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Item #: SCP-ES-040 Level 3/ES-040
Object Class: Keter Classified



Special Containment Procedures: All containment efforts should be directed at disinformation regarding SCP-ES-040. All images and research about SCP-ES-040 uploaded to the Internet shall be tracked by Sirius.aic, a Conscripted Artificial Intelligence designed to track and identify classified material with respect to spatial anomalies.

Any statement made by the scientific community on SCP-ES-040 should be disproved. Negotiation or amnesty measures will be applied as appropriate.

Any investigation regarding SCP-ES-040 should be delegated to the DEINEX1 according to Project Triple Longuinus.

Description: SCP-ES-040 is the joint designation of 3 comets physically reminiscent of members of the order Lagomorpha2. Each instance of SCP-ES-040 has an average diameter of 5 km and an orbital period of 5 years around the Sun, being the diameter of its orbit of at least 10 AU3. Although all the instances of SCP-ES-040 present iron compositions, methane and magnesium reserves and an ice layer of about 1 km, it is remarkable that the level of silicates that they possess is abnormally high.


Core image of SCP-ES-040-B. Lower and upper extremities are not visible.

Although no instance of SCP-ES-040 describes anomalous orbits, the tail of the instances, when entering the inner Solar System, is about 20km long and presents a red coloration. These tails are constantly pointing towards, in the case of SCP-ES-040-A, the Moon and, in the case of SCP-ES-040-B and -C, towards one or two targets in possible movement, being this of anomalous nature. Added to this, the average albedo described by the instances is 14%, and both its tail and coma present small pulses of light, being these between 100 to 200 pulses per minute.

Through different investigations, it has been found that each instance of SCP-ES-040 transports information through extremely low radio frequencies, this information being messages coded in an unknown empheric language (See Annex-ES-040-01). This information is transmitted every four or six days, generally detailing events of anomalous characteristics occurring in the Solar System.

No other features of significance have been found.

Addendum A
Logging Decoded Messages

Below is a summary of messages recorded by instances of SCP-ES-040. The dates in the messages that were captured have been placed.

Addendum B
Incident Log-ES-040-01

The 12/06/2009, DEINEX reported a group of asteroids with anomalous characteristics and orbits transiting Saturn.

According to what was seen, the group of asteroids was arranged in several rows and columns, one after the other, some of them being badly organized. In front of these asteroids, there was a rhomboidal entity of a possible red colour (from now on Sub-Alpha) on an asteroid. It was possible to observe Sub-Alpha maintaining a kind of connection with this asteroid by means of two possibly luminescent cords. Sub-Alpha is known to have served as a guide for these asteroids.

After 2 hours orbiting Saturn, another entity of similar appearance (from now on Sub-Beta) was observed to come out projected on the north pole of Saturn. Sub-Alpha began to head towards Sub-Beta, at a slower speed than the course of the latter, which was on a direct course towards the Earth. Sub-Alpha deployed a cord, possibly several kilometers long, at approximately 0.1 c in a possible attempt to capture Sub-Beta, failing as a result. At this point, Sub-Alpha stopped and changed its course back to Saturn.

At 05:50 hours on 06/15/2019, Sub-Beta struck the Earth in a sparsely populated area in Auserd Province, Dakhla-Golden River Region, Morocco. The entity was quickly captured by a group of local agents and sent for analysis to a locally stationed division of DEINEX.

Sub-Beta was classified as a possible conscious and intelligent life form, now dead on impact. Sub-Beta maintained a rhomboidal appearance, with a polished surface and red colour with blue mottos. When opened, copper wire and a tubular system running through the entire entity were found inside these various cavities. It was also found a black rock with a star shape in one of its tips. Namely, this rock seemed to maintain some static electricity and reacts to electricity by emitting sound signals capable of being interpreted as messages through an unknown emetic language. Here are some of the decoded messages:

Hell, I lost my way again… where's Daradael?

Mmm… what a beautiful nothing.

I wonder what's in those faraway places. One day I'll herd my brother…

Brother, brother! Where are you!?

I don't like this darkness… Se-ma'am? I… oh, what quality you are… thank you for loving me.

Eh!? No, brother, she's good! Why do you mistreat her?!

(Possible tired gasps)

Is your name Sechud? It's a nice name, my name is Lemora, a pleasure.

(Possible screams) It's a nice name…

Who knew this blue dot was so beautiful after all? And here in the vastness of nothingness, I finally see the truth. Huh? Darkness?

On June 16, 2009, Sub-Alpha was sighted on a comet entering low Earth orbit and remaining there for 24 hours before leaving and not being sighted again. The following message was captured repeating once every hour, coded identically to the messages issued by SCP-ES-040:

Sis!? Sis, are you there!?

Due to its size, few devices were able to capture it, among them, the DEINEX Strategic Satellite, ARPALUX. Incidents are being investigated.

Addendum C
Incident Log-ES-040-02

The following message was captured from one of the instances of SCP-ES-040 on 18/06/2009.

Area Two Quarters. Solaris Sector. Arneb Area. This is not the first or the last time. Nor will we know if it will happen again. Today, we lost a sister. Great Wise Gliese, Terrible Nihal, we need you to come together again, put aside the grudge once more, taught us not to trust our feelings. We saw Sister Lemora fall today. She has come, and fallen into the clutches of temptation. Let us see then, the Darkness has taken the form of the warmth of a Mother, or perhaps, a loved one. So the Darkness is not something bad, it is what we have always wanted, but at what cost? What is the cost of being devoured and returning us to an empty point? What will we lose but our Being? It is then, ask yourselves:

The point of living, of existing, is to be One?

One hundred hours of silence. Blessed are the Zwentez. Damn the Darkness, cursed Sechud.

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