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Assigned Site Site Director Lead Researcher Assigned Task Force
Site-34 ESTIBEN.aic Matthew Ekane Van-Leeuwed Psi-7 ("Home Improvement")

3/ES-058 LEVEL 3/ES-058
Item #: SCP-ES-058

Entrance to the second level of SCP-ES-058

Special Containment Procedures: The main access to SCP-ES-058 has been blocked by the Foundation to prevent intrusions and the building will only be accessible through a second artificial entrance that connects directly to Level 3, which has been concealed and is constantly guarded by MTF Psi-7 ("Home Improvement").

Observational Point "Ausdruck-S34" has been established 80m from SCP-ES-058 and will be used for its remote observation and surveillance.

Description: SCP-ES-058 is an abandoned building located in Brøndby Township, Copenhagen District, Denmark, which shows advanced signs of decay and moss growth, as well as graffiti on its front that reads "Identify Yourself" in Danish. SCP-ES-058 in its entirety presents multiple previously unknown paraacoustic1 phenomena that are explained in detail in multiple files and documents found within it as annotations made by a subject named Arvid Sørensen. Investigations to find Sørensen's whereabouts have been unsuccessful and he is presumed dead.

SCP-ES-058 is divided into five descending levels accessible through rusted metal doors with inscriptions in Danish, German, Dutch, and English respectively. Most levels of SCP-ES-058 exhibit one or more paraacoustic phenomena and additional anomalous qualities, which are detailed below:

  • Level 1: Any anomalous influence, technology, or procedure is immediately bypassed and suppressed by what is believed to be a yet unidentified Reality Sink present in the place. Paraacoustic phenomena do not occur, presumably due to these same abnormal qualities. Additionally, multiple photographs of coffins were found scratched with what appears to be India ink and attempts to remove it have been unsuccessful. The phrase "She's just absent; she will return" is inscribed on the walls in multiple languages.
  • Level 2: The room temperature is estimated at 49°C, approximately 30 degrees higher than the rest of the levels. Multiple machines of unknown purpose are found to be damaged and moderately destroyed, presumably intentionally; glued to them are multiple graphic representations of sound waves that could correspond to those generated by human screams and a spectrogram that appears to form the face of a woman. In the place, a Sørensen Field2 is presented; however, audio recordings of the place show a clipping3 input signal, although this signal is not audible. Several broken picture frames and torn remains of photographs that seem to correspond to a young couple were found at the site, as well as moderately charred pieces of a score of Lohengrin's Treulich Geführt, by the German composer Wilhelm Richard Wagner.
  • Level 3: In the area there are multiple objects, such as formal clothes, piano keys, metallic cutlery, jewels, and flowers, which are constantly transfigured, becoming analogs that fulfill the same function of the original object; these transformations are reversed ~ 5 seconds later to occur again. In the place, there is a Sørensen Field, which decreases if one is near the previously mentioned objects. Additionally, there are multiple drawings of smiling faces with sharp teeth on the walls and the floor with speech bubbles that read "Bring her to me and I will grant you whatever you may wish" in multiple languages; its meaning is unknown.
  • Level 4: The room temperature is estimated at 8°C, approximately 11 degrees lower than the rest of the levels. Hume levels in the area are unusually low, allowing individuals at this level to manipulate reality lightly; likewise, the room, in general, is relatively well preserved compared to other levels, being practically intact. In the area there is a Sørensen Field and, additionally, there is a kind of light mist of a bluish tone that permeates the environment, although it does not present additional anomalous qualities.
  • Level 5: No paraacoustic phenomena occur and no abnormal conditions arise. In the place a note was found that read the following:

To my dear Aneka:

I must apologize to you. I always feared that one day this would happen, but I wanted to turn a blind eye and think that it would not be the case; that I could somehow avoid the inevitable, or extend it beyond the limits. I can almost hear your voice telling me "Don't worry, you put all your heart into it and enjoyed it; that's what matters", or "Don't worry, you didn't achieve what seemed so far away, but look what you've achieved. Be proud of what you achieved, and not frustrated by what you lacked ", and before I would be bothered by it; Why would he have undertaken such a long journey without the purpose of reaching a goal, an important destination? But now I've changed, and I couldn't agree more with you. I spent my entire life trying to unravel what was once called magic, believing that I would be able to fully understand it. Illusive of me. The goal of the unintelligible is not to be understood, but to be admired with curiosity. After many years I have managed to understand it. Has my time then been wasted? Anyone would say it was, but I disagree. Even if my studies have been useless, I have learned to appreciate things without trying to analyze them exhaustively. I could never have understood it had it not been for this "failure." And now that my outlook on life has changed, I am ready to live fully what little time I have left. I'd love for you to be here to see it, Aneka; my feelings are like a great building that waits and asks, longing for you, even knowing that you will not return again.

With love and hoping that one day we will meet on the other side,

PS: I'll bring you red clovers when I visit you; I hope they are still your favorite flowers.

All recovered files are available in Supplemental Document ES-058.3

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