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Item #: SCP-ES-038

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-ES-038 is to be contained in a Standard Secure Humanoid Containment Cell within the "Medium Risk Anomalies" area of Site-34. The containment chamber must be equipped with a capsicum spray dispenser.

Staff members are not authorized to interact with SCP-ES-038, and only operatives from the containment department are authorized to execute this task. The use of weapons while communicating with SCP-ES-038 is forbidden.

A transaction with SCP-ES-038 is to be made every week to avoid complications with its behavior. SCP-ES-038 has shown to behave aggressively when it is incapable of following its own will. Additionally, SCP-ES-038 may not be misled at the time of the exchange.

When transported, SCP-ES-038 has to be secured within a Class I Humanoid Restraint Harness, and its briefcase (SCP-ES-038-1) must be confiscated.

Any attempt to cooperate with the Foundation proposed by SCP-ES-038 must be supervised by multiple staff members. It is strictly forbidden to accept SCP-ES-038's treats by shaking hands or declaring it verbally without the authorization of three level 4 researchers.



Description: SCP-ES-038 is a humanoid entity which measures 1.8 meters high. SCP-ES-038 has a dress typical of corporate environments, using a shirt, black suit, and a tie. The anatomy of SCP-ES-038 is reminiscent of that of a young male human being, approximately 25 years old. However, the head of SCP-ES-038 consists of an eyeball 25 centimeters in diameter, which has the characteristic of being quite tenacious and hard at the time of being damaged. SCP-ES-038 requires oxygen to survive, and the way in which oxygen is inhaled and exhaled is still unknown. SCP-ES-038 is capable of generating sounds through unknown methods and can speak fluently, possessing a serious and pleasant vocal tone to the human ear.

SCP-ES-038's vision spans a range of 270° degrees. It also has the ability to see its blind spots (similar to X-rays), as long as there is no solid surface completely covering the way of light. SCP-ES-038's fingers are unusually long with fingers that go up to 14 centimeters.

SCP-ES-038 has a high degree of general knowledge, mastering to perfection the Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese, and Russian languages. SCP-ES-038 is also able to solve mathematical problems efficiently and quickly. SCP-ES-038 has a vast repertoire of information in its possession, having classified data from several multinational companies and governments.

The main characteristic of SCP-ES-038 lies in its great affinity for commercial exchanges of physical goods. SCP-ES-038 will try to persuade its customer so that the terms are favorable to its interests. However, it refuses to lie when doing so, maintaining a strict code of ethics and morals. When the deal is accepted (usually by shaking hands with the anomaly or declaring acceptance of the deal), the object being offered to SCP-ES-038 will be immediately transported to its briefcase (or SCP-ES-038-1). The ability to relocate objects to SCP-ES-038-1 is not limited solely to commercial exchanges. The content of SCP-ES-038-1 is still undetermined.

SCP-ES-038-1 is a case that measures 20 x 40 centimeters, its color is dark brown and it is made of leather of unknown origin. When it is opened, the inside of an ordinary briefcase can be appreciated, however, it is capable of carrying objects much larger than its size would allow. When an object is transferred to SCP-ES-038-1, it emits a blue glow and disintegrates. All objects inside this case appear to have been previously obtained by SCP-ES-038 through exchanges.

Addendum 038.1: First encounter

Addendum 038.2: Test Log 01#

Addendum 038.3: Ethics Committee Document

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