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Item #: SCP-ES-053

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-ES-053 is kept contained in the special containment cell 55-09-31-31, located at the bottom of a 90-meters-deep well, which is equipped with high-powered explosives prepared to explode in case of containment breach, an event that would bury the well and the containment cell. All maintenance operations in the containment environment of SCP-ES-053 will be carried out exclusively by Class-D subjects. By order of Ethics Committee, any subject who had either established contact or communicated with SCP-ES-053 will be eliminated immediately.

Description: SCP-ES-053 is the given designation for Lisa Montseny (henceforth referred as SCP-ES-053-A) and [REDACTED], residents of the special containment cell 55-09-31-31 at Site-06.

SCP-ES-053-A is a 36 years old human female in good health condition. She has not displayed any kind of anomaly. SCP-ES-053-A has proved been willingful to cooperate with the Foundation at all times since the containment of SCP-ES-053 was established.

SCP-ES-053-█ has been labeled as a [DATA EXPUNGED] cognitohazard element.

Addendum SCP-ES-053-01: SCP-ES-053-A has confirmed that [REDACTED] excellent health state and psychomotor development. We rely that SCP-ES-053 could be examined when it reaches [REDACTED].

Addendum SCP-ES-053-02: SCP-ES-053-A has requested telematic educational-psychology support.
· Granted. - 05-2
· Withdrawn due to possible cognitive alterations on personnel involved. - Doctor █████.
· Cognitive alterations confirmed. Communication will be only allowed via double-blind mode. - Doctor █████.

Addendum SCP-ES-053-03: SCP-ES-053-A has proposed modifications in current containment conditions. Even though she has claimed several times that [REDACTED] there is not any way to confirm it; therefore, there are no guarantees that sent personnel could protect themselves. Volunteers are accepted.
· Three volunteers entered the containment cell of SCP-ES-053 on 04/04/19██ at 13:50. [REDACTED] After their return, they were attended due to [REDACTED], interrogated and eliminated. Agents in charge of the interrogation also were [REDACTED]I confirm that SCP-ES-053-A is no longer a reliable element for containment of SCP-ES-053. - Head of Research █████.

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