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Fence before the Zone-ES-040.

Ítem #: SCP-ES-040

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-ES-040 must be contained in an Isolated Unit with a password, which will be divided into 4 parts and distributed to 4 staff members. The Containment Unit of SCP-ES-040 must be monitored and guarded by 4 guards 24/7.

The Containment Unit will be more than 10 km from any human population, Provisional Site 23-02 has been built for the investigation of the object, the site houses several safe anomalies besides this. Currently, a perimeter of 3 km has been established around SCP-ES-040. Any civilian in this area should be warned not to proceed under the cover of an area of nuclear weapons practices, to ignore, apply amnesics Class A and be transferred to the nearest town. The area should be monitored by CCTV and patrolled by armed guards on foot or in vehicles.

No new experimentation requests will be accepted.

Descriptión: SCP-ES-040 is a 26 cm diameter sphere with a polished metallic appearance and a weight of around 5 kg found in a purist church after a raid with these.

SCP-ES-040 has two small buttons, one red and one blue, each with a diameter of 5 cm and are apparently plastic and pseudofused with SCP-ES-040. These buttons move at a speed of 0.3 km/hour on the surface of the sphere and none of the previously made routes will match the next one1. SCP-ES-040 seems to have some kind of reflective effect against any form of destruction/damage which returns the done to the object with an intensity of triple, which makes it pseudoindestructible. The main anomalous properties of SCP-ES-040 are presented once pressed SCP-ES-040-R/B.

When a person (from now on "subject") presses SCP-ES-040-B, it will become magnetically positive and pressing SCP-ES-040-R will become magnetically negative, returning to them a "monopole magnetic attractor" and all objects/subjects2 with a weight less than the subject less than 2 km away from it will be assigned a magnetic charge while the subject shows signs of cerebral functioning, attracting all these that are inversely charged and repelling all those loaded equally within a radius of 200 m3. The closest immovable objects will have the opposite effect of the movable objects, these will attract the subject and this will not be able to be removed from the immovable object until their cerebral functions cease4. Attempts to reverse this effect have been unsuccessful, the only way to undo this effect is to cease the brain functions of subject5 button. When the subject presses ES-040-B and ES-040-R at the same time, it will become a "high power magnet", causing all objects within the radius of effect to be attracted to the subject. The force of attraction and speed will be increased, causing objects/subjects to impact the subject with a force of up to █ times the previous one. The internal organs of the subject will begin to have different magnetic charges and to press each other, causing, after several minutes, stroke, rupture of organs or rupture of blood vessels, bringing the subject an almost instantaneous death. Pressing ES-040-B and ES-040-R again will not revert the effects caused. If the subject touches one of the buttons twice, it will become a "magnetic repulsor", causing all objects/subjects within the radius of effect to be repelled by it with a force and speed inversely equal to the pressure of ES-040- B and ES-040-R. Immovable objects have the opposite effect. Investigations about double pressure are being carried out, since, when a button is touched twice, the effect caused should be a total repulsion of the mass of the subject, which does not happen.

A side effect in SCP-ES-040 has been detected, but this has not caused major problems. Apparently it is a type of antigravity that affects a specific and static radius of 10 m each time a button is pressed. For additional information on this effect, please consult with the Site Documentation Operator.

Annex-ES-040-01/Recovery: During a covert operation by Agent McCarthy in ██████████, Venezuela. He discovered that in a rural area, near his temporary residence in the municipality of ██████, it was rumored of satanic practices that were carried out on furniture. According to the people who lived in the vicinity of this furniture, the objects of their houses began to move in the same direction every week on a non-specific day and they also felt strange when this happened. Some said that this attraction was too strong and that they were catapulted towards the wall, staying immobilized in that place for a time, before this effect was finished, then they heard the sound of a blunt blow. In addition, several disappearances were reported in the area and alert to the relevant authorities to see what happened, which, due to a bribe made by an unknown group, abandoned the case.


Recovery Place of SCP-ES-040

Agent McCarthy reported these rumors to Site 23 which sent a squad of armed individuals to the location informed by the locals. During the mission, the squadron reported a large group of people gathered in the furniture informed, many with unknown weapons, several dressed entirely in white, similar to what locals call "Babalaos"6, a person bound by hands and feet, apparently a prisoner; several subjects in lab coats, several more dressed in white, black and red cassocks. A person in a white cassock and extravagant patterns and the symbol of GOI-072 ("The Black Ark") on his back, was the last to enter the site, operatives reported "feeling" a slight attraction to this site moments later to enter all subjects, not psychological reasons, if not physical. After several minutes a loud blow was heard and all the subjects present in the furniture left. The squadron reported what happened, it begins to create an operation to recover or disable a possible sect of "The Black Ark".

On 12/01/1, Site 23 deployed DM-Omega 29 ("House Destroyers") and DM-psi ​​34 ("One Life") as backup to the meeting site. At 1500 the agents near the furniture gave the order to continue and the MTF-Omega 29 burst into the furniture, giving orders to the occupants not to commit any hostile act, several subjects resisted and opened fire against the agents of the Foundation. The hostile subjects were finished, ██ subjects were taken as hostages, some managed to escape and ██ died, the object was found in a showcase in the back of what appeared to be a meeting room where they performed their "rituals", according to interrogations of the subjects. It was effectively identified as a sect of "The Black Ark" that used the house as a church. The sect seemed to be from a division of GOI-072 called GOI-072-Pi/The Unified Scientific Purist Association (ACUP) according to several reports found on the site characteristic of this division, including a report on the object.

High-caliber loaded weapons were found in the compound, and heavily armed people were found hours later in an adjacent rural area and then executed. The number of victims of these people are counted in ███ and it was an act of contingency on the part of the Purists.

To read the original GOI-072 report on SCP-ES-040 you must have a Security Level 4. If it is, click on the following link to view the file: [ENTER]

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