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Instant close up photo of SCP-ES-056.

Item #: SCP-ES-056

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Given that SCP-ES-056 cannot be moved from its location, a standard security perimeter will be established around it. The area will be watched for at least one security guard. SCP-ES-056 does not represent a threat unless it is interacted with, therefore it will not be necessary to impede the sight of it from a distance, given its inoffensive appearance.

Only Foundation personnel will be allowed to enter the area. Any unauthorized subject who manages to cross the perimeter will be captured and interrogated, and if they does not know any new and relevant information about SCP-ES-056, they will be administered Class-A amnesics and released.

Description: SCP-ES-056 appears to be a wall made of adobe and cement bricks1. Its measures are 10 x 5 x 3 m. Its aspect shows a natural wear of many years, which appears to have stopped at that point, considering that after █ years the material keeps showing the same aspect as the date of its discovery.

The anomalous property of SCP-ES-056 is a complete and total intangibility. Any type of matter will totally slide through its composition. Birds who try to alight on SCP-ES-056 will cross through it, and the leaves who fall over it will enter its interior without further novelty.

Tests have shown that SCP-ES-056 is not dangerous in any way. Subjects who walk through it can emerge at any moment. Its interior is dark (for some reason, light is the only element which does not pass through SCP-ES-056) and causes a slight sensation of cold and a tolerable lack of air. The soil is in the same state as outside, as if nothing would have been built in said area. There are dry leaves that do not present any anomaly and plants with symptoms consistent with light deprivation. Standing during extended periods of time in the interior of SCP-ES-056 causes symptoms of claustrophobia similar to staying in a closed room.

SCP-ES-056 was found in a spot at ██ km. from ████████, ██████. At the moment of discovery, there was ahead of SCP-ES-056 a steel sign with an engraved text which read:

The only real walls are the ones that your mind projects.

Are We Cool Yet?

The sign was removed for analysis, which allowed to find two partial fingerprints on the base which sustained it.. Given that it is an extremely small section, the search was inconclusive. No more clues were found.

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