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Item #: SCP-ES-048

Object Classification: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The manifestations of SCP-ES-048 must be documented and the data will be sent to the Foundation's Site-██. An event SCP-ES-048 will invariably generate the appearance of SCP-ES-048-1 in the area, for which a team of Field Agents will be dispatched for the effective containment of SCP-ES-048-1.
The termination of subjects affected by SCP-ES-048 is allowed. Two instances must be recovered for study in each manifestation of SCP-ES-048, one of the specimens must remain alive while the other must be a corpse. Copies of SCP-ES-048-1 will be stored for study, and once completed they should be incinerated and processed as industrial waste.

Records of local law enforcement agencies must be modified and reported as missing to specimens of SCP-ES-048-1.

Description: SCP-ES-048 is a neurological and biological phenomenon that affects human subjects, especially those individuals with reduced cognitive and motor abilities. This anomaly has been documented over time, being the first sighting of humans affected in June 1919, although documents recently recovered by the Foundation date the occurrence of this anomaly since 1904.

Despite that SCP-ES-048 affects the psychomotor abilities of human subjects, it does not leave observable sequelae in the structure and CNS function of the subjects'1, nor will it result in a vegetative state of affected individuals if they are given amnestic or sedative SCP-ES-048 has been shown to be lethal in individuals who are treated by specialized medical teams, behaving in a hostile manner, having to resort to the application of lethal force for the neutralization of individuals affected by SCP-ES-048 (hereinafter referred to as SCP-ES-048-1).

SCP-ES-048-1 is not able to sustain verbal communication, although its vocal cords are intact. SCP-ES-048-1 seems to move in groups of 50 to 80 individuals who are attracted to each other by unknown means (see Addendum-048-Alpha) and are not able to accept and fulfill verbal, written or visual commands of other human subjects. In contrast, SCP-ES-048-1 seems to act erratically and without apparent meaning, only react to specific individuals, these incidents are always characterized by a sequence of attacks of rage and anger towards the objective identified by the group of SCP-ES-048-1.

Once the individual causing the hostile reaction on the part of SCP-ES-048-1 is neutralized or leaves his field of vision (See Addendum-048-Alpha) SCP-ES-048-1 will enter another once in an erratic state of inaction. SCP-ES-048-1 mumbles incoherent words, the only phrase he is able to vocalize is: "Silence and Loyalty, Loyalty and Union" - this sentence is the official slogan of the ultra-right party of Austrian origin La Gekare2.
The spreading method of SCP-ES-048 continues to be unknown to the research staff of the Foundation, but it has been assumed that SCP-ES-048 is transmitted using memetic agents (See Addendum-048-Beta).

Update 19/06/201█: During a raid at a Gekare Meeting Center in ███████, Hungary, local police forces found documents related to SCP-ES-048. Undercover agents of the Foundation infiltrated the police department copied the documents, replacing the originals in duplicates, ignoring sensitive information. (See Addendum-048-Alpha)
Discovery: SCP-ES-048 and SCP-ES-048-1 were registered on June 24, 1919, in an area of ███████, on the Austrian border with Italy, during an incident where units of the Austro-Hungarian Empire were faced with an army of the Kingdom of Italy. During this hostile exchange between both sides, after the official end of the First World War, SCP-ES-048-1 was used massively on the battlefield as cannon fodder by the imperial forces.

Foundation agents were dispatched to the area to study this anomaly, resulting in the discovery of SCP-ES-048 and its object classification as Euclid. This report was added by Agent D. Rupert:

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