comes across D-464117 by the lake, takes the ██████ out of his hands during a struggle and manages to immobilize him.

Bad idea. He almost got away. From now on, these kinds of experiments will be conducted in more controlled settings. - Dr. S███████████

Experiment 25:
Situation: Agent Birch wears SCP-ES-031. He is inserted into a monitored cold room, and the door closes.
Generated object: A bag of hardware tools.
Subsequent event: Agent Birch reports feeling hot air being emitted from SCP-ES-031, which keeps his entire body at a stable temperature. Examining the contents of the bag, Agent Birch finds, among other things, a drill and a blowtorch. It is assumed that these objects were generated for the purpose of breaking the door from the inside. To avoid unnecessary property damage, the door is opened. The tools did not disappear.

Experiment 27:
Situation: D-641174 is wearing SCP-ES-031 and is dropped into a 5m x 6m x 3m water tank. Inside the water tank are 47 live specimens of Myleus tiete (Panamanian piranha).
Generated object: Before the fall, a green powdery substance. A sample was recovered for study.
Subsequent event: As seen in Experiment 4, SCP-ES-031 (and by extension, D-641174) floats. The green powder generated comes into contact with the water, staining it a very faint shade of green. The piranhas move away from the area until all the water in the tank is stained that color. They start swimming in random directions, disoriented and with no intention of attacking D-641174, who proceeds to swim to the edge of the tank shouting a series of expletives.

Experiment 32:
Situation: D-175344 is enclosed with SCP-ES-031 in a chamber that would be emptied of air little by little, also decreasing the pressure.
Generated object: Same as in Experiment 4.
Subsequent event: D-175344 breathes through the mask. His respiratory system was not damaged as the oxygen level decreased. Upon reaching a critical level, D-175344's ears began to bleed, and symptoms of decompression damage were shown. It was at this point that SCP-ES-031 began to expel oxygen with such intensity that the mask was ejected from D-175344's mouth and propelled in all directions, always attached to the tubing connected to the pocket. The oxygen level remained at a fairly low level, but due to the intervention of SCP-ES-031 it could not be lowered any further. After a few minutes, D-175344 fell unconscious due to lack of air. Pressure was returned to the chamber and D-175344 was sent to the medical floor for resuscitation.

Well, the jacket has done enough. Nothing more could be asked of it in such a situation. - Dr. G█████

Experiment 33:
Situation: D-443571 is enclosed with SCP-ES-031 in a chamber that would be filled with air little by little, increasing the atmospheric pressure.
Generated object: Same as in the previous experiment.
Subsequent event: Similar to the previous experiment. D-443571 began to suffer damage consistent with increasing atmospheric pressure, until SCP-ES-031 began to suck air strongly, thus rivaling the air pumps and keeping the pressure at a damaging but non-lethal level. The pressure in the chamber was brought to a normal level and D-443571 was attended to.

Experiment 34:
Situation: Despite Dr. T█████'s opposition, D-543554 is dropped, with SCP-ES-031 on, into a tank with 2m3^3^ of volcanic magma.
Generated object: Pressurized smoke, of white color. A sample was obtained, the composition of which is inconclusive. Subsequently, a pair of [DATA EXPUNGED].
Subsequent event: D-543554 ran on top of the lava1] in all directions. The smoke emitted by SCP-ES-031 acted as an extinguisher, putting out the flames of D-543554's monkey. The thermal camera revealed that the gas was at a cold temperature, and was non-toxic (the subject was breathing it safely). D-543554 takes out of his pocket the pair of [DATA EXPUNGED] which he uses to return to the outside, after which they disappeared. Although D-543554's coveralls were partially singed, SCP-ES-031 did not have any burns.

We were lucky, SCP-ES-031 is also able to resist combustion damage, otherwise we would have lost this SCP in there, you bunch of morons! You're lucky you caught me in a good mood today, or else I'd rat on you to the O5 Council and the Ethics Committee. - Dr. T█████

Experiment 35:
Situation: Agent Sh████████ is wearing SCP-ES-031 and tries to open a locked door.
Generated object: One model automatic lock pick [DATA EXPUNGED].
Subsequent event: The lock pick was preset for the type of lock the door had. Agent Sh████████ used the lock pick and opened the door without further incident. The lock pick did not disappear.

