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A photograph of SCP-ES-045 taken after initial recovery.

Item #: SCP-ES-045

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-ES-045 must be kept inside a safety box, in a room at Site-██. Access to the object for experimentation purposes requires the approval of 2 (two) Level-2 personnel. Once said room is opened, at least 2 (two) security guards with standard weaponry will be present with the investigator/s while they experiment with SCP-ES-045. While SCP-ES-045 is not stored in its safety cell, there must be present at all times at least three people during its transportation as well as at the experimentation area.

Description: SCP-ES-045 is a 45 centimeters tall doll in a quite deteriorated state, made from porcelain and [DATA EXPUNGED] of human origin. Its clothing, which was initially white, shows various degraded crimson-red stains in several areas across it (See Notes about Recovery).

SCP-ES-045 manifest its effects when it stays alone with one or two people in a same room. These subjects will experience extreme rigidity, losing the ability to move, besides showing inability to communicate orally with other subjects. Once this has occurred SCP-ES-045 will animate and proceed to get close to the paralyzed subjects and [DATA EXPUNGED]. If a third subject appeared during said attack SCP-ES-045 will proceed to [DATA EXPUNGED] before end up completely immobile on the floor. Affected subjects tend to develop automatonophobia and/or pediophobia, therefore Psychiatry personnel of the Foundation will counsel the survivors of the aforementioned encounters. The survivors claimed to be sentient while the attacks lasted.

Addendum-045-I: Attached document.
Paper note found at SCP-ES-045's recovery site.

I know you hate us today for what we did to your dolls, but it was seriously necessary. I hope one day you forgive us, but until they don't learn to behave as they should and apologise to Tommy, they won't return home. It's our promise. We'll get back home late. We love you.

Mom and Dad.

Addendum-045-II: Recovered note from the interior of the safety box which contains SCP-ES-045. It was written in a scroll made from [DATA EXPUNGED] skin. It is still being investigated how said note reached there despite the permanent vigilance of the site.

My Baby,
Are the bad men bothering you? Don't worry, as soon as Mom and Dad stop watching me I will go there to pick you up.


Notes about Recovery: SCP-ES-045 was recovered in an abandoned house at the city of [DATA EXPUNGED], Argentina on ██/██/20██, after the disappearance of █ children from said locality, along with 2 agents from local police, was reported. To confirm the presence of a potential SCP the Mobile Task Force Pi-1 (a.k.a. "City Cowboys") was sent to investigate, and during the recovery Agents P██████ and T█████ lost their lives at the hands of SCP-ES-045, besides Agent R██████ end up with psychological sequels that still are being treated.

Incident-045-1: On 11/25/20██ at 08:00 local time, during a routine inspection, SCP-ES-045 vanished from the facilities along with Dr. █████, three of his assistants and two security guards present during said event. A search of the SCP along the missing personnel was started in the facilities as well at nearby areas. At 17:00 hours SCP-ES-045 reappeared in its cointainment cell along with the bodies of Dr. █████, two of his assistants and one of the guards. These corpses had their inner organs, eyes and tongue removed, being replaced by a mix of plush, polymers that have yet to be identified and [DATA EXPUNGED]. Their clothes had been replaced by baby clothes similar to those from SCP-ES-045. Along with the bodies a note written with a still unidentified blue fluid was found in a piece of Dr. █████'s clothing.

You're no longer my baby, you keep being as bad as always. Besides now I have new toys. I don't want to see you here again or I'll tell Dad.


An investigation is ongoing, besides the reevaluation of the Containment Procedures.

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