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Item #: SCP-ES-039

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All SCP-ES-039 instances must be captured, interrogated and searched. The staff in charge (currently the Directors of Area-08, Site-34 or Site-31 or staff 5/ES-039 identified as such) shall have the power to decide:

· DISMANTLE the SCP-ES-039 instance, in case of a duplicate, unstable or dangerous subject for the secrecy of the Foundation. All pertinent information about the subject must be stored on Secure Server 89 and sent to all Foundation staff.

· STORE the SCP-ES-039 instance, usually by using a Zero Box adapted to the subject's skull. It is recommended to keep the subject unconscious until it has been installed. Once installed, the SCP-ES-039 instance will require the same care as a human being in a permanent coma.

· CAPTURE the SCP-ES-039 instance. For practical purposes, SCP-ES-039 instances may be retained in Standard Humanoid Anomaly Containment Cells with the care and resources necessary to maintain an ordinary human being. Their specific containment procedures can be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

· RECRUIT the SCP-ES-039 instance according to the general containment guidelines, and always with the authorization of the Commander of the Mobile Task Force Beta-3 ("Blue Danube") or the endorsement of the O5 Council. Only captured SCP-ES-039 instances that have not been involved in containment breach events may be "recruited". This approach is recommended in instances well known to the public or with social or institutional functions too relevant to be dismantled or permanently stored. If dismantling is necessary, a cover-up strategy should be established to justify the complete destruction of the instance, particularly its skull.

For obvious reasons, SCP-ES-039 instances are not susceptible to chemical or surgical amnestic therapy, but are susceptible to dangerous memetic and cognitive agents. The MH-ES-039 memetic agent kit, which may be useful in these cases, may be ordered by contacting the Division or Archive Sector of your Site or Area of reference to obtain it.

A pattern of recognition of SCP-ES-039 offers for possible new instances has been included as part of the standard methods of control of electronic and analogical information (checking physical mail, electronic mail, messaging services, etc.). Every addressee of a SCP-ES-039 offer will be briefly informed about the malicious nature of the anomaly and conditioned not to accept it.

The mass orbital containment of SCP-ES-039 depends on the active Orbital Mobile Task Forces, and has been deployed since 1957 as part of COEWS. Contact your Site Director or staff with 039/4 clearance or higher for more information.

Description: SCP-ES-039 is a group of humanoid entities that lack a central nervous system in their cranial cavity. Instead, the cranium of each SCP-ES-039 instance contains a specialized and anomalous device that acts as a radio receiving antenna with a much higher gain than expected for an antenna of its size. Each instance has a uniquely designed antenna that would allow it to pick up communications from a low orbit with a single satellite; several of these satellites have been detected, which are entirely non-anomalous but unconventional and of unknown origin.

SCP-ES-039 instances have the appearance of nondescript human beings and, except for an unusual tendency not to move from their area of habitual residence, their conduct in baseline conditions is also ordinary. Since 1960, up to ███ SCP-ES-039 instances have been identified, mainly in NATO1 countries and concentrated in small rural or suburban communities with an excellent radio signal. A total of [REDACTED] SCP-ES-039 instances have been identified, of which [REDACTED] have been captured by the Foundation. (Archive note: This information may be obsolete; pending review by the SCP-ES-039 Analysis Team. - Dr. R. Barnard, File Division, Area-08-B.)

Only three SCP-ES-039 instances have been identified accurately, paired with two microsatellites with which they maintain permanent radio contact, although it is assumed that all SCP-ES-039 instances consist of a humanoid-satellite pair. The content of their radio communications is encrypted; each pair uses a unique, encrypted language. Despite an uninterrupted cryptographic study since its identification, not a single language used by SCP-ES-039 has yet been deciphered.

There are no other known SCP-ES-039 instances connected to microsatellites, so their characteristics may not be universal. However, the three satellites owned by the Foundation are vaguely cylindrical devices half a metre in diameter, more than a metre long and weighing around two hundred and forty kilos. They are covered with solar panels with an efficiency superior to that of modern non-anomalous systems from space agencies unrelated to the Foundation2. These solar panels have an albedo close to zero, making them invisible to conventional observers. The satellites have unconventional but not anomalous means of propulsion.3 All satellite parts include engravings that appear to constitute a non-anomalous sort of language of uncertain origin. (Archive note: This language has been identified as under hieratic Palacian, modality B-B-R. They seem to be serial numbers. - Dr. R. Barnard, File Division, Area-08-B.)

Available information suggests that the microsatellites paired with each SCP-ES-039 instance contain a human central nervous system and non-anomalous life support and radiation shielding devices sufficient to guarantee their indefinite survival. There is also information suggesting that damaged or dysfunctional SCP-ES-039 satellites could produce erratic, violent or entirely pathological behaviors in paired humanoid instances, but there are not enough data to justify this connection.

There are multiple hypotheses about a supposed process of impersonation or transformation of ordinary human beings in SCP-ES-039 instances, or about its apparent "duplication"; however, since the creation of new instances has not been observed, the SCP-ES-039 Analysis Team will not incorporate any until sufficient data are available.

Addendum ES-039-1: Initial detection and analysis.

Addendum ES-039-2: Archive Excerpts; SCP-ES-039 genetic analysis.

Addendum ES-039-3: Incident SCP-ES-039 / SCP-ES-███ - 2001.

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