Experiment 36:
Situation: Dr. M███████ puts on SCP-ES-031 inside containment chamber ██-██████, a room ██x█x█ m in size.
Generated object: [DATA EXPUNGED]
Subsequent event: [DATA EXPUNGED]. Dr. M███████ managed to exit the chamber shortly before the automatic door closed. [DATA EXPUNGED] remained inside. Coincidentally, the conditions in the containment chamber ██-██████ appear to be sufficient to contain [DATA EXPUNGED], which is henceforth known as SCP-ES-███.
Note: Repeating this experiment has given different results, both harmless and null. The reason why SCP-ES-031 generated this result the first time is unknown.

Experiment 37:
Situation: D-156634 is locked in a conventional isolation cell without lighting, with nothing but SCP-ES-031, for a period of two weeks.
Generated object: Food, several lamps, books and pieces of various pieces of folding furniture with paper instructions, among other things.
Subsequent event: When the cell door opened, D-156634 was found eating a lamb steak and salad with iron cutlery, sitting in a chair that, like the table on which she ate, had been assembled from parts that fit in her jacket pockets. D-156634 kept his sanity with paperback books, a radio station and a portable television, and for two weeks he evacuated in a collapsible bedpan that emptied itself and slept in a camping sack. The cell was lit with many battery-operated lamps, which maintained a level of illumination equal to that of the corridors outside. When D-156634 took off SCP-ES-031, all generated objects disappeared from the isolation cell.

I am aware of the capabilities of this jacket, but there is one detail bothering me. I request that this experiment be repeated, but with one of our own. - Dr. Alzheimer

Request granted. - Director Prince

Experiment 38:
Situation: Agent Lamb is enclosed in a conventional isolation cell with no illumination, with nothing other than SCP-ES-031.
Generated object: A demolition sledgehammer, a lock pick, an auger, a lighter and a drill.
Subsequent event: Lamb knocked on the door to leave. When the door opened, the objects disappeared.

This was what I was expecting, tools to escape. I think SCP-ES-031 has learned that the orange ones are our prisoners and has decided to cooperate with the Foundation. - Dr. Alzheimer

Recovery of SCP-ES-031:
On ██-██-200█ a man of unknown identity was captured by Site-34 cameras emerging from the floor of one of the corridors wearing SCP-ES-031, along with sports apparel, and a gray object with a red button (presumably used to move through matter) which was then put away.

The intruder headed in the direction of SCP-ES-011's chamber. Stationed at a strategic angle, he removed from the outer right pocket of SCP-ES-031 a tranquilizer dart gun, with which he stealthily shot down two guards guarding the entrance to the chamber. He quickly approached while extracting a small spherical object and another rectangular, flat object from the inner pockets. He placed the spherical object into the retinal scanner and slipped the rectangular object into the card reader on the door. Both security systems allowed access.

The surveillance camera operator had set off the alarms when he saw the guards on the floor and the door open. An armed security team was quickly dispatched to the intruder's location. They covered the only access to the SCP-ES-011 camera, and asked the intruder to come out slowly and with his hands up. From inside, the intruder threw a pyramidal object that emitted strobe flashes and high-pitched squeaks, which stunned the agents and allowed the intruder to pass, carrying SCP-ES-031 still on and all the plates drawn by SCP-ES-011 under his arm.


[REDACTED] pulling out an electric baton. Agent Cantero opened fire on the intruder. The bullets did not damage SCP-ES-031, but did damage the intruder's leg. Despite this, he used the baton to incapacitate Agent Cantero. [REDACTED] recovered films of SCP-ES-011. Dr. Lentz took them back to [REDACTED] intruder, after which, he jumped out the window without releasing him. The device he was holding on to hovered in the air, which sent the intruder gliding in the direction of the outer perimeter of Site-34. To prevent his escape, the officers opened fire on him. One of the bullets struck his head. The intruder broke free from the device and fell to a height of 87 meters.

The corpse was searched, nothing was found in his pockets. A quick test proved SCP-ES-031's resistance capabilities. No anomalous properties were found on the rest of his clothing. None of the objects that the intruder removed from SCP-ES-031's pockets were found either.

It is strange that he took only the drawings, but not the main artifact. Would he have tried to build the supposed machine from the plates without risking falling under the compulsive effect? - Dr. L████

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