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SCP-ES-054 in its inactive state

Item #: SCP-ES-054

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-ES-054 shall be kept on a landscape surface. These are currently in the gardens surrounding the ███████ laboratory at Site 34. Since they do not exhibit any intention to escape or use violence, no surveillance is required. During recess, staff is allowed to observe the behavior of SCP-ES-054.

If an instance of SCP-ES-054 shatters, the fragments must be assembled to be adhered with the help of glue the pieces must be left in sight, next to a can of glue. Other instances of SCP-ES-054 will fix it (see Experiment 054-8).

Description: SCP-ES-054 is a group of decorative garden dwarf figures made of ceramics. They lack a base and do not have any identification or mark determined by the manufacturer. The interior of the SCP-ES-054 instances is hollow, and no anomalous substance has been found inside.

The anomalous property of SCP-ES-054 is its autonomous ability to move. Despite the rigid material, the limbs of the figures are able to articulate similarly to a living human body. The elbows and knees can be bent, and the necks allow a 180-degree head turn from side to side.

Instances of SCP-ES-054 have various objects proportional to their sizes, most of them being tools for garden maintenance. Although they are also made of ceramics, they are completely functional when it comes to carrying out their purpose.

SCP-ES-054 is only activated if it is in an outdoor garden. In any other environment, the figure will become idle and motionless, like a conventional ornament. In its active state, SCP-ES-054 will spend all its time and effort in the maintenance and care of the garden. Each instance will perform a specific task, including lawn mowing, watering flowers, pruning trees and eliminating plagues. When a task is not needed at some point (e.g., flowers have already been watered), the instance responsible for that task will become idle.

Addendum: List of instances of SCP-ES-054

  • SCP-ES-054-1: Equipped with pruning shears and an axe. Pruning shears are used to remove superfluous leaves from flowers and shrubs. SCP-ES-054-1 manages to climb trees to a branch that needs to be pruned, which he does with his axe. He is also able to cut a dry tree from the base of the trunk, but due to its size this task takes a lot of time.
  • SCP-ES-054-2: Equipped with a hoe and a watering can. If at least one seed is detected in the garden, SCP-ES-054-2 will dig a ditch in which to bury the seed, and then water it. The watering can of SCP-ES-054-2 generates water inside by unknown means. Several samples of the water have been taken from the watering can, and the analyses determine that the composition is similar to the rainwater of the zone, although with a pH each time different, considered the necessary one for the plant that is going to water.
  • SCP-ES-054-3 and 4: Equipped with a pick and a shovel. They will perform tasks that require digging larger or deeper holes. They will also take care of removing weeds from the root.
  • SCP-ES-054-5: Equipped with an insecticide sprayer. Like the SCP-ES-054-2 sprinkler, the sprinkler will generate small amounts of dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT) inside the sprinkler that will spread to plants susceptible to damage by aphids and other organisms.
  • SCP-ES-054-6 and 7: Equipped with an AK-74 and M-16 submachine gun. They will patrol the perimeter of the garden for moles, birds, rabbits and other herbivorous animals. If any instance of SCP-ES-054 sights any, SCP-ES-054-6 and 7 will come and open fire on it, with the purpose of chasing it away, wounding it or killing it, as appropriate. In the last case, they will attempt to transport the animal outside the perimeter of the garden. Analyses have determined that the ammunition used by SCP-ES-054-6 and 7 is also made of ceramics.
  • SCP-ES-054-8: Equipped with a rake. It will pile up the dry leaves that fall on the garden in a corner, and sometimes it will pull up weed shoots.
  • SCP-ES-054-9: Equipped with a sickle. Walk through the grass areas to cut it down and leave it at a low height.
  • SCP-ES-054-10: Equipped with a hand cart. Will assist with tasks requiring transportation (e.g., will set aside soil that SCP-ES-054-4 has removed from a hole). If there is any kind of crop or plant life in the garden that produces fruits and vegetables, it will proceed to harvest them (always in due time, never picking them too green or too ripe), using if necessary the help of other instances (SCP-ES-054-1 will climb fruit trees to drop the products, SCP-ES-054-4 will dig up carrots and potatoes, SCP-ES-054-7 will shoot tomato branches to make the tomatoes fall). SCP-ES-054-10 will gather all edible fruits in a corner of the garden, where they will be ignored.

Addendum: Tests
Tests: 054-1
Action: A closed packet of parsnip seeds is thrown into the middle of the lawn.
Result: SCP-ES-054-2 immediately starts digging a ditch. SCP-ES-054-1 uses his pruning shears to open the package. SCP-ES-054-4 shovels the seeds onto the SCP-ES-054-10 cart, which transports them into the SCP-ES-054-2 trench. The seeds are buried with a separation of 30 centimeters between them, and later watered. All the instances return to their tasks.

Test: 054-2
Action: All instances of SCP-ES-054 are placed in fertile soil, all soil and nothing planted.
Result: None. All the figures stay still. They are put back in the garden where they were.

Test: 054-3
Action: Dr. ████████ takes gardening tools and performs some of the necessary tasks.
Result: SCP-ES-054 instances ignore Dr. ████████, although they take his work into account. For example, the area watered by Dr. ████████ is not watered again by SCP-ES-054-2 until it is needed again.

Test: 054-4
Action: Dr. ████ lies on the grass.
Result: SCP-ES-054-8 and 9 try to push Dr. ████ out of the lawn. Not being successful, they proceed to kick him out. Dr. ████ decides not to retire, to check their behavior. SCP-ES-054-6 and 7 approach and point their weapons at his head. Dr. ████ gets up and leaves. All instances return to their tasks.

Test: 054-6
Action: Agent ██████ sets fire to a bush. Part of the grass also burns.
Result: SCP-ES-054 instances are still working. Those that are close to the flames are moved away so as not to be damaged. The fire is extinguished with extinguishers.

Test: 054-7
Action: Agent █████ breaks SCP-ES-054-9 with a kick.
Result: No one takes care of the task of mowing the lawn. Pieces of SCP-ES-054-9 do not show abnormal properties, but when they are glued back together they regain their properties. Repaired SCP-ES-054-9 returns to work.

Test: 054-8
Action: SCP-ES-054-1 was accidentally broken when a gust of wind caused it to fall from a tree. Instead of removing the fragments, a can of glue is placed next to them.
Result: All other instances stop what they are doing and approach the pieces. With the help of glue, they fix SCP-ES-054-1. All instances return to their tasks.

Test: 054-11
Action: A non-anomalous ceramic garden dwarf is placed within the perimeter.
Result: The garden dwarf shows no change. Occasionally, SCP-ES-054-8 approaches to clean it up.
I guess that's how a person who has a statue of someone important in their garden would react. - Dr. Bright

Test: 054-12
Action: The instances are located on a concrete surface. Subsequently, SCP-1054 is placed between them.
Result: The instances of SCP-ES-054 do not move. An hour later, the effects of SCP-1054 begin to become noticeable. [DELETED DATA]
Bad idea. - Dr. Bright

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