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The following document refers to an anomaly currently under investigation. Any information presented herein may be incorrect, inaccurate or purely speculative.


Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned MTF
Site-34 Mario D'Allegri Steffano González Beta-7 ("Maz Hatters")

Item#: SCP-ES-044 Level 4/044
Object Class: Keter Classified

Special Containment Procedures: As of the date of this document update, no SCP-ES-044 instances have been contained. A fully secure method for keeping SCP-ES-044 instances under control for extended periods of time has not yet been found. However, there are a number of lifeless specimens of such. Handling of these units and any tissue extracts or specimens must be carried out with extreme caution and will be considered a high risk biochemical hazard at all times. The use of full body biochemical protective suits is mandatory before, during, and after completion of the corresponding tests. Personnel involved must undergo a chemical disinfection bath after leaving the experimental room and will be quarantined for a period of 3 to 5 days.

The Mobile Task Force Beta-7 ("Maz Hatters") is in charge of dealing with any case related to this anomaly due to the biohazard it presents, but the possibility of creating an exclusive task force for itself if necessary is not ruled out. Beta-7 is also in charge of collecting samples of SCP-ES-044 and supervising the experiments that require its use, working together with the corresponding site security. Once the usefulness of such a sample or SCP-ES-044 instance is over, it will be incinerated without exception.

Experimentation results have shown that the use of nerve gas is 35% effective (approximately) for use as a neutralizing agent and 65% effective as a pacifying agent. The use of firearms is recommended in general, preferably of large caliber. Destruction of the corpse attached to the vicinity is a 100% effective method of neutralizing the creatures. The order of priority in field situations with SCP-ES-044 is based on neutralization and subsequent containment if possible.

In case SCP-ES-044 instances approach places with a small population1, a massive evacuation protocol will be carried out together with MTF Epsilon-6 under different facades depending on the situation. In the case of approaching locations with a larger population, an alternative protocol designated "GTF-2104-AR" was established where MTF Beta-7 will collaborate with law enforcement agents belonging to the city, presenting themselves as special forces and indicating an imminent war/military or terrorist threat. Once the MTF Beta-7 succeeds in moving the area or neutralizing the SCP-ES-044 instances, everything will be restored to normal indicating an error on the part of the forces or indicating a false alarm, thus concluding the protocol.

For emergency cases, refer to the behavioral change history file attached to SCP-ES-044 V.2.


Fog manifestation produced by SCP-ES-044 proximity.

Description: SCP-ES-044 is the designation for an unknown species of vaguely humanoid-looking specimens, possessing anatomical features similar to those found in members of the "Araneae" family. They possess several pairs of limbs similar to arthropod legs that alternate in size between 7 and 15 meters each, which appear to arise from what are presumed to be human or animal carcasses depending on the instance observed.

Another remarkable feature is its strength. SCP-ES-044 can move at speeds of up to 40 km/h on flat terrain, and its limbs can exert pressures of up to 6 kN of force. Research teams have observed SCP-ES-044 instances pulling trees from their roots and lifting vehicles sporadically.

Each SCP-ES-044 specimen will generate a fog with a light thickness similar to radiation fog. The level of thickness will increase depending on the number of units present in an area. It has been observed that the convergence of more units in a surrounding area of 500 meters or less will amplify this effect, reducing visibility by ~60% of the normal limit. In addition, each SCP-ES-044 specimen produces a sporic aura that completely surrounds the instance. Inhalation of these spores by an organic organism produces an effect similar to that of the fungus Inocybe erubescens, affecting the central nervous system and resulting in the death of the subject. This effect can be easily overcome with the use of full C.B.R.N. protective equipment.2 and activated carbon filtering equipment with SX filters or higher.

Cadavers attached to SCP-ES-044 instances appear to suffer from cadaveric processes3 that any cadaver in their situation would suffer from. There appear to be no differences between instances possessing a human cadaver attached to their arthropod limbs from those possessing animal cadavers.

The number of instances worldwide is currently unknown, as is their distribution. The largest number of reported sightings (to date) are from South America.

Predatory behavior and general conduct.

The following file distinguishes specimen characteristics of SCP-ES-044 according to their morphology, ecology and psychology.

History of psycho-pathological changes.

Documentation not updated, for more information request the new SCP-ES-044 file.

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