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SCP-ES-047 prior to a control test.

Item #: SCP-ES-047

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-ES-047 should remain stored in a standard container with a size of 50cm3 in a suitable storage enclosure and not exposed to agents capable of deteriorating the metal, such as corrosive agents, humidifying agents, excessive heat and lighting, microorganisms, etc.

Given the harmless nature of the object, no additional measures are to be made for its containment. However, when no research is carried out on it, the access to SCP-ES-047 will be restricted. The permission of a level 3 staff whom is in charge of the ongoing project is needed to access SCP-ES-047.

Description: SCP-ES-047 is a typewriter, similar to the ██████████ model of the ███████ brand, launched on the market in the year of 19██. However, the logo of this brand does not appear on the frame of the SCP-ES-047, nor does it show any model or serial number label. It is not known if SCP-ES-047 was manufactured by the aforementioned brand of office material or has a different origin.

The anomalous characteristics of SCP-ES-047 appear when it comes to giving the object a normal use. All the constituent parts of SCP-ES-047 present an adequate aspect and function well, taking into account the antiquity of the object. A visual analysis of the letters has revealed that these are perfectly normal, and that the glyphs graven in them correspond to those shown by the keys that activate them, as would be expected of any typewriter. However, regardless of the key that is pressed, the character that will appear inscribed in the sheet used will invariably be a capital letter "M". The only exception to this phenomenon is the space bar, that not being associated with the movement of any kind, produces a normal blank space in the text.

All the studies carried out in SCP-ES-047 to determine the mechanism by which the types produce a character different from the one they have graven have not produced conclusive results. Detailed camera recordings of the impact of the types in various kinds of inked ribbons, and subsequent visual and tactile examinations of these, have revealed a completely normal operation. The reason that the ink inscribed on the paper used in the experiments invariably acquires the form of a capital letter "M" is currently unknown, but so far there have been no cases in which the tests carried out with the SCP-ES-047 have deviated from this pattern See Addendum 047/01.

Addendum 047/01: Test report SCP-ES-047 (4/21/20██)

Test number SCP-ES-047: 784
Test date: April 21th, 20██
Test start time: 18:32

18:32: The test starts normally, introducing new ink ribbon (black color) and blank paper sheet DIN A-4 in SCP-ES-047.
18:36: It is verified that the types contained in SCP-ES-047 present a normal appearance. No changes in any of the graven glyphs.
18:42: The 56 keys of the SCP-ES-047 are checked. They all work correctly. The character inscribed on the sheet of paper is a capital "M" in all cases. The only exception being space bar.
18:53: Proceed to type standard "███ ██████" text. The first two paragraphs are transcribed without notable observations. Each pressed key, with the exception of the space bar, produces a capital"M" in all cases.
19:00: Test interrupted. Anomaly detected when entering the sixteenth (16) letter of the third paragraph. The character inscribed on the sheet is the number "7".
19:07: Dr. Thompson was contacted. He is presented in the test room of SCP-ES-047. The test is continued under his supervision.
19:31: Finished typing standard "███ ██████" text. No other anomaly detected apart from that which occurred at 19:00 (labeled as Anomaly 047-1900210420██).
19:33: Dr. Thompson orders the completion of test number 784 of SCP-ES-047. The results are recorded and marked as Addendum 047/01. They are to be included in the main entry of SCP-ES-047.
19:37 : Sheet of paper and ink ribbon sealed for further analysis. Both labeled as SCP-ES-047-1 and SCP-ES-047-2 respectively.
19:41: SCP-ES-047 returned to standard container and stored.



Fragment of SCP-ES-047-1. The Anomaly 047-1900210420██ is highlighted in red

Addendum 047/02: Conclusions after Anomaly 047-1900210420██

I spent days analyzing the data, the ink ribbon, and the sheet of paper we got in test number 784 and I still have no idea why that thing decided it was a good time to write a "7" instead of a "M". My assistant, Dr. ████, has caught my attention to the fact that the anomaly occurred precisely at 19:00, but since we have no more data to analyze, subsequent tests have not revealed new anomalies and that SCP-ES-047 continues to cause no harm to anyone or threatens to escape its containment, my recommendation is that no further action to be taken regarding the procedures involving SCP-ES-047 nor it be revised its Object Class (Safe).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any new evidence of an anomaly or unusual behavior of SCP-ES-047, both in control tests and outside of them, should be notified to me immediately to continue with the experiments involving it under my direct supervision.

- Dr. Thompson

